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  1. Have a Lamborghini roadster somewhat done up, going up at the golf dealer in the city! Should be sometime soon so keep your eyes peeled!!
  2. Should be a 4 door sandrail popping up anytime now in the Gold dealership in the city. believe its only 500k as well
  3. i was exploring new servers the past couple days, just to kind of see what they work with an d deal with, and i came across one that had a codeine farm and sales point, could offer more RP and opportunities for dirty money. could be a cool thing
  4. ahhh the memories!! loved off-roading in it. so much fun!
  5. i put an ultimate jeep in the gold secondhand dealership for 250k about a week ago. cheers to whoever gets a nice ride for a steal of a price!
  6. ive just purchased gold supporter and im curious as to what i do now? any help would be appreciated!
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