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Hello and welcome to BlueBirdRP, please make yourself known to these rules and ensure you read them all!

1) Respecting Others/Respecting Staff Please be respectful of each others roleplays, if you don't have a legitimate reason to be there and part of it do not interrupt this includes but is not limited to police scenes. Staff work hard to keep this server running and do it on a volunteer basis, abuse towards them will not resolve the issue nor be tolerated! Staff follow strict policy when using disciplinary action it is NEVER for no reason! Action will be taken to those that abuse staff.

2) Personal Information: BlueBird Role Play will not be held responsible for any personal information shared outside our server and discord. We do not condone you handing out any personal emails, explicit photos, snapchat, facebook, twitter ect . Please understand this is at own risk!

3) Playing with Fire: Speaking poorly of other role players and admins, or engaging in heated arguments in game OOC will not be tolerated. If you have an issue, (use /report in game), handle it privately or contact an Admin. Please also try and keep the drama off the public channels in discord. Talk to the staff team directly and keep in mind you are representing Blue Bird RP when you are playing on our servers, please be mindful of the fact that others may be streaming.

4) Exploits: Please do not exploit our server’s features. Exploiting the Server is when you ascertain a bug or something that shouldn't be transpiring on the server and you utilize to your advantage. This goes along with modding money, weapons and cars. This also includes use of the /fixmepls command, and using animations to gain access to locked doors (pushing character through walls) intended to help those stuck, as a quick teleport. If found to be breaking this rule it may result in a server exclusion. Please note "bunny hopping" to increase your speed when running is also considered an exploit.

5) Identity: Please do not attempt to impersonate a member of staff. I.e. going around and saying "I will ban you" will result in a server exclusion.

6) Server Etiquette: Please do not advertise another server or your own server on our server unless given permission by an Admin.

7) Children: You are not allowed to role-play a child under the age of 16.

8 ) Reports: Should disagreements arise, the first thing you should do is try to RP it out. If that doesn’t work and you have a problem with another player, handle it privately. Public OOC arguments will not be tolerated. If you believe a player has broken a rule, please submit a report (/report - Include Server ID and as much info about the issue as possible or submit a support request ticket in Discord).

9) Mature Themes: There is to be NO erotic, explicit roleplay on the server or any sexual violence on this server. When applicable, do not make nudity the focus of your role-play. When a player says no it means NO! Stop and move your role play away. There is NO appeal for erotic/sexual role plays! the rules are available when you first join and via our F3 menu in game, NO excuses to say you did not know! there is to be NO suicide role plays on our server, Bluebird rp strongly supports positive prevention and respects those suffering mental health. There are NO appeals for those caught breaking this rule!

10) New life: If you DIE/become knocked unconscious in your role play and you Alpha Ambo you can NOT come back and seek revenge! you must begin fresh with no memory of prior events. However If you are revived by the ambulance team you can continue on with your role play but MUST play out your injuries accordingly e.g. if you are shot in in the shoulder or neck area you can not just role play a sore toe!

11) Driving: Keep your driving as realistic as possible. Role-play your crashes (ambos and CFA want some good role plays too) think logically about what a vehicle can do, you wouldn't take a super car off road or a chopper motorcycle on train tracks.

12) Breaking Character: Please do not break your Roleplay on the server, Keep all communication within Character using “/me”, Twitter or when using voice chat. Use /OOC if you need to talk out of character but keep this to an absolute minimum or use the discord. OOC in game should be an absolute last resort. an example of a good time to use OOC would be a bugged mic, invisible car or fallen through map in the middle of an rp.

13) Metagaming: Please do not Metagame, Metagaming is the act of using out-of-character information for in-game roleplay. The use of third-party applications for communication while in the server is not allowed. - Think "Does my character have any way of knowing this?". Things learnt from another one of your characters is NOT PERMITTED in any form, even if they are related. Your characters must never share the same information Also note utilizing things seen using the 3rd person camera is metagaming if your character wouldn't be able to see it with their own eyes too (people sneaking up behind you etc).

14) Special Vehicles: Drag and Sprint cars are NOT to be driven on common roads and must ONLY be used in the drag race zone. You may receive a Yellow Card and/or a Kick

15) Power Gaming: Please do not power Game: Power gaming is inflicting unrealistic forms of roleplay on other players without their consent.This includes third party systems like Crosshairs, aim assistance, auto driving scripts or Mod menus (Graphic Mods are exempt from this) and also using in game menus such as V menu or any menus to unfairly control a roleplay. Power gaming violations can in some cases result in a permanent ban with no appeal accepted.

