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  2. I can manage work arounds for my keybinds but im not to lock and unlock my car as it requires 'Page Down' and i dont have it Is there a way to edit my keybinds for my cars? Or is there a button on a controller which can help me out
  3. I can manage work arounds for my keybinds but im not to lock and unlock my car as it requires 'Page Down' and i dont have it Is there a way to edit my keybinds for my cars? Or is there a button on a controller which can help me out
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  5. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/articles.html/tutorials/supporter-subscriptions-activate-r14/
  6. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/articles.html/tutorials/supporter-subscriptions-activate-r14/
  7. Hi, I recently subscribed for Gold Membership. When will it be activated on my account? As I am still Tier Entry. Thanks
  8. I ordered the Smith Bronze package. How long does it take to apply it or is there something I need to do in order to activate it.
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  10. That's not the server that is FiveM and you can play it fine with epic games you just need steam open as well as it acts as an identification system and fivem is based around steam source code. - Have steam open when you launch fivem and you will be able to queue.
  11. So I saw the twitch and you tube videos for the roleplay bluebird server, and went through the whole download and register and install process, just to find that the server only works if you have a steam version of GTA V. This sucks for me as I am using GTA on EPIC Games. Can yawl enable EPIC GAMES as an option, or do you have any suggestions as to how I can work around this, that does not involve buying a new copy, cause that stuff ain't cheap when you live in a third world country
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  13. Hey i wish to be whitelisted, I'm keen to play on this server. I wish to be a citizen, thanks. My discord name: not your dad#0815 Steam name: Ethanswain233 or Ethanswain7123
  14. If you are verified on the discord you would be able to see the #server-support-services, If you can't see that channel you did not properly verify yourself and need to react to the proper emote in the verification channel. As far as your name on the discord so long as it fits the proper format it does not really matter, just make sure that when you are trying to join the server that discord isn't running as administrator and that fivem is listed under your authorized apps in discord.
  15. Are you just saying this as like a "Hey I am new here post" or is there some sort of problem bud?
  16. Nope, Keep an eye on the announcements area of the discord.
  17. I played on BlueBird a couple months ago, but unfortunately my computer wasn't able to handle fivem RP servers well. I've since upgraded and wanted to give it another shot (because this seems like a rare gem of a server where people actually want to take their characters seriously). Since I've tried coming back, the server needs verification on discord and I don't know what my character's name was when I played. I tried making this account with the name Dale Leonard and using that as my discord character name, but I think the system for verification wants the name of the character I made a whi
  18. i read all the rules and ready to start my role play! i changed my nick to Sean Jackson i didnt know my nickname has to match my character name >_<
  19. SMITH you get access to special car store i got a sweet nsx from it that goes 450kmh, and grundy u get access to a store where u can get cheap armor, handcuffs, medikits etc. You just need bronze tier.
  20. if you're talking about the Gold Membership for $25 it pretty much means you get to skip the queue above people who are not supporters of the server.
  21. I am looking at becoming a supporter SMITH and Grundybin but was wondering if anyone could tell me what they actually provide? I have asked around in RP and haven't really gotten a straight answer and want to know before I just blindly spend more money. Any information is appreciated.
  22. Sorry just realised that this isnt the application forum for police officers
  23. Hello, I would love to be a police officer to be able to have a change from a criminal rp character to a law obiding police officer. I have been a police officer many times before in other servers and would love to have a go on BlueBirdRp. If i do get accepted i would plan my character on being brothers with Nigel Yindi the notorious cop car stealer and get away driver. I believe that Nigel Yindi's brother being seen as a cop would be fun rp for everyone and others watching. Nigel Yindi's brother will be a good fit to the Victorian Police Force as he will work day and night to make sure he can
  24. Give the crew a go , I personally have met them in the city and there all really bring great RP to the city and its great chatting with them
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