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  1. BlueBirdRP Community Guidelines 1) Respect the community: Do not harass, bully or intimidate anyone else on the server in or out of RP. You are here to have fun, if you can not have fun without ruining someone else’s fun you do not belong here. This includes harassing someone after they have been downed/incapacitated or abusing someone if you’re frustrated about a situation. If a member of the Community Assistance Team notify you that you have broken a rule, accept it and move on. Arguing on the spot will only see your punishment increased. Once you have had some time to think about it you can submit an appeal on the forums. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Respect the Staff Team: If a Moderator or Admin gives you a direction please follow it. If you have questions or concerns about the direction please bring these up via the forums after the event. Directions from the staff team are not negotiable on the spot. Arguing with a decision or direction on the spot may see your punishment increased if applicable. Impersonating a member of staff is against the server rules and will see you punished (duh?). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Your personal information is your personal information. If you choose to give out your contact details, photos or other real life information this is not BBRPs concern or responsibility. We would suggest you think long and hard before you give out any of the above. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) Exploiting: Any attempt to use a server resource in a manner not clearly intended by the development team can result in an immediate permanent ban with no warning. If you find a bug or glitch please report it to the staff team via the tickets on the forums to avoid misunderstandings resulting in your account being banned. Rewards are also offered for those who bring this information to the dev team. Common exploits include: Duplication glitches, bunny hopping, incorrect usage of /IDS and Fixmepls and Damage bugs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5) Community Etiquette: Do not advertise your own gaming communities, servers or other similar things without first seeking permission from an Admin. Always feel free to ask, the worst that will happen is you get told no. If you have a role that shows up on the discord sidebar above regular members please note we may temporarily remove your discord role if your active status shows another server or group. It will be returned to you afterwards (you can also disable this discord feature entirely via the discord settings) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6) Age Restrictions: No character can be under the age of 18 without Admin permission. The server also has an age restriction of 14+ players younger than this may be removed from the server by staff. Acting like a child or being immature beyond reason will also see you talked to, or your access to the city removed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7) Reporting Misconduct: If you believe a player has broken a rule there are only two correct ways to report this. First, you can use /ids to collect the player’s id in game followed by a /report {their ID} {Details of misconduct}. Your report should include details, reports that state “ADMIN TO ME” or “MY CAR BROKE” will be ignored. Reports are only for reporting misconduct. Misusing this system may see you punished. The other method to make a report is via the forums using a general support ticket. Failure to use either of these systems, such as by dming staff directly will be considered a rule breach and may see you punished -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 ) Reporting Staff Misconduct: Staff are not exempt from the rules, if you believe a staff member has misused their privileges, made a mistake or otherwise not lived up to the role of a BBRP staff member. There is only one correct method to report this kind of conduct. That is to make an Admin Team ticket on the forums. DMing staff, arguing with the staff member involved or trying to spread rumours/cause unrest towards that staff member will be considered a breach of the rules. The only exception to this is that if your complaint is in regards to an Admin or the Lead Developer you should send these directly to Scar. Please make sure you are 100% sure that the person you are reporting is an admin BEFORE you contact scar. If they don’t have the admin tag, they are not an admin and you have broken this rule. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9) Mature Themes: There is to be no sexual harrasment, rape roleplay or any kind of Suicide RP on the server. Most of you are adults or young adults, if another player tells you that something is making them uncomfortable or to stop because your comments are unwanted you have two choices. If you are being overly sexual you will likely be spoken to or removed from situations or the city very quickly. Erotic roleplay will not be tolerated. Stop being inappropriate and keep playing here or find another server. Staff will be the final deciding factor on if a reasonable person would have known their comments were inappropriate or not. If you disagree with their decision please see Rule 2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10) New Life Rule: If you are downed in a roleplay (reduced to 0 health) and a paramedic does not arrive on scene within 20 minutes to revive you. Then you have forgotten all the events leading up to your death. (please note that it MUST be a ambulance service paramedic that treats you. Your friend driving you to hospital does not count, you also can not tell someone the details of you murder whilst in the unconscious state) This sometimes may include information about orgs, who was at a robbery and other such details. You can therefore not seek any kind of revenge for this and must pretend you do not know your killer moving forwards until you are reintroduced. This means no contacting the cops, or trying to hunt down the person. Body-camera can not be used as an excuse to seek revenge. If your excuse for seeking revenge is your friends told you then you need to be prepared to tell staff their names. If there is no evidence that your friends were present and able to pass on this information then they will also be sharing in your punishment. In short, don’t lie to staff and if you get killed don’t bother with revenge, go do something else for a bit. If someone is down you are not permitted to rob, kidnap or take any other hostile action towards them. This includes taking them to hospital or waiting around the hospital for the purposes of immediately engaging them again in a theft/interrogation etc. If a person has been killed that is the end of the roleplay so if you plan to get any information or value from the interaction then you must avoid killing them. Please note this does not prevent you being a good Samaritan and taking someone directly to hospital so they do not need to wait out their timer. It just means you can't immediately kidnap, rob or otherwise act in a hostile manner to them. Nor does it prevent police from taking injured/downed suspect's to the hospital prior to charging. