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  1. Count-Down: DAYS TO GO https://fundraise.nbcf.org.au/fundraisers/littlefirestone/game-on-breast-cancer The 24+ hour charity event will be taking place on 23/10/2021 starting on Friday Midnight AEDT time until Sunday tsunami unless I die within the 24 hours. Stream Time in Different Timezones: AEDT (Australia Eastern Daylight Savings) - 12 AM Friday to 7 AM Sunday AWST (Western Australia) - 9 PM Friday to 4 AM Sunday BST (United Kingdom) - 2 PM Friday to 9 PM Saturday EDT (United States) - 9 AM Friday to 4 PM Saturday Note: I will probably nap on stream at some point.. I would love to thank the amazing ScarAus for supporting this event and I am dedicating the entire stream to BlueBirdRP. I will be streaming GTA Roleplay for majority and maybe some Gartic Phone or Marbles on stream during server restarts. The vibe of the whole CITY has been incredible, from the PINK police cars, to pink uniforms, to free food events, to the big ride the other day and the list goes on. You guys are all incredible people and I have much love and appreciation for raising awareness. Like I said before as a person diagnosed with this cancer myself, I have a special warmth in my heart for you all DONATION MILESTONE GOALS $1000 - I will eat 2x Carolina Reaper Gummies $2000 - I will eat a whole pack of WORLD'S HOTTEST Chips $3000 - I will Dye my Hair Purple or Pink (Tash Dane style) $4000 - I will get a Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo $5000 - I will Giveaway 5x Game Keys on Stream $6000 - I will do Egg Roulette with your fav Twitch Moderator The PUBBLES $7000 - I will Giveaway 4x $25 Steam Gift Card Vouchers $8000 - I will Giveaway RIG Headsets thanks to Nacom $9000 - I will let PUBBLES do my makeup from scratch on stream $10,000 - I will do 123 KM walk IRL stream Cape-to-Cape DONATION REWARDS Every Donation- Name on Pink Helium Balloons Every $25- Beanboozled Every $50- World's Most SOUR Lolly Every $100- Shoey... yes I WILL FKN do a Shoey... Toward's 2nd half of the Stream Tash Dane is taking Adonis Vidal on a date you've never seen before. You don't want to miss this, there is many ways the RP can go wrong or right.. I'll let the RP take wheel. Thank you to everyone who are helping me make this content possible. I am so EXCITED! Get READY to fucking SEND IT. #GameONBreastCancer Love LittleFirestone (aka. Tash Dane)
  2. The only stuff that still needs "fixing" would be: - the trailers that don't work together [temp fix... hold F6 and get a new job] - the Distance perk points being usable [temp fix is on the back end, everyone has 6 points, it just doesn't display them] - the removal of locations that are impossible to park in [temp fix is people quiting the jobs when they realize it doesn't work after recording the location] Other than that, I'm going through and improving things, like: - more job types that don't require special upgrades, so we can have more people at low level doing the job so we can open it up to the wider community - Need people to suggest job titles (they can be meme ones like Modest Hydration Water Delivery) - adding more locations across the map for deliveries - Need people to first record all the existing locations (Which I will provide a list of), then start suggesting new locations (preferably difficult to get to ones but not impossible) - Adding more trucks and trailers - Every truck that is added needs to be added the attachment file for all existing trailers - Every trailer that is added needs to be added the attachment file for all existing trucks - Adding a second depot - The script looks like it should allow for it, but it doesn't seem to want to do it any time I try
  3. This Topic will be a centralised hub for all things Trucking Logistics. The job is currently whitelisted to those who came down on the first day while we are testing out issues with it. I will add comments below with more information including: - Known bugs/issues - Things being worked on - Things that will require those doing the job to submit information Once the job is at a place that feels as if all bugs are either fixed or can be lived with, the job will be opened up to more players (I will be making the choice if it's ready to go not anyone else, so don't nag!) The link attached is a list of XYZ coordinates for all current drop off locations. Using this we will hopefully be able to figure out which locations are causing issues. Unfortunately giving me a post code isn't the same as coordinates as they are into the decimate places. So hopefully we can get closer using these coordinates to look at removing locations. This will hopefully be turned into something on the wiki at some point so that it has a nicer interface with photos/videos to help people out. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YzYtDxWcVil2wKNFuOC0UJ_GxZ2VTh9z39TdTuBrmHg/edit?usp=sharing To make things easier, I've enabled comments on that sheet so we can keep the coordinates chat all together
