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  1. Heheh i do it for the memes and Beas a clutz lmfao
  2. Deff did maybe ill see ya next fall
  3. I need to make a Bea tripping post just a bunch of posts of people tripping LMAO
  4. I just recently turned the radio on for the first time the other day in awhile and honestly i do like it more, gives it a real radio feel. Like its actual radio noise and everything.
  5. I think its my fav to off road in to be honest
  6. Same i clip most the stupid shit i do hahaha
  7. Old photo, but those jeeps do be pretty awesome! i love mine
  8. How are we today??
  9. Hello (yooooo)
  10. Man, I have so many memories and the change with friends recently is weird, but I'm getting used to it. Honestly they are all pretty amazing.. Idk maybe my growth of RP has to be a great memory.
  11. I think i have more ragdoll pics of me lmfao yes deff had a nice fall
  12. I really should make a trip up to sorry down to Australia, It would be a fun visit. Bea irl a scary thing to think about lmao.
  13. So been in bb almost a whole year now, I've never really used forums idk what I'm doing LMAO Heres a photo of me tripping on a table..
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