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11) Driving: Driving must be kept realistic, If you take vehicles inside buildings, launch them off hills/ramps etc, roll them, drive them at high speed into the water or drive them onto train tracks expect a card from staff. (Being a daredevil is not accepted as an excuse here) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12) Breaking Character: Unless you are talking to staff and staff have made it clear the situation is out of character you are not permitted to talk out of character in the city. If a staff member hears this, regardless of context they can punish you under this rule. OOC usage should also be kept for absolute emergencies. General questions or other such comments in OOC may see your comment deleted, repeated usage of OOC will see you punished. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13) Metagaming: It is against server rules to metagame, if staff catch you metagaming you will be punished much more harshly than most other rulebreaks regardless of your history so it is not really worth it. Metagaming is the usage of any information your character has not found out in roleplay in the city. This could include watching a stream, using discord communications instead of the incity radios or phones. Being told something from another player without hearing it from their character. One key thing to note is that if you have multiple characters your characters can NEVER share information with each other at all. This includes using a third person to “send” the information around. Staff will tolerate no excuses on this one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14) Boot Checking and Roleplay-Free or Chain Robbing: If you cannot be bothered to put roleplay behind your hostile actions we would like you to find another server. This includes taking items out of someone’s boot just because it is there, robbing someone without a prior RP reason or chain robbing (this means that you are constantly going out and finding people to rob). If you are caught doing any of these things, you will be spoken to by staff. No scamming of other players will be acceptable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15) Powergaming: Powergaming is when you use unrealistic forms of roleplay, or refuse to roleplay in order to give yourself an advantage. For example, if there is a room or vehicle wall between you and someone else talking, even though yes you as a player, hear it. Your character would not so you must ignore that information. Similar powergaming violations include third person cameras to see things your “eyes” could not see, forcing other people to commit power gaming offences themselves such as through the use of their menus etc. If you close the game or force a disconnection in order to avoid losing something or avoid a roleplay scenario (like an AV scene or being arrested) you will be spoken to and your item removed. Hostage taking: Police will not provide any kind of financial or other monetary advantage in exchange for hostages' lives (this includes supply of weapons). Hostages can however be exchanged for other leverage from the police. Think of things along the lines of preventing the police from entering a building, getting them to provide reasonable amounts of food and water for you and the hostages or for a getaway vehicle (be creative ). If you break this part of the rule police on scene will refuse to provide you the money/weapons etc. If you insist or execute a hostage over this, that will be the point where staff step in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16) Fear RP/Valuing your Life: You need to give value to your character's life, while you may want your character to be fearless in all situations BBRP does not permit this kind of roleplay on the server. Valuing your life is where you take similar caution in game to preserve your life like you would in real life (things like checking left and right before crossing a road). On the server this includes doing things like surrendering if a gun is drawn on you and you have no weapon drawn. Not ramming your car into walls, not jumping off cliffs (claiming you are a daredevil is not an acceptable excuse) avoiding shootouts (don't run up to them or get in the way), unlocking your car if you have not been incapacitated. There may be exemptions to this granted by staff to specific organisations which are allowed to flee instead of allowing themselves (or their equipment) to be captured depending on the situation. This will be clearly communicated by staff if it is the case. Please ask staff before you assume you have an exemption as that will not be accepted as an excuse. Impersonating Staff Storyline characters will also not be tolerated (Examples: Smiths Sisters and Irish) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17) Organisations: All crews and organizations have to be approved by the staff team. If you want to join one of the preapproved orgs, please contact them within roleplay. Use /faq crews in the main discord to join the crew discord if you want to join or make a crew. If you are not in a crew, you are only able to roleplay with hostility with four players. If you are in a crew, you are unable to do hostile RP with more than seven (if they are in your crew). If you are doing hostile RP with people outside of your crew, it is again limited to four. If you are in an organization, please refer to the org handbook for further information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18) No mic, no play: … I don't think I need to explain this one. However the only exception is that if you have a reasonable excuse as to why you can not use a microphone please create a general support ticket on the forums detailing why this is the case and an exemption may be made for you. (this can include if you are unable to physically talk). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19) No Discrimination: Our community is built on respect and inclusiveness for people from all walks of life. Do not make any discriminatory remarks on someone's race, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, health issues or disability. Just because we missed a category of discriminiation here does not mean you can not or will not be punished for it in game. Staff will have the final word on if a reasonable person should have known their actions were inappropriate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20) Roleplaying Injuries: If you get shot, are involved in a crash, fall from a high place or do one of the million and a half things that could get yourself hurt you are required to roleplay these out in a fair and reasonable manner. When driving a car the roleplay of inury can start from if your character goes into the ragdoll/downed state. When AV/CFA arrives you can not simply state “I need a revive” go the extra yard. (Bonus: People who are creative and follow this rule are usually fast tracked into getting approval to be whitelisted). You can not “respawn” mid RP either, if you are downed and your respawn timer ends but there is still a roleplay where you currently are then you need to remain on the scene until revived by an ambulance officer, taken to hospital by someone else or the scene clears of its own accord. Coming out of a major accident and your character is ragdolled/downed with only a bruise or scratch will see you punished. The staff team has the final say on what was or was not a reasonable injury so please make sure you are considering this carefully. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21) Safezones: There are areas on the map designated as safe zones (you can not use weapons or attack in them). If you try and shoot into a safe zone to exploit this it will be considered a rule violation. So will trying to use a safe zone to harass others by running back into it to avoid the repercussions of your actions. Please exercise commonsense with these, failure to do so will see you punished by staff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22) Emergency Staff Numbers: If the cop availability is showing as "Very Low" then you must avoid shootouts and major fights. (small scale fights between two to four people are usually still okay). You are not permitted to attempt robberies or hostage takings of other players when the police availability is showing as "Very Low" If you want more police on, the application is on the forums please encourage people to sign up. Major accidents, search and rescue operations and fires should wait until there are 4 CFA or Ambulance Victoria units on duty before proceeding we would suggest you plan these major events with those services prior to starting them. You can view current emergency service numbers using Alt-Z. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23) Vehicle Carrying Capacity: You can not /carry someone if you are the driver of a vehicle, all your hands must be on the wheel to drive No Exemptions. You can not use /carry while on a motorcycle of any kind regardless of what seat you are in. In all cases you can have as many people in a vehicle as there are usable seats +1 person being carried. You can ALSO have 1 additional person in the boot. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24) Random Death Match: It is against server rules to attack another player randomly without engaging in some form of verbal RP first. Killing someone should be your final option, try kidnapping, threats or other such RPs first. Be creative. If staff believe that you have not attempted all other forms of RP prior to attempting to kill a player then you will be punished under the RDM rule. If you kill someone after robbing them while they are complying, or cuffed this will be considered RDM. Posting any kind of a kill montage in the BBRP discord will be considered a violation of the RDM rule. Posting it elsewhere may still impact your chances of the recruitment team giving you whitelisting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25) Vehicle Death Match: The use of your vehicle as a weapon is prohibited on the server. This includes ramming people off bikes or repeatedly ramming other cars. Be creative with your roleplays. If someone is shooting at you then use your vehicle to flee the scene not attack with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26) Appropriate Vehicles: There is to be no use of helicopters, planes or other aerial vehicles unless you are doing so as part of your emergency service duties (HEMS, POLAIR or Firehawk), work for Melbourne Adventures, or have a private license from Melbourne Adventures. If you need an aerial vehicle for a roleplay please contact an admin (not a mod, CAT or dev) and wait for confirmation. If there is any doubt of you having permissions, DO NOT use an aerial vehicle. This rule also applies to tanks, APC or other “special” vehicles that you would not normally be able to drive/pilot as a regular citizen in Victoria. Drag and Sprint Vehicles are not to be driven on the roads and can only be used on dedicated race tracks or during preplanned and staff approved events. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimers: These rules are subject to change overtime. Please be sure to review the rules regularly in the event of additions or changes. Streaming Terms of Service: BBRP can not be held responsible for you complying with any TOS of any streaming or hosting service you use. Replacement of items lost: BBRP will not replace any items lost in game due to theft, server restarts or other issues. There is a new player FAQ on the forums that gives you some good tips on how to prevent the loss of your items. You will also find some helpful keybinds for this in your F3 menu in game under keybinds. Admin means admin: Anywhere above where it says you need admin approval means you need admin approval. Not Moderator, Dev or Cat team members. Please ensure you are going to the right team or any approval you may gain may not be valid. Outside Discords, Forums, etc: Any BBRP related forums, discords or other similar system needs to have a BBRP staff team member in it with access to all channels. This typically includes org discords or discords where the reason they were created relates to BBRP as a whole. This is to ensure that server rules are be followed in any associated systems. Vigilantism: BBRP has a staff team, any attempts to "police" the server yourself, create drama, call people out for rulebreaks via the discord, ooc etc. Will see you punished under rules 1, 2 and 7. As stated in rule 7 there are only two ways to report misconduct. Drama directors are not wanted on BBRP, this is a gaming community not a school yard. Come to play the game, share ideas and then leave the politics, drama, name calling etc at the door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading the rules! This will enable you to talk in our other channels. Thank you for joining BlueBirdRP, on behalf of the admin team I welcome you and hope you enjoy your time here! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please also ensure your Discord Nickname is set accordingly: Your name should appear as (ingame firstname) (ingame lastname) (Steam name) for example: Joe Smith [Steamname] Jane Doe [Piper101] If your name is not set out like the above example you will have Change Your Nickname role assigned to you and you'll will then be forced to change your Nickname as per the above example. If you get stuck please DM a GTA Moderator for assistance Once you have read these rules go to the channel ⁠verify-channel and give yourself the verified tag. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules Last updated: 11/04/2023
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