  4. With the new Achievements system, you will be able to earn badges for your actions on the forums. What we can do with these in show how much effort people put into the community! We'd love to hear some suggestions of badges that we could add. When making a suggestion, please provide an example of what you think the badge could look like by attaching an image as well as what you think people should have to do to get the badge. To help you out, I've attached what Rules we have access to at this stage. These are not currently the active ones. The way it works is we can decide if one of these actions is done if we: - Give a badge - Give points - Give a badge and points - Wait for the action to be completed X amount of times before doing any of the above
  5. BlueBirdRP General Q: Where are the rules and are they enforced? A: The rules are located here they are enforced, you can find yourself removed permanently from BlueBird if you don't follow them, its well worth the read, some can have a higher consequence than others if broken however, but the expectation is that they are all followed. Q: What are your servers key binds? A: You can find the key binds to the city here. Q: Why do I get told to find out in rp (role play)? A: When people are starting out learning to Roleplay they don't necessarily understand the concept. People go from "Help me I cant do the oil refining job to Hi I'm new its my first day on the job, I'm a truck driver for an oil refiner, can you help me report for work?" It helps you by forcing you into interactions and building on them. Q: How I do the jobs? A: By getting a job in the job centre, most jobs will show blips on your map, you will usually have a location where you get your job vehicle and change clothes before proceeding to the work site. You should ask more questions in roleplay if you need to understand more about how your job works. Q: Why can I not see all the jobs? A: Some jobs are more complex than others and are only shown after a minimum time within BlueBird so you don't overwhelm yourself at once. Q: How do I become whitelisted? A: Whitelisting is a privilege and is reserved only for Role-players who we feel have earned the reward. You must be referred for whitelisting by another whitelisted member or BlueBird member of staff. Q: How do I setup my characters? A: BlueBird has 2 character systems, the one you use where you fly in is via the command /skin and the other is via the F1 menu. Q: Where are my characters stored? A: Where the character is created by /skin or when you fly into the city, we have that character on the server. Where its been done by F1 its located on your computer's file system here: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\CitizenFX Q: When does the server restart? A: The server restart twice a normally between 7:00am-7:30am UTC+10 and 4pm-4:30pm UTC+10 Q: Where is the change log? A: Changes are usually only advised where its necessary, there is rarely a day that goes by in the city where something isnt changed, tweaked or added, not all of it is visible, alot of it can be back of house. Queue Q: How can I skip the queue? A: You can queue skip by either supporting the server or becoming whitelisted. For whitelisting the quality expected is quite high. Q: Why hasn’t the queue moved? A: During peak times the queue can get quite large and BlueBird may reserve slots. Usually there is active management throughout the night so if there is a lull those reserve slots are returned for general use. Q: How does the queue work? A: Supporters and whitelisted players enter the queue and ranked by priority, by default that priority is the sum of their subscription tiers across the different levels, subscriptions at the same level (ie: two Gold) will have one treated as Bronze due to discord tag limitations. Q: I’m verified but I keep getting rejected by the server A: See here for some helpful troubleshooting instructions Q: I've linked everything and I'm not getting my supporter: A: There is an entire guide on ensuring your identity is linked thorugh the different services Forums -> Discord -> FiveM client as this daisy chain is how the server is able to see your discord id and validate your perks. If you have linked everything and you have your discord tags/roles. Try leaving the queue for 3-5 minutes, this forces you to timeout of the queue and the queue stops remembering your place in it. After you timeout the next time you re-join it, it will do a full re-evaluation of your permissions/entitlements. Q: I'm not verified, but I am? A: Try closing discord and FiveM down and reopening it, ensure you have steam open and discord open as well. You need to have the desktop application for both these tools. See here for some helpful troubleshooting instructions Supporter Q: How do I activate a donator subscription