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  4. Absolute props to Frankie. She's handling some shit her character has been through (incl. a stalker that tbh I would have reported to the city long ago) completely in-city. It takes a lot to do that. It's good RP, it's complex character development, but a lot of us (and there's no shame in it) skate by it because we want fun in our gaming as much as possible. On top of that, she doesn't make it overly dramatic. I've played with too many people over the years (non-bluebird RP) who would take what Frankie's been through and use it to just be an attention-obsessed drama queen. She generates
  5. RasputinASF

    Among Us


    AMONG US DISCORD not working still my men and women *NotLikeThis*
  6. Rim is basically better call saul only he never sets foot in a court room. Great laugh everytime.
  7. Last week
  8. Go to the top where it says 'Support Tickets' and file a ticket there. Make sure to include which garage(s), which vehicle (model, license plate, etc), and any other useful info. Basically everything the devs will need to investigate. Also just know it might take a while for them to reply. They get dozens of tickets a day.
  9. At 300 people, the server is struggling immensely. It's not even RP quality. It's just sheer play quality. If you upped it to 400 you'd absolutely hate it and end up complaining that the server is 'garbage.' All because it just has too many people. Servers tend to be smaller because that's how you ensure a quality play experience from multiple levels: - Ratio of mod/admin-to-player - Ratio of people to interact with (fewer people flooding the server just because it has space and more people there because they have a vested interest) - Server capability in keeping up with s
  10. It just really isn't worth it on their behalf. RP quality will fall, and as is, 300 is much higher compared to other servers. To maintain healthy RP, you need to keep your playerbase tight, and you can only do so much at higher numbers.
  11. So i bought a new bike and went to upgrade it then in the middle of doing so, i was kicked from the server and permanently banned for cheating and hacking. I am un-banned now and i have been in the city however when i go to get the bike i bought out of the garage, it says 'CARNOTFOUND'. And in the bottom left it says 'Vehicle model was not loaded and does not exist. Why is this?
  12. its the one down at the beach on the east side u do a mission with lamar where u gotta repo a bike out of a garage its sorta like next to them garages
  13. Wanting to buy a dodge demon, porsche 911 or R32, reply if you have one for sale
  14. yeah so the server restarted and i went to pull my car out and it says carnotfound and says file not found in the bottom right i asked a couple people if they were getting the same thing and they said yes hoping to get some help
  15. i know its late... but... i know of this plugin its sadly. it needs scripthook and i dont think BBRP want to enable client side scripts..
  16. When i ask for a car repair, when i press f7 and the menu pops up. I have to left click (which is also the attack key for me) and i end up punching someone or something. Can i change this to enter or something else. Please help.
  17. Does the Vercetti Crime Family allow the use of full stops?
  18. Anyone know what has happened to my car. I had it stolen and the thief's left it on the side of the road and it got impounded. I tried to unimpound the car. Now it is not in my garage or at the impound lot. Please help
  19. At the Vic Roads building (140) I am able to walk through the walls either side of the main entrance. One side takes me inside and walking into the other side results in falling through the floor for a period of time. Wasn't 100% sure where to post this.
  20. I find myself in agreement of this. All the other government acknoiwledged criminal orgs all do the very typical, guns, drugs and washing money, it becomes very samey because it is day in and day out. None of them offer the very thing that Teamsters do, as their primary focus isn't the aforementioned. I would personally love to see this an acknowledged criminal organisation!
  21. Still can't skip queue, even after joining server through the queue twice now. Am I missing something O.o ?
  22. i purchased gold membership and my account is linked to discord, but it still wont let me skip the que.
  23. VERCETTI CRIME FAMILY BOSS: Joey Balbora UNDERBOSS: Shank ENFORCER :Dylan,Noah SOLDIERS: ASSICIATES: BACKSTORY: a Italian man came to the city escaping the mob starting his own crime family seeking fame and money by using his powers to create crime using drugs guns and other crime he controls the cocaine and the guns in the city no one gets away from the vercetti crime family he met a man who goes by shank in the ghetto he hired him looking for a partner where he also met Dylan and Noah who are brothers these 4 men became united and created the vercetti cr
  24. The Police Department has an excellent Criminal Investigation Unit (Detectives) which specialise in this.
  25. Hey mate, this city isn't Whitelisted Only You can join via the FiveM Dashboard. Or - F8 -> `connect fivem.bluebirdrp.live'
  26. hey i have looked at this rp server and i want to join can someone help me get to the applicatons thing?
  27. Not able to skip queue. I've joined the server after having purchased gold and it hasn't helped
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