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  5. how do i get my id photo takeen
  6. Hi! Jet here from the Melbourne Night Kids, The Nissan 180sx is one of my favourite cars and also a car that lots of car enthusiasts love. As lots may know, the 180sx used to be a drift car and then it changed to a street tune when it got re released October 2021. As a person that loves drifting so much and loves the 180sx so much, I believe that it would be beneficial to get the old 180sx drift tune back and I believe lots of people would agree. It's really cool to have drift cars that have a bit of character to them and at the moment the only drift car that has that is the is300 drift. It would make myself and a large proportion of the car community very happy to see this happen! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope its a possibility! Regards, Jet Williams. NightKids.
  7. +1 these guys deserve it and would bring alot to the city
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  9. During my criminal time on BBRP I had many run ins and dealings with the Spades. They have always been excellent for RP and having a good time. I would highly recommend them for Org
  10. Well written, very deserving and most dedicated crew+ #SpadesForOrg
  11. The spades mafia are elite rolepalyers and they deserve it more than any othere crew in the city
  12. Big vouch for spades!!! well deserved.. create phenomenal Rp experience's
  13. Hi I am from discord, my steam account is zenonpag and I was going to use the name bobby burner when I was to join the server. I verified myself and everything on the server and I was not able to join for not meeting the requirements. I am a little confused since I was banned from the discord server asking for some help and wasn't sure why, I would love to play on this server but was denied access without any warning. I may believe it might been my old uesrname on discord (YOURMUMGAY#7582) and now have changed it to (ZENONPAG#7582) as I think this was the reason why. I didn't mean to offend anyone and wish for a second chance to be able to play on the servers. This is my first time trying to play RP on FiveM so I am a little slow on the topic as I have never done it before. Hoping someone can help me as soon as possible as I was hoping to play tonight.
  14. +1 for org. Been waiting for these guys to get it for awhile.
  15. The boys from spades always bring a smile to my face, absolutely number 1 crew in city. Ronda, Ryan, Jackson, Robert, Pistol, Logan, Indie are a fantastic influence on the city and I would love to see the boys that I first met growing opium finally get the recognition they deserve for the huge amount of effort and work they've put in. Their RP is outstanding and Pistols high roller races have been a great way for many members to interact and enjoy their moments. Every meeting I've ever had with them, whether business or pleasure has always had a positive impact on my experience in city, they are creative, interesting and give a completely different perspective on the way business is conducted and sets the bar high for how business should be conducted. SFFS boys good luck love lots you deserve it xx
  16. Longest standing crew, been deserving this for a long time now. Their RP is always great and it is great to see them getting involved in the community with the high roller races.
  17. vouch for them taught me every thing when I was a Danny brought my first guns of them washed my first dirty with them great guys
  18. Spades are the most deserving crew to be org at the moment. Lets make it happen
  19. written well and no other crew+ deserve it as much as spades!!!!!!
  20. This is a really great application, written really good and Spades Mafia definitely deserve to be org! Hope it happens!
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