and how long does it take to activate? A: Supporter is activated immediately, you do need to link your discord to the forums, receive your discord roles, have your discord linked to FiveM, and the server validate your roles from those linkages to receive the benefit. You can find additional help here. Q: How can I upgrade a donator subscription? A: Depends how you paid, if you paid by PayPal, you'll need to go and cancel your PayPal billing agreement first here and then access the Managed Purchases page here, and then you should be able to modify your subscription tier or even cancel it by clicking on the orange Manage button. If you paid by credit card, you can skip to the Manage Purchases option. Q: Where are the supporter stores? A: Some supporters have stores as a thank you for supporting them, these benefits are not officially provided by the donator subscription and are thus unlisted, no all supporter tiers have stores and usually you need at least any gold tier to access benefits. Q: I purchased feathers and you bastards haven’t given it to me yet? A: You can find instructions on redeeming here. Q: What happens if I do a chargeback? A: You should contact BlueBird to discuss any issues you're having, any chargeback raised will result in being permanently excluded until the matter is resolved. Q: Can i change a characters Slot if I end my Subscription or loose my Whitelisting? A: No sorry, Currently we do not allow or have the capability to move characters between slots. Q: What do I get if I support BlueBird? A: The advertised benefits are available in our discord channel #how-to-support-the-server There are other benefits for different ones that are not advertised as these are not guaranteed. Behaviour Q: Why did I get a yellow card? A: In short it was because of your behaviour. BlueBirdRP has rules that help keep the community running most efficiently and happily. Not everyone will agree with those rules and that is fine, but not abiding by them will result in punitive action. A yellow card is a minor infraction, take the advice. Q: Why did I get a red card? A: In short it was because of your behaviour. BlueBirdRP has rules that help keep the community running most efficiently and happily. Not everyone will agree with those rules and that is fine, but not abiding by them will result in punitive action. In contrast a red card is a more serious infraction, the person issuing it sending you a message to stop the behaviour or you will be banned next time. Q: Why did I get quarantined or banned? A: You may be banned where it is felt that the behaviour was so poor or its impact was seen that it was necessary to exclude you from joining the BBRP server for a period of time. It may also have been a result of a vote kick where you were removed by your peers. For exclusions less than 30 days there is no appeal available. Q: How do I report another player in game? A: You can report another player using /report giving a detail description of the problem and the ids of the people involved. You can do /ids to temporarily see ids of people around you. Q: How do I report another player out of city (retrospectively)? A: You can submit an a General Support ticket with evidence of the claims. Please include 10 minutes of footage either side where possible or we may not be able to take action in fairness to everyone. Graphics Q: The world is disappearing help? A: You may need to adjust your graphics settings its not recommended to run your world on high textures unless you have a powerful graphics card with plenty of video memory and a powerful CPU. You can find some more guidance here. Audio Q: It sounds like I can hear everyone in the world? A: Some headsets have multiple modes which influence the way mumble voip works (FiveM's voice chat), usually there will be modes like Voice Mode, Game Mode etc... You will need to ensure you have the software installed for your particular headset and ensure Game Mode is selected. Q: I can't hear anyone in game even though I'm all setup A: You can experience issues in a couple of places 1)Windows ensure you have setup surround sound correct and you can hear through all your speakers in the windows audio tests, if there are problems here, they will flow through into game. 2) Ensure you have the right inputs and outputs selected in game audio and in the voice chat settings, you may need to relog when you change them. Also ensure the volumes are turned up. Cars Q: I purchased a car and its lost I cannot find it - help! A: While it occasionally happens it is very rare for a car to disappear. There are 5 garage zones where you can only see cars from within the zone you're in. The City, Blane County, Island, Grapseed Purple P, Arena. If a car comes out with a plate in the format of AAA 000 it is almost certain you will have your vehicle. If it comes out in a local format A8A1AB8Z you may not. If you raise a ticket you will be asked