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  3. Contacted in city! hans Bauer
  4. Levi Thompson - Appealing FPO - AEDTName:Levi ThompsonCase against:State of VictoriaBreif summary of situation: my names Levi Thompson i have a fpo agaisnt me and its been 2 years back from 2020, my record is good and i have had around 7 f10 receipts, iv spoke with alot of cops and all i have spoke to said with how old this is and my searches have been good contact me if interested thanks. Expected outcome from court:FPO removed.Extra Information/Requests:Possible compensation for reckless charging.
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  7. im sorry but cant u see i literally said that i werent even online whilst they were duping, i think im not that stupid to dupe like that, just saying
  8. How can you become whitelisted? Whitelisting is a privilege and is a reward for those who earn it. We have a recruitment team who keep their eye out for people who show they can be trusted as a whitelisted player, follow all the community guidelines and provide amazing roleplay in the city. This means only those recommended by a member of the recruitment team will be given the opportunity to apply for whitelisting. This means it will be really important for you to have your discord nickname set up to include your current steam name. This is so we are able to find you and message you if you’ve been recommended for whitelisting. If you are recommended by a member of the recruitment staff you will receive a DM with a recommendation code which will allow you to apply on the forums and will then be reviewed for suitability. Due to being a reward, it is important if you want to be whitelisted to start engaging with the community and ensuring you are always following the community guidelines. You will never know if you are being watched . If you are a whitelisted member and would like to recommend someone please contact a member of the recruitment team with your recommendation. If you apply without a recommendation code, your application will be denied.
  9. Username: ChadwickHughes Hello im wondering how to get whitelisted? Thanks
  10. I agree with Top tier RP in they city. they bring such amazing roleplay that involves everyone and they've done so much already. I would love to see what else they can bring as an official organisation.
  11. The Suits bring nothing but consistent and well-crafted roleplay to this server. I have no doubt they will be an Organisation one day and I am excited to see what else they will bring to this city as they have already done so much for the community.
  12. +1 had nothing but good experiences with them in city
  13. Hope everyone has a blessed week keep safe.

  14. You need to make your own thread.
  15. Seems like you've been banned as you were with people doing it mate, unfortunately just don't hang with people duping
  16. Hey mate, sorry to hear about that. I have had something similar happen, and you have to just file your report, with all the information you can add. Do you have bodycam?
  17. bought a lambo went to change colour at customs and do some other things didnt end up doing anything and when i left 170 000 was missing from my wallet,want my cash back
  18. Wow. I must say this is impressive. I look forward to being in contact with you guys in city. My email is NitchGamingStudios#1726 I realize this is a bit late (okay maybe very) but I would love to be part of your journey as a crew
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  20. Wow mate good job on the post, it looks like you've done your research.
  21. I'm not staff but you got done for affiliation. Be careful who you hang out with lol. 95% chance of you not being unbanned. Also posting this in the wrong section.
  22. i have been banned for 'duping suppressors' even though i never, the reason i got this ban is because i was in a group which did this glitch. The thing is, i wasnt even online when this happened but i still got banned. Ive made 2 ban appeals but they have both been denied for 'no evidence' i simply cant show any, its impossible for me to show that i wasnt online. Can anyone pls help cuz ive been wanting to play this server again for so long. Thanks
  23. Hi, im Biskito and quite a while ago (early 2021) I was banned from bluebird discord and im guessing the actual server as well. If it was something stupid that I was banned for then I am very sorry I have changed a lot since then and would really like to get back into some solid rp. I have a few close mates who enjoy this server very much and I would really like to produce enjoyment for the others around me as well as for myself.
  24. I believe its scripted this way on purpose, devs thought it would be funny lol.. which it kinda is ngl
  25. I get this dude, its sometimes hard to find people in RP. I would go to places in the city, work a job, and meet people and make friends. I can't tell you what exact places in the city people hang out(due to the metagaming rule) but there's definitely lots of places they do and I would consider looking around. I recommend moving down from Bendigo(AKA Paleto bay) because that's where everyone flies in and not many people go up there unless it's for business.
  26. Sadly, there isn't a way to have locals have ammo for their gun. It's not a script as far as I know, and that includes tasers. While selling drugs, the deals can go south and they can pull out tasers and other weapons. Its why you need to become prepared. The fact that you had to wait 11 minutes to respawn like everyone else isn't really something that will be changed. And flying out hurt you more then anything because you're just going to fly back in dead and have to wait more.
  27. I mean, if people are constantly robbing you with no RP then report it. Its shitty rp to anyways and whitelisted people shouldn't be abusing the privalage. Get their ID, get a recording. Submit a report here on the forums. I think its a fair system for the points listed above by Dakota and shmevo
  28. Content creator applications are done via Support Tickets, please apply there.
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