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  1. **Pending Government Registration and licensing** Valentine Trading Cp. will be offering freight services From the Valentine area to requested locations on the Central-North-Eat rail system. -- Bulk ore services are planned from Rigg Station to Annesburg. Fees and Prices can be discussed along with you requirements. Fees will be dependant on delivery location. - Security to be provided by the client - -- Passenger services from and to requested locations. -- Charter sight seeing services will be advertised on country noticeboards (server events). These services will be catered by the Valentine Saloon. Contact Judge at Mailbox 89. note: Pending Government registrations, approvals and licensing. Jobs may be advertised in future.
  2. Move to a different country in a different time. Things are a little slower here. Running a train service haulin' folks and freight. Good Honest work to cleanse the Soul20210724094644_1.thumb.jpg.0fbaae0f68cef2378306d8022ebab347.jpg

  3. Boss had me crunching reports all week. Two news guys locked and ready to rock their first big cases..... Most importantly.

    It's Friday then..... 


  4. Promoted at work and won a case on behalf of some hard working Police Officers. #feelsgood

  5. I have seen server that makes you buy a gps unit that you carry around in you pocket and can turn it on and off for a map on foot. Would that do the trick? I can’t comment on the clutter as having a wide screen monitor pretty much puts all of the corner clutter in my peripheral vision and i don’t see it unless i look for it. i’d like to see the Yellow Pages have some sort of permission to post element if that’s doable. Not being able to get your phone out because of an ad that is just two people tweeting via yellow pages is a pain in the butt. People aren’t supposed to do it but I’ve never seen it policed.
  6. Then the devastating emotions of having the cops seize that bad boy in a drug warrant.
  7. As the original idea requires Dev time. a short term solution could be: So that you OLD lawyers can get clients and cases. Maybe a #legalaid channel could be setup on main discord? Anyone locked up can @old or @lawyer in the main discord in that channel to flag down some much needed advice? OLD lawyers in town could respond with with an ETA, callout cost, and advice to ‘no comment’ until you arrive? Cops just tell detainees to email #legalaid on government website
  8. Is it possible to create a speed dial or hotline number in city phone book of all phones, for lawyers or "legal-aid". At the moment Lawyer RP is a bit limited, especially for OPP side. People ask for lawyers in the lock-up all the time during arrests but never know any lawyers numbers, so the cops just move one and it's lost RP. A legal-aid service could add to arrest RP and not just have cops fining and jailing people. All Lawyer roles could receive a text from the hotline that a detainee messages. OPP could attend to receive a brief from PD and confirm there's enough evidence to charge, if not release detainee. OLD could provide advice to crim (on a set pay scale, $1k/5 mins to avoid time wasters?). This could allows cops to do arrest interviews? If there is a magistrate on it could go even further with arrest-in-custody court. The whole process can count as time served off the crims sentence if jailed. So if a crim commits a crime spree and would normally get 45 months. It could involve RP for most of it, rather than rotting in jail. Example scenario. Arrest 2000hrs - Crim + PD Lock-up 2005hrs (time served 5 months) - Crim + PD Legal advice 2015hrs. (time served 15 months) - Crim + PD + Lawyers Court 2020-2040hrs. (time served 40 months) - Crim + PD + Lawyers + Magistrate Jail time remaining - 5 Months. - Crim + Regrets.
  9. All the radios I own for my motorbike and paintball have earpieces. For that exact reason (not shooting cops) so that when on the paintball field you don't give yourself away but can call out targets to your team mates. Everyone can hear you talk into the radio but the response is in-ear.
  10. we posting for feathers or just love a good yo?
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