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  • Restricted Mode - What is it?


    BlueBirdRP Restricted Mode

    What is it?


    Q: What is Restricted Mode?


    Restricted Mode is one of our tools that our admin team have to manage our player base but we understand it can cause inconvenience as it restricts access to the city the city based on various metrics depending on what the admins enable.

    Why do you have it?

    As you can appreciate being a public server we welcome people from all walks of life and all places around the globe. The challenge is not everyone is able to behave or act in a reasonable way.

    When do you use it?

    When we have events or VIP's in our city our team need more of a playerbase that won't impact the generally smooth running flow of roleplay with misbehaviour (such as random death matches, stream sniping, vehicle death match etc.. and other instances of failrp that our community doesnt tollerate).

    This features is one of the reasons that makes BlueBird a great community to be apart of.

    Our whitelisted players  or gold+ supporters are always able to join during this period.

    There are sometimes exceptions for those who have been in the city for a specific period of time and they are also able to join.

    What metrics can it use?

    • Community Standing: Time on Server
    • Community Standing: Whitelisted and Supporter or Job role whitelist (eg: Police/Ambulance etc..)
    • Behaviour: Yellow Cards or Bans in the last 30 days

    How cn I join if I'm blocked?

    The reality is you can't unless you're whitelisted, have a whitelisted job role or are a Gold+ Subscription Donator


    Q: Have I been banned??

    A: No, this is not a ban message, you can't enter the city though as an admin has placed a restriction on community standing, participation or behaviour and you don't currently qualify for entry, but this mode is usally only temporary (eg: for a few hours).





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