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  1. You can change your nickname at VICROADS or flex F5 muscle and change your identity there
  2. You will need to appeal your ban through a support ticket -> New Request -> Chose the department "Ban Appeal"
  3. I've been in this city for just over a year too! So many amazing memories and I'm so glad that I can clip every funny memory I've ever made.
  4. Naming the radio channel that you use to mine oil "Oil Boys" would make you prone to getting robbed a lot aha probably not the best idea
  5. I believe theres scripts out there that allow NPC pets follow you around. I know from the POLICE K9 mod works pretty alright. Removing the police specific actions from that would make for some cool roleplay.
  6. It would be awesome if you could buy funiture (like draws and storage ect) to get more storage
  7. I like this, this would prevent people from kicking people for no reason or the wrong reasons.
  8. As it currently stands, If you hear something on radio, anyone standing even right next to you wouldnt be able to hear it which is unrealistic and besides other people being able to hear you talk, is the exact same as using discord (which is considered metagaming). I think it would be cool to have it so when you are standing in a certain radius of someone, you can faintly hear their radio in the background. This would prevent possible powergaming occuring. (FOR EXAMPLE) If a cop was on a traffic stop with someone on the radio possessing a firearm and if the criminal were to hear "Okay were going into shoot the cop now", technicly if the windows were down the officer would be able to hear that and could react to the situation. I think this could add a cool roleplay aspect similar to how phone calls work (how we can hear the other end of the call if were standing close by to them). Would love to hear your thoughts on this idea.
  9. /hud only removes the bottom right time / date ect. You have to go through F1 -> Misc Settings -> RADAR / GTA HUD. Although this doent really help as everytime I step in and out of the vehicle I would have to go through all these menus to remove all of them. The main purpose as well is not to make there be less HUD for myself. I was more marketed at the fact it could be more realistic for roleplay.
  10. First of all, I believe it would be a good idea to remove your GPS when you exit vehicles in a roleplay sense. When you are running on foot, you have no way of checking the map unless you ofc press ESC to check the map through there. This would also clear up HUD while on foot as I don't personally use the little GPS when I'm not driving. Second of all, the time, date, street name, and direction of travel. All these would not be accessible while running on foot and I feel they should be moved to an app on your phone or somewhere on your ESC menu. In conclusion, I believe removing these HUD menus while on foot would clear up the screen a little bit and would also help in an RP sense as you wouldn't have accessibility to any of these features with you normally.
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