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  1. Please DO NOT visit Melbourne Intl Main Airport for drag racing. There are three big airports and two of them are drag strips so no reason to use the one that is used as an active airport. It's a real nuisance for pilots and Melbourne Adventure staff altogether so please just go up to Zancudo or ask TBT.
  2. I like it and defintely support changing the things bottom right, I can't read half of it when I have a radio going
  3. Well, I'd say a new way to make money, no? I mean what are stocks for irl if not for money
  4. Hello there, I come again with another suggestion. This, again, might be controversial and might not receive positive feedback but I hope you can still hear me out. Now, this is mostly regarding the taxi business. I am a big supporter and want people to start using the dying business, Taxis, more and more. What I suggest is to make the penalty for stealing local cars (which is about 1k now) a much higher one. For example 20k or even jail time. The pros and cons: 1. Realism: How realistic is it to go up to random people, break open their cars, throw them out and just drive away without any reprocusion? People would normally call the police, note down the license plate and even try to chase after the person steal those cars. 2. Force people to use other sources: This would result in people using Taxis and possibly busses to get from one place to the other. Or they would call a friend to pick them up. Which would again increase RP and make more jobs for people to earn money. 3. Reduce road trash: Without people stealing local cars, those exact cars wouldn't be left in the streets anywhere anymore and people would actually fear impounds since it'd be their own cars they are parking in restricted zones. 4. Police RP: Police would now also have more to do and would have an actual incentive for pulling people in local cars over. But it's not all good and fun. Some cons are that some work vehicles such as those from Melbourne Adventures, which don't have an extra license plate, would be affected as no one could tell the difference apart. RACV would also get less jobs, I don't know if that can be counted as a pro or cons. Some might also say that Taxis are unreliable but the problem is the solution: the more people use Taxis, the more support it gets and the more organized it'll get. If you have any comments/suggestions or things I missed, please don't hesitate to comment. Thank you!
  5. Thank you very much for your answer, I always look for constructive criticism and am happy that this could spark a conversation. I realize that the suggestion is difficult and needs to be well thought out, that's why I mentioned that it might be controversial. And you can be rest assured that I've given it thought; it's just a suggestion and that's what makes it good: to hear other people and their ideas/opinions. You don't have to answer but I want to hang on some points of yours and some negative sides. So from what I've noticed is that the biggest problem are the few minutes after tsunami. To combat that a solution (or rather possible suggestion) might be to enable all the usual Spawn points within the first 20mins since the realism part falls out (when would 10000 people fly into a city at once irl) and people could freely choose where they want to pop in. After those 20mins, the system could be limited down to 2/3 spawns, one the airport and the second to third being somewhere in Blaze(?) County. This (and the point above) would also prevent 200 people being in one zone as to not crash the server completely. And since there won't be more than 10 people joining in at the same time, the locations wouldn't get too crowded. And for the hotspot solution: my intention wasn't to get rid of the hotpots, it was to move them somewhere more remote where the people who want to RP (like me) want to actually do RP stuff instead of getting run over by people doing donuts in front of the hotspots. (This is only a side effect or result and not the main focus point) To summarize: One of the possible solutions would be to enable spawning everywhere the first 10 - 20mins (this might have a big impact on lag and/or too elaborate for such a small thing and I'm sure there will be more problems) and have them use public transport or waiting for friends when the hype after the tsunami has died down.
  6. This is probably kind of a controversial topic but I want to hear your opinion. So the idea is to limit Spawn locations to only airport and/or bus terminal. 1. Realism: the phrase "I just flew into the city" would now make actual sense since you will be spawned into the airport with other players and just spawning next to the garage and starting your day is kind of unrealistic. 2. RP opportunities: the usage of public transport (bus and possibly train if allowed by OneSync) would be encouraged and an actual valid option for people to use and not just a to do RP since if you were to spawn into the airport, you will either have to actually wait for a friend, call a taxi or wait for the bus to arrive and not get into the garage pull out your car and drive off. 3. Social contact and conversation: If we only had 2 spots to spawn in, the options to spread out are limited and conversation with others would be encouraged while you wait to get away. 4. Get rid of Maccas/Zonah/Pillbox meeting spot: also attaching to the point above: the usual spots to hang out wild most probably be moved to the airport and the bus terminal which would make actually sense and which would also get rid of the usual meeting spots. These are all the pros, but there are also cons such as that dannies could just drive into the spot or blow up people but these problems already happen at downtown McDonald's and server load could also be a problem but I don't really know about that. So if you like this idea please react with a like it something, that'd really help out, thank you!
  7. If you don't have a solution yet try creating a Support Ticket in here https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/ or ask in #centrelink-civ-support-services
  8. If you haven't resolved this issue yet I'd suggest following these steps again: And if that doesn't work try contacting support in #centrelink-civ-support-services or Forum tickets for further support
  9. I'm no FiveM or Lua dev but if there is no FiveM native way to disable this maybe you could detect if an airplane is spawned and if a real player is not in close proximity the plane just automatically deletes. That way you could get rid of all the citizen airplanes but still leaves room for citizen aircraft to spawn. I don't really now how much that would actually affect lag or anything on the server but it could potentially work. After quick research I found this to help: FiveM Docs: https://docs.fivem.net/natives/?_0x7196842CB375CDB3 and StackOverflow questions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62345979/how-to-get-closest-player-fivem-lua
  10. As the title says: completely remove aircraft controlled by locals. Apart from the funny clips that will be missing, there are only going to be advantages to this: 1. No random crashes and explosions. The random low-flying aircraft are very unrealistic and the explosions even more. 2. Reduce Lag. This ought to reduce lag, even if it's only going to be a bit, the less the better. 3. Make aircraft a rare sight to see. When the only helicopters and planes are flown by citizens, either Melbourne Adventures or private ones, the people on the ground will be like "look there's a plane, wonder who's flying and if they see us" as you would irl. 4. Make police a real "threat" to air-pirates. I don't really know how it is now but with the many aircrafts up in the air right now, the police may have some difficulties seeing which one is player flown and which one is local flown. This is also a good step to make BBRP look less like GTA Online even more where you are used to seeing such sights everyday. Maybe also make spawning helicopter in LSIA not a thing since people stealing those aircraft without any resistance is really unrealistic in my opinion and also prevents people using these helicopter as battering rams and jumping out of it right before crashing without any loss a thing of the past. Please comment on this if you like the idea or have a better idea overall
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