to pay a $100,000 fee if developers are able to find your car in a garage (this is an investigation fee). Q: Stuff is missing out of the back of my car why is it? A: Your things can be stolen from your boot when your car is unlocked, people abandon their cars when they break down and leave them in the world, go get their car from insurance and drive around, whenever your car is unlocked, any other vehicles that share the same plate will also be unlocked. Q: How can I do player to player car transfers? A: Currently that is not possible to do in BlueBird. You must make use of the second hand care dealerships. Q: When are the monthly cars released? A: Anywhere from 1st through 10th of the following month, cars are released, not all cars are equal there can be issues with them or other issues which divert the attention of the devs. If you complain about cars not being released in this time, you may find yourself muted in the discord. Q: I can’t get my car out of impound? A: You need the correct money on you, the impound date/time must be up. All times and dates are GMT + 10 Melbourne Australia. Q: My cars disappeared from in front of me? A: BlueBird runs a clean world script which will remove objects and vehicles where it hasn't been interacted with over a period of time. The time periods are reasonably large and BlueBird doesn't issue refunds for insurance costs or inventory costs for vehicles not interacted resulting in its wiping. Police Q: Cops suck, the role play is shit and I've just lost all my stuff. A: By doing the wrong thing you're actively making a choice to role play with Police. It would be failrp for them to not act as Police and attempt to enforce the law. When you do criminal roleplay or commit a crime in the city you've opened yourself up for Police to roleplay with you Q: How do I apply to join the Police? A: You can apply online, applications are only visible for the police when actively recruiting. Q: What if I combat log on a police? A: Combat logging on police almost always results in a ban, people do it because they want to keep their weapon or their car and avoid the consequences of roleplay, you just end up losing more. Instagram Q: How can I post photos to Instagram? A: You use your mobile phone in city and activate the camera option. You take a photo pressing the space bar and enter a caption when prompted. Q: How do I make it face me? A: Using your up arrow on your keyboard once you active the camera. Elusive Bugs Q: Phone is stuck on my screen in yellow pages help? A: /fixphone Q: Camera/Photo was trying to take a photo and it got stuck. A: There is no fix yet for this, you may need to relog, apologies Q: Camera/Image Attachment How do I use these? A: This only works using the mouse mode option and not the keyboard navigation option in your phone Q: Other things are stuck on my screen please help A: You can try using the following commands with escape on your keyboard they may or may not help From F8 type any of the following commands and press escape you may need to try them multiple times. dsciv : if licence is stuck closeinventory : if inventory is stuck closephone : if phone is stuck fixphone : if phone is stuck oc : if cad is stuck help : general if stuck
  6. BlueBirdRP How to join the discord If you haven't already download discord desktop application here: https://discord.com/brand-new/download Join the discord with this link here: https://discord.gg/bluebird Troubleshooting Q: Do you have Discord Desktop App or FiveM running as administrator? A: For all this to work normally make sure they are not running with administrator permissions otherwise they're isolated from speaking to each other by Windows! Q: Have you given permission to FiveM when prompted by the Discord App? A: Discord will prompt you for permission when Fivem attempts to access your discord details and it isn't yet authorised. You will need to authorise this to join our server. Q: Does the Discord Name and descriminator (#number) match up with what you can see in the FiveM settings section (located just off the home screen) A: If not, you're linking different accounts in the discord and connecting to BlueBird with another. FiveM will use the account are logged into the Desktop application. Q: Does the Discord Name and descriminator (#number) match up with what you can see in the Discord Desktop application? A: If not, you're linking different accounts in the discord and connecting to BlueBird with another. FiveM will use the account are logged into the Desktop application. Q: Its not working, I'll need an exemption A: There is currently no process or means to exempt you from this process, you must complete it to join. Still not working? Restart Discord and restart FiveM application, then try rejoining the server Try unauthorising the FiveM from your Discord Settings -> Authorized Apps tab and relaunch FiveM, it should prompt you again to reauthorise.
