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  1. BlueBirdRP

    Among Us

    Join the discord https://discord.gg/EBTMMVpkj6
  2. until
    Lilly is putting on a 4x4 event and everyone is invited! This 4x4 event will start at sandy garage (Postcode 1017) and take our offroaders on a scenic trips to various locations around Northern Melbourne.
  3. Hello everyone! It is the first of a new month and that means it is time for some BlueBird news! Charitable cause! The first and most important thing is giving you all a wrap up on the money raised for RedCross. We would like to thank everyone involved with donating to the stream and purchasing the merch. During the BlueBirdRadio streams, we were able to raise $3,065.43 The RedCross x BlueBird merch was able to raise $17.75 Bringing our total to $3,083.18 raised in the month of January! This money will be donated over the weekend an
  4. Check out the site https://challonge.com/events/BBBris19#/ Any ideas for the event or questions can be put in this feed
  5. BIG CHANGES Hello BlueBird users! BlueBirdRP was created just over 14 months ago, and since it’s creation it has evolved into something a lot bigger than many people expected. The staff and I are so happy that we could take you all along with us in the journey from then until now. The reason for this post is due to some changes we are going to have to implement to the way we run things at BlueBird, to fall in line with changes that have been made elsewhere. For the majority of players/users, the experience won’t change at all and even if it does, it will be quite minor.
  6. BlueBirdRP

    Tazer Tag

    BLUEBURDRP TASER TAG EVENT 8th August Gates Open 7:45pm Event start 8:00pm Event will be held on event server Two teams of four battle it out in the maze intil all teams have completed, the last team remaining will win the grand prize!, Pick a cool name, register your team with Izzy and come have some fun. TASER Purchase = $7000 Taser hire = $100 per person Competitor Cost = $1000 per person LOCATION - Secret Garden Maze
  7. until
    It's my FIRST DAY OFF, EVER! for RYAN MADDOX All invited to Tequi-la-la Saturday, August 10th 8:00pm FOOD & DRINK PROVIDED WEAR YOUR BEST COSTUMES Disclamer: no weapons or drugs allowed.
  8. (Click image to enlarge) Elite Autos Scavenger Hunt 24th september putting problem solving skills to the test with a citywide Fox hunt. Elite Autosport staff and hunt officials will be stationed and checkpoints through the city dressed as foxes. the key to finding each checkpoint is a clue given at the start of the event. Put your problem solving skills to the test by solving the clues and hunting down all the foxes for your chance to win $1,000,000 in prizes. Hunt on your own or with a friend and heres the best part … ITS FREE TO ENTER! Event working
  9. If you have submitted a bug report, and are requested to submit a CitizenFX.log file, this guide will help you to find and submit the log. Right click on your FiveM launcher, and select "Open File Location" Navigate to your "FiveM Application Data" folder Look in the folder for a file called "CitizenFX". The file type should be a folder called LOG. Logs may also now be in a folder called 'Logs' in the same directory. Sort by Date modified to ensure you get the most recent at the top Attach the file to the ticket you raised through the
  10. We recommend that you run most of your textures on normal. Here's a sample of what I have which gives really good visuals while allowing you to last in the OneSync servers for ME. Your mileage may vary and you may need to do lower depending on your system. See the below image attachment Important Points: Texture Quality: Normal (NOT HIGH or greater) Shader Quality: High (if you can) Post FX: High (if you can)
  11. The change log will only log significant changes, minor changes get made daily. Changes may be suppressed to reduce meta gaming at our discretion.
  12. BlueBirdRP Community Guidelines 1) Respect the community: Pretty simple this one, don’t harass, bully or intimidate anyone else on the server outside of RP. You are here to have fun, if you can not have fun without ruining someone else’s fun you do not belong here. If a member of the Community Assistance Team notify you that you have broken a rule accept it and move on. Arguing on the spot will only see your punishment increased. Once you have had some time to think about it you can submit an appeal on the forums. --------------------------------------------- 2) Respect the Staff Tea
  13. General Keys (Updated: 05/07/2020) Key Title Description F5 Character Identity Setup your Identity and perform some identity actions F6 Job Menu When you have a job you may have additional abilities that will be exposed to you in this menu. , Voice Radius Comma - Allows you to change how far you can hear and speak. [Can be modified in keybinds] G
  14. Part 2 of the sprint car series will be racing again with a grand total of $150,000 worth of prizes up for grabs! Racing starts at 8pm on server 1 all entries are to be finalised by 7:30pm and ready to race by 8!
  15. BlueBirdRP - Police Constable (Student Police Officer) Requirements. -Learn basic laws and enforcement Learn basic communication skills for dealing with members of the public. -Learn how to use GTA weapons appropriately and use of force -Observe through ride alongs of other Police Constables of how to RolePlay appropriately. -Learn how to drive Police vehicles -Learn how to use radio codes and communicate effectively. -Learn server rules including police requirements. -Respond to Emergency Calls -Attend Car Accidents, Home Invasions, Traffic Stops, Abductions, A
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