16) Value Life/FearRP: Please consider value of Life/FearRP: We ask that all characters value their life as if it was their own and role play their injuries. Fear roleplay is the concept that your character is afraid to die. - Think "If I had a gun drawn on me in real life I would comply until I had a chance to escape" Also think "Would I run in front of that car because they clipped mine? Would I run in front of the police during a shooting?”

17) Role Play Baiting: Please be respectful of each others role-plays, if you don't have a legitimate reason to be there or you are not part of their role-play do not interrupt.

18) Player Streams: Please do not harass live streamers or utilize their stream to exasperate or stalk them, don't seek them out and steer clear unless your roleplay happens to engage in theirs. This is classed as metagaming and is Fail RP.

19) LOCK YOUR VEHICLES: (page down) BlueBirdRP Admin and staff will not be held responsible for lost product or items stolen from vehicles that are not locked (please know that we do check logs)

20) Approved organisations: If you have a discord server or similar application created specifically for the organization for the roleplay of your group, you MUST have at least one admin added into the discord and all areas must be unlocked for the sake of monitoring communications

21) Money/vehicle/ weapon loss: When doing jobs, or using your boot to store items, items can not be compensated without actual proof. Screen shots/ video/ streams are acceptable to aid in the investigation.

22) Mic: No Mic No play: This game requires you to use in game voice chat. To assist other members and emergency services Blue Bird staff may kick you if you do not have a functioning mic. If you have a legitimate reason for not having one or not being able to use one please message staff for approval to use sign language.

23) Discrimination: Absolutely no discriminatory remarks! This includes in game role-play and out of character. Please note phrases such as "that's gay" or "don't be autistic" is not acceptable in or out of role play and will result in a temp ban from our server no exceptions Adding: there is to be NO suicide role plays on our server, Bluebird rp strongly supports positive prevention and respects those suffering mental health. There are NO appeals for those caught breaking this rule!

24) Role Play Injury: If you are severely injured or "Dead" do not get up and walk away, even once revived by emergency workers. Continue to RP your injuries until the current RP Ends. Ambulance/Police and CFA all have moderators and admins in their teams and they will report you to them if they see this. If you are shot and don't die, roleplay the bullet wound, go lean up against a wall or lay down on the floor. Walk with a limp or make your aim erratic. Don't just "tank" the shots and fight back.

25) Safe Zones: Safe zones are now active around the police stations, hospitals and some businesses. This means that you will no longer be able to shoot or punch in these areas. Illegal activity aka trying to shoot people just outside these areas or exploiting the safe zones will result in either having the stolen items or money received from sale removed from your accounts or face a possible temp ban! Please do the right thing!

26) Groups/Businesses: All gangs, groups, businesses or other player run organizations MUST be approved by the government team. When you apply please note your application needs to be detailed as followed- a) Name of group b) Purposed location c) Explain why this is going to add to the RP available on the server outside of what is already available on the server d) What action will you take to discipline members caught breaking the rules or your organisation/city Business Owners- Please note, that you are responsible for the actions of your employees. Please ensure they have read and understand the rules

27) Emergency Staff Numbers: Please be mindful of emergency staff numbers and plan your role plays accordingly, Please do not engage in "heists" or create major role plays when there are LESS than FOUR police on. Try to avoid shootouts, fights and do not deliberately cause fires when there are no CFA or police present. There MUST be 4 or police to rob any player or stores and 6 or more police for bank heists, and 4 or more CFA/AMBO major accidents and fires)

28. Stream TOS: Roleplay that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS) or Twitch Community Guidelines and/or chat that violates Discord ToS is strictly prohibited. Please Note - BlueBirdRP will not be held responsible for actions that occur if you break ToS on your streaming service.

29. Carrying People: You can not /carry someone if you are the driver of a vehicle, all your hands must be on the wheel to drive No Exemptions. You can not use /carry while on a motorcycle of any kind regardless of what seat you are on. You can have a maximum of 5 people in a 4 door car (1 driver 3 passengers with one carrying or 1 driver, 2 passengers with 2 carrying) you can also have 1 person in the boot. Essentially take the number of people that would fit in the cab and add 1. this applies for 2 seater cars and trucks where you can have the passenger carry 1 additional person.

Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change overtime. Please be sure to review the rules regularly in the event of additions or changes. Last updated: 19/08/2019 ---------- Thank you for reading the rules!

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