  7. BlueBirdRP How to activate your donator subscriptions First off, a heart felt thank you, what we do wouldn't be possible without the donator subscriptions that we have at BlueBirdRP. The good news is.. in your managed purchases page, if your subscription shows Active and and you have linked as per below, you can take immediate advantage of your benefits, Please see the below guide to ensure everything gets up and links correctly together: Discord Must be linked in the follow places, see below for help. Where there is a break in this linkage, your benefits break as well. Forums FiveM City (Server) Steps to ensure Discord is linked: Ensure you login to the forums with the correct discord you use on your discord 'thick app' client (desktop app). Important: You may need to logout of the forums and then login with your discord account. Ensure you have the roles and tags in discord Force Sync your account here Important: If you're unable to get the discord roles after multiple attempts, you need to raise a BlueBird Sales Support Ticket here to have customer service conduct a force synchronisation. Ensure FiveM can see your discord identifiers through the settings menu (before joining a server), alternatively use /discord in the city chat window to confirm this. FAQ / TROUBLESHOOTING Q: Are you in the queue currently? Its recommended that you leave while you perform the linkage steps, alternatively you should be able to click 'Refresh Discord' and assuming your Discord/FiveM linkage was already in place and you have your discord roles, you should be appropriately upgraded. Q: Are you in game currently? You may need to leave to get your full perks, but also doing /discordforceupdate to get most of them while already in! Q:Why do you recommend people leave the queue? It allows your queue place to timeout, you're placement/ranking is only re-evaluated when you connect into the queue, never while you're sitting in it. This same advice goes for when upgrading your membership. Leave queue for 2-3 minutes and rejoin after you have your discord roles. Q:Do you have discord or FiveM running as administrator? For all this to work normally make sure they are not running with administrator permissions! Q: I'm logging with with discord but it wont update my tags? Did it just create you a 2nd forums account? Your email addresses in discord and your forums account must be the same or they WILL NOT LINK. If you have created a second account, set a password/reset it on the forums so that it will then let you unlink your discord from it, fix up your email addresses and then relink it again. If you have any issues see Centrelink Support or Raise a ticket with BlueBird Sales Support here.
  8. BlueBirdRP How to redeem purchasable items You can purchase different types of items for use within BlueBird across our gaming platforms. Items can be redeemed in the BlueBirdRP City with your serial code where you can redeem through the feathers section of any in city Bank or atm. Help/Instructions 1) obtain your serial key from the forum store - from the menu (Store -> Manage Purchases) or click here 2) Go to an atm - Choose Blue Feathers -> Claim Feathers -> Enter the serial key from step 1. 3) Rapid clicking will result in the ATM 'eating your card' so be careful not to mistreat the ATM. You will need to relog to make additional attempts if this happens. Please watch the detailed video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqK9pAQO2ak
  9. BlueBirdRP Cancel Subscription or Paypal Billing Agreement How do I do it? To Cancel a subscription see the below, if you have a paypal subscription, start in the Paypal section first. You need to cancel the Paypal billing agreement to cancel your subscription or to upgrade/downgrade your plan. Cancel a Subscription Navigate to Store -> Manage Purchases Select your paypal subscription, click on Manage Click Cancel Renewals and follow any prompts. Paypal Billing Agreement Cancellation You must first cancel your paypal subscription (which is your automated billing agreement) before you can cancel the subscription itself or before you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription Navigate to Store -> Manage Purchases Select your paypal subscription, Click on the Subscription Number Click the Cancel button on the Paypal Subscription page and follow any additional prompts Complete the Steps above to Cancel Renewals If you have any challenges please raise a BlueBird Sales Support Ticket from here You can also find more information from Paypal on cancelling a billing agreement from their site https://www.paypal.com/li/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-cancel-a-recurring-payment,-subscription,-or-automatic-billing-agreement-i-have-with-a-merchant-faq1067 https://www.paypal.com/al/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-cancel-an-automatic-payment-i-have-with-a-merchant-faq2058
  10. BlueBirdRP Restricted Mode What is it? Q: What is Restricted Mode? ANSWER: Restricted Mode is one of our tools that our admin team have to manage our player base but we understand it can cause inconvenience as it restricts access to the city the city based on various metrics depending on what the admins enable. Why do you have it? As you can appreciate being a public server we welcome people from all walks of life and all places around the globe. The challenge is not everyone is able to behave or act in a reasonable way. When do you use it? When we have events or VIP's in our city our team need more of a playerbase that won't impact the generally smooth running flow of roleplay with misbehaviour (such as random death matches, stream sniping, vehicle death match etc.. and other instances of failrp that our community doesnt tollerate). This features is one of the reasons that makes BlueBird a great community to be apart of. Our whitelisted players or gold+ supporters are always able to join during this period. There are sometimes exceptions for those who have been in the city for a specific period of time and they are also able to join. What metrics can it use? Community Standing: Time on Server Community Standing: Whitelisted and Supporter or Job role whitelist (eg: Police/Ambulance etc..) Behaviour: Yellow Cards or Bans in the last 30 days How cn I join if I'm blocked? The reality is you can't unless you're whitelisted, have a whitelisted job role or are a Gold+ Subscription Donator ------------------------ Q: Have I been banned?? A: No, this is not a ban message, you can't enter the city though as an admin has placed a restriction on community standing, participation or behaviour and you don't currently qualify for entry, but this mode is usally only temporary (eg: for a few hours).
