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  3. You can have a 2nd character slot if you're a gold supporter+, I think either diamond or plat supporters get a 3rd slot, whitelisted people get an extra slot as well.
  4. If the BlueBird server could implement creating/having multiple characters it would be a good feature to this server and make this server even better just like other servers like NoPixel and other small servers etc. As most people want to play and have multiple characters/role/personalities where as being confined to 1 character gets limited real quick. Thanks.
  5. it says unable to join please need help
  6. I can’t join the discord because it says unable to join
  7. Yesterday
  8. Sorry for the double post but I got my new G29 wheel working on BBRP! I will do a post with detailed instructions on how to get any wheel to work on FiveM.
  9. Mr Clay Williams, Please be advised that this Request doesn't use the correct format, please edit the request and a Lawyer will get back to you once that has been completed! Format is as shown; Title: {Your name} - {Appealing charges/Seeking damages/Appealing an FPO/Other} - {Timezone}Example Title: James Smith - Appealing Charges - AESTPost:Copy and paste the below into your post and fill it out fully.Name:Case against:Breif summary of situation:Expected outcome from court:Extra Information/Requests: If you are Confused about the Format Refer to a recent Request! Regards, Nick Woods Trainee Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  10. No luck with any of those but thanks anyway
  11. Name: Clay Williams Case against: FPOBreif summary of situation: on the 8/6/2021 i got an Fpo put on me for no reason apparently i tried shooting at an officer with a hand gun which i didn't it was the other 2 people in the car with me i was just the driver of the car there is no report written its has been almost 4 months since this has happened and i have not been in trouble with law ever since. Expected outcome from court: Remove FPO Extra Information/Requests: Discord= Clay William [clay]#9118
  12. Last week
  13. Places its most likely to be: City Insurance Sandy Insurance Sandy Garage(s) Impound
  14. Vehicle missing. I purchased an Evo X and decided I wasn't gonna pour money into the thing so decided to only get a white paint job (from grey at stock) and some new rims. Been driving it a couple times and went to pull it out of the garage after Tsunami at 4pm AEST and was fine, drove to my workplace at TBT South and stored the evo at the garage there. But I haven't been able to see it at any garage since then. Thanks, I'm new to the city and looking to resolve this quickly, cheers and thank you for your time.
  15. Is anyone aloud to disclose the ranks for the drugs system or is that meta?
  16. Maybe storage space? I couldnt join server for a while due to no storage or low storage
  17. Name: Ford GTLink: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ford-gt-2017Description: the ford GT is a mid-engine 5.4L supercharged V6, 2 seater sports car produced by Ford in 2017Rp use: Personal Vehicle polys: 134,839 Images:
  18. Dear Lucas, Unfortunately at this time I do not believe an appeal will be successful and recommend that you keep a clean criminal record for atleast two months before re-applying to have the FPO removed. If you have additional unlisted extenuating circumstances that may assist in the FPO's removal please do not hesitate to update your request. Best regards, Cameron.
  19. @Joseph Dredd << This guy might be able to help out I know he plays on RedM
  20. A lot of people complained about it, I don't think they're intending on changing it back though
  21. Love the new voice system, I imagine most people feel the same way though about the hassle of flexing the comma muscle whenever you jump into a car and out again. Not sure if this can be updated but thought I'd chuck in my thoughts. Love you guys have a great night!
  22. - Try again at a later time. - Check your network connection. - If the issue persists, contact BlueBirdRP. Error details Failed handshake to server - transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining - CURL error code 18 (Transferred a partial file).
  23. good morning all, just decided it would be a cool idea to try out RedM, when connecting to the server it required me to install a plugin (salty chat) but what is the teamspeak servers IP? the one on the splash page is invalid and upon looking for the discord I was yet again faced with an invalid invite to the bluebird discord. if anyone can help me out with connection ips and invites that would be greatly appreciated. ~ Munz
  24. Dear Lucas, Please note that I am currently reviewing your applications details; I will return a reply to you as soon as this review has been completed with the best path of proceeding. Cameron AB, Criminal Defence Barrister, Office of Legal Defence.
  25. Seen this on another server and would love to see this implemented, 6 or 9 player tables with a dealer at the casino would be alot of fun.
  26. You have my support, love the idea. Obviously it isn't high prio as most people in the city have 1-2 jobs, but if it isn't too much work I'd love to see it happen soon!
  27. Name: Lucas Morrison Case against: FPO Brief summary of situation: Did a bank robbery cops where chasing me my bike broke down got off the bike and started shooting the cop then he killed with automatic weapon, I would to get my FPO removed because I made a mistake and I want to change and start working because they are always stopping me 3 to 4 time a day while doing RACV and getting late to people and some of them leave when I get there and not making enough money because of the FPO. Expected outcome from court: Clear my FPO Extra Information/ request: Discord name- X-Tyrz1#0432
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