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    How to activate your donator subscriptions



    First off, a heart felt thank you, what we do wouldn't be possible without the donator subscriptions that we have at BlueBirdRP.

    The good news is.. in your managed purchases page, if your subscription shows Active and and you have linked as per below, you can take immediate advantage of your benefits,

    Please see the below guide to ensure everything gets up and links correctly together:

    Discord Must be linked in the following places, see below for help.

    Where there is a break in this linkage, your benefits break as well.

    • Forums
    • FiveM
    • City (Server)

    Steps to ensure Discord is linked:

    1. 🔵 Ensure you login to the forums with the correct discord you use on your discord 'thick app' client (desktop app).
      • Important: You may need to logout of the forums and then login with your discord account.
    2. 🔵 Ensure you have the roles and tags in discord
      • ➡️ Force Sync your account here
      • Important: If you're unable to get the discord roles after multiple attempts, you need to raise a BlueBird Sales Support Ticket here to have customer service conduct a force synchronisation.
    3.  🔵Ensure FiveM can see your discord identifiers through the settings menu (before joining a server), alternatively use /discord in the city chat window to confirm this.



    Q: Are you in the queue currently? Its recommended that you leave while you perform the linkage steps, alternatively you should be able to click 'Refresh Discord' and assuming your Discord/FiveM linkage was already in place and you have your discord roles, you should be appropriately upgraded.

    Q: Are you in game currently? You may need to leave to get your full perks, but also doing /discordforceupdate to get most of them while already in!

    Q:Why do you recommend people leave the queue? It allows your queue place to timeout, you're placement/ranking is only re-evaluated when you connect into the queue, never while you're sitting in it. This same advice goes for when upgrading your membership. Leave queue for 2-3 minutes and rejoin after you have your discord roles.

    Q:Do you have discord or FiveM running as administrator? For all this to work normally make sure they are not running with administrator permissions!

    Q: I'm logging with with discord but it wont update my tags? Did it just create you a 2nd forums account? Your email addresses in discord and your forums account must be the same or they WILL NOT LINK. If you have created a second account, set a password/reset it on the forums so that it will then let you unlink your discord from it, fix up your email addresses and then relink it again.

    If you have any issues see Centrelink Support or Raise a ticket with BlueBird Sales Support here.


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