  11. until
    Lilly is putting on a 4x4 event and everyone is invited! This 4x4 event will start at sandy garage (Postcode 1017) and take our offroaders on a scenic trips to various locations around Northern Melbourne.
  12. Hello everyone! It is the first of a new month and that means it is time for some BlueBird news! Charitable cause! The first and most important thing is giving you all a wrap up on the money raised for RedCross. We would like to thank everyone involved with donating to the stream and purchasing the merch. During the BlueBirdRadio streams, we were able to raise $3,065.43 The RedCross x BlueBird merch was able to raise $17.75 Bringing our total to $3,083.18 raised in the month of January! This money will be donated over the weekend and head off to help those who need it most in Australia at this time. Next news – Merch! This month marks the start of our new, more general population style merch. We are looking to get clothing and designs out that feel a bit more natural to wear rather than slapping logos on random clothing items. https://streamlabs.com/bluebirdrp/merch/1083867 The merch is currently running through our StreamLabs store until we gauge interest in the project, we'll be looking to move towards a more local solution when we find one that is suitable. Next news – Paying it forward! In the coming week we will be releasing information on how you can apply to become a BlueBird affiliate. We have had applications for this closed for some time while we've been coming up with a better way to run the program and we've finally found one. Thank you for your patience while we've been working on this. We look forward to rewarding even more of our wonderful content creators in the coming weeks/months/years. If you've been living under a rock, the affiliate program allows you to sub to one of our content creators via the forums and receive the exact same perks as if you'd subbed straight to BlueBird through the forums, with the added benefit of supporting that content creator. If you'd like to check out who is currently affiliated, visit our forums under either our affiliates page or staff page. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/store/category/19-support-affiliates/ https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/store/category/20-support-staff/ Next news – Projects, project and more projects! We're working on more than just FiveM! There are currently 5 projects happening behind the scenes ranging from fully secretive to ones you already know about. Project 1 - BlueBird Rivals Rivals is our esports organisation who will be doing regular esports events starting in the coming weeks. The primary focus will be Rocket League events to start with, with other esports being added as time goes on. If you want to get involved ,you can join the BlueBird Rivals discord here: https://discord.gg/uDhFYmD Project 2 - RedM We are working on a RedM server which will allow for a Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay server. This will be a slow process as there are currently not a lot of scripts available and we want it to be a good experience when we officially launch it. The server is up and running 24/7 already so people can come and alpha test with us, so feel free to jump in: https://discord.gg/pySasHQ Project 3 – Minecraft! We are working on a Minecraft server. Some of you may have noticed a post put out the other day asking for anyone interesting in helping us to build a Minecraft server. We had a lot of people come forward and we have almost set up all the basics for it. Over the course of Feb we will do additional testing, refining plugins and gamemodes and we’ll be doing out best to find ways to reward our forum supporters! Keep an eye out for Alpha testing dates. Project 4 – Secret Project #1 We want to make everyone’s lives as easy as possible, so we are working on something that will allow new players, old players and just the entire community to be able to get involved in everything we do with the use of one central place. We will give more details over the month as aspects of the project are refined. Project 5 – Secret Project #2 As I’ve said before, we want to expand into other areas, we are working on something for FiveM that we think people are going to really like. There have been very obvious preferences that people have had since we started BlueBird regarding how they like to play in FiveM and we think we’ve come up with a solution that should allow people an outlet for certain preferences. This project will also be announced once additional testing has been completed. I want to stress that this project will in no way effect the main FiveM server that we all love to play on. It will be something separate, meaning you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects of the changes coming into play to mess up what we already have.
