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  6. I'm definitely on board with this. It's a minor annoyance, but I get so tired of having to go into MP Ped menu every time I fly in because it wants to use my old ped, despite having set my default MP Ped. Edit: I just realized how old this post is. Oops, didn't mean to necro the thread.
  7. Bare in mind I've only been in the city for around a week or two at this point, so my opinion may be under-informed. I'm not familiar with this, but I am interested. Can't really comment here. This would be a very nice change, with the caveat that there is some system of hints to get the region / general location of the Chop Shop. The way I see it is that the map is pretty big, and having an aimless search for a very small circle that is hidden somewhere seems more frustrating than fun. If there is an NPC or something, or you have to go to the drug areas and chat up the locals and maybe only a rotating 2 or 3 of them know the actual location. I'm sure there's plenty to be expanded on there. I'm not positive why this is important to you, but it seems an alright change in my book. If there is a car outside of a Chop Shop, it wouldn't make much sense to steal it. Don't shit where you sleep, and all that. You'd want to keep the heat down in that area, stealing a car right out front in broad daylight seems ill-advised. Also, there's no risk involved in that, and depending on spawn rates I could see being exploitable to some extent. I think the difference between this and the impound system is that with the impound system, you have to be intentionally clocked on as that job. If I was told if a car was able to be impounded or not when I got in it, it would be frustrating when I'm not y'know... impounding cars. I'm pretty sure not every civilian in the city is a criminal, or interested in chopping cars, and to have that popup every time I got in the car would be annoying to me. I'm trying to think of an alternative option for this, but nothing is coming to me now. I'll edit if I think of anything.
  8. G'day! I'd love to see more car thief repossession Jobs introduced to the city. The one currently in city, just seems a bit underpaid and the locals guarding those vehicles are a bit over powered. There's also, a fair few of locations the vehicles can be found. There's the whole map of GTAV and only 3 locations a car can be found? Noticed the north chop shop (dirty money) is hidden on your map, until it is found. I'd love if this feature was implemented on the parts chop shop, even when it's rotating throughout the city. Would allow people to go out and look for it. Similar to the new impound system with RACV / TBT. Could it be possible to have local cars unable to be chopped found outside of chop shops? Say you get into a local car / hot wire it. You then get a notification saying, "This vehicle can be chopped for parts." Or "This vehicle CAN NOT be chopped for parts." All depending on your location. Let me know what you think,
  9. Case against: Victoria Police Brief summary of situation: I Alphie Casey, received and email from Victoria Police Leadership saying that I am getting suspended for 48 hours in regards to not obeying my license class and some other small stuff such as unnecessary usage of radio. However, they asked to have an interview with me after the 48hours suspension. When I got to the interview, it was about a whole different thing which was suspicions of me being corrupt. They did not tell me this in the email and I was not able to get a lawyer ready for this interview even though they did tell me that I can stay silent and ask for lawyer but they did not give me enough time to talk to a lawyer and be ready for the case. However, after my interview they put me on administrative leave for about 2 weeks, with no updates or anything about the situation and what's going on. Later on about 2 days ago on the 18th of May 2022 approximately, I just got kicked out of the VicPol emails also got my roles taking away from me in the main emails without receiving any email from any leader that I am getting terminated until I asked the inspector and he later then sent me the formal email of me being terminated for apparently being corrupt. I believe they do not have solid evidence of me being corrupt. I am also not a corrupt cop, they are being suspicious of me being corrupt and working for the criminal org The Suits. I believe this is a wrongful termination as anyone could've blackmailed me and told Victoria police that I am selling guns to the suits or working with them. I would like to appeal this termination as I did not work with the suits and I believe there is no solid evidence that I sell guns to them or give them information as I was a constable and I do not receive any information about raids or such things. Expected outcome from court: Appeal Termination. Get a compensation for the wrongful termination I received.Extra Information/Requests: Please feel free to contact me on emails @ Osaixd#1584
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  11. I love this idea, it would make sense for a lot of the maintenance jobs that TBT do for AmVic, CFA, VicPol, Wolf, etc much more cool and immersive. Would love to see this added as a clothing option!
  12. G'day! I'd like to suggest a welding mask to BBRP, a full face sheild to protect your eyes and skin from those nasty welding sparks. Can bring in alot of potential roleplay for both business, and criminal activity. I personally like the welding mask from the "NoPixel" server, but I'm unable to find that specific model. Although I have found an alternative just from a quick Google search. I personally would love to use this item frequently for my roleplays. https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-welding-mask-mp-m-freemode-01/3328123
  13. I'm having similar issues and have gotten my IP whitelisted
  14. Hi Dennis, Welcome to BBRP. As Michi mentioned we have an in game command which can be utilised which will display text above your head to replicate sign language. The command can be utilised by typing /snl into the in game chat box followed by your message (example below). That being said, you are more than welcome to utilise a text to speech program if that is more convenient for you. Once again welcome to BBRP and we hope you enjoy your time here. Regards, Ando BBRP Administration Team
  15. Hi there, If you are still experiencing issues please try whitelisting your IP by clicking the below verification link. Thank you. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/white_firewall/ Ando, BBRP Administration Team
  16. Hi Lenox23, Please try whitelisting your IP by clicking the below verification link. Thank you. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/white_firewall/ Ando, BBRP Administration Team
  17. Hi Lenox23, Please try whitelisting your IP by clicking the below verification link. Thank you. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/white_firewall/ Ando, BBRP Administration Team
  18. Hi @Clinton , You need to sync your discord account as per Dakotas post. Thank you Ando, BBRP Administration Team
  19. Create a ticket threw here https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/create/ Then selected the highlighted option
  20. I do not do crime anymore and now I want help the city as a paramedic please !!!
  21. that would be awesome!, i have a logitech EXTREME 3D PRO flight stick, would that be compatible do you know?
  22. Have you joined the discord? linked your forum account to your discord, and https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/discordsync/ sync'd up properly?
  23. i have had the same issue its useless this one i played on another server and got straight in no drama
  24. how do you verify your acc it wont let me play
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