  13. Check out the site https://challonge.com/events/BBBris19#/ Any ideas for the event or questions can be put in this feed
  14. BIG CHANGES Hello BlueBird users! BlueBirdRP was created just over 14 months ago, and since it’s creation it has evolved into something a lot bigger than many people expected. The staff and I are so happy that we could take you all along with us in the journey from then until now. The reason for this post is due to some changes we are going to have to implement to the way we run things at BlueBird, to fall in line with changes that have been made elsewhere. For the majority of players/users, the experience won’t change at all and even if it does, it will be quite minor. The first thing we’d like to talk about is the name BlueBirdRP. We love the name and it’s amazing to hear people talk about it and hear so may positive things. We do however need to make a slight change to it when looking at what we do as a whole. BlueBirdRP, has become much more than just an RP server, but a whole community of gamers doing different things under that name. With the introduction of our (in Alpha) esports discord, and looking into other games like Rust, Minecraft and more, we’ve realised that BlueBirdRP doesn’t quite cover what we do. So the change is simple, moving forward, we will just be BlueBird. It’s not a massive change, but it an important one. This means for the purposes of categorising us, we are a gaming community, and all income is for the community, from there we have subsets that specialise in different things. This obviously would be the RP subset for GTA (and other future games), the esports subset for all competitive games and more. We just wanted people to know about this before we started dropping the RP from things and people become confused. Secondly, Patreon! Although our community may be over 14 months old, we didn’t start utilising Patreon and StreamElements until January this year (2019). When we first started taking subscriptions, we made three tiers; Bronze ($5), Silver ($10), Gold ($25). The only perk that came with that from the start was Gold tier subs, having priority access in the queue. It was very simple and easy, but over time, we decided that we wanted to really say thank you to those who involved themselves in our community and started creating the BlueBird Affiliate tiers. This program allows you to receive all the same perks as subbing to BlueBird, while also giving some money back to the content creators. Once this started we were asked if people could contribute for larger amounts. Never before did we think people would say, “Hey, can I give you more money than you’ve asked for?”. So we started to create higher tiers and introduced the BlueBird Partner program, allowing those Affiliates who’ve proven themselves to get larger subscription tiers associated with their brand. Over time we added a lot of new features, including our system of “Golden Feathers”. This system was fantastic, it allowed people who contributed to be rewarded with in game items that didn’t effect RP, having additional money allowed them to purchase some cool cars and focus more on interpersonal RP over grinding jobs. As a team we knew any good RPers would know that you don’t need money to roleplay, roleplay can be made from anything and it was great to see the good RPers realise this simple fact. The future of our payment plans will be a little different, while still retaining the same style that everyone has come to know. We will be moving our subscriptions and donations from Patreon and StreamElements to our forums at http://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/store/ These forums will allow us to do a lot of very cool things. The subscriptions you make will work in the same way as they did before, where you will get your discord roles, you will also get a badge on the forums depending on who you subscribe to. The biggest change is, all forms of payment will be moving to AUD instead of USD. So you will get a lot of the same features for less. This brings us to Golden Feathers. You are probably wondering how this all effects golden feathers. All current golden feathers are being converted to in GTA currency, however after the 01/12/2019 you will no longer receive them and rewards will be based on your subscription tiers. We will be releasing a full breakdown of the changes to subscription tiers and what perks will go along with them. Our wonderful content creators! Contracts will be handed out to our creators which will outline more closely the what it means to be associated with BlueBird. One major point will be regarding perks for being subbed to a specific content creator, admin or dev. This will no longer be allowed in any capacity and all subscriptions of the same value will receive the same rewards. The payouts will also align with the changes from USD to AUD. Lastly Multiclanning This is something we haven’t looked into much in the past, but it is becoming more relevant as we grow. If you hold a position of power, you won’t be able to hold a position of power on another server. This is to make sure you aren’t spread too thin between places, in the same way we don’t want other servers to suffer for having less of your time, we don’t want to have big roles being half done.
  15. BlueBirdRP

    Tazer Tag

    BLUEBURDRP TASER TAG EVENT 8th August Gates Open 7:45pm Event start 8:00pm Event will be held on event server Two teams of four battle it out in the maze intil all teams have completed, the last team remaining will win the grand prize!, Pick a cool name, register your team with Izzy and come have some fun. TASER Purchase = $7000 Taser hire = $100 per person Competitor Cost = $1000 per person LOCATION - Secret Garden Maze
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