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    1. Q: Where are the rules and are they enforced?
      A: The rules are located here they are enforced, you can find yourself removed permanently from BlueBird if you don't follow them, its well worth the read, some can have a higher consequence than others if broken however, but the expectation is that they are all followed.
    2. Q: What are your servers key binds?
      A: You can find the key binds to the city here.
    3. Q: Why do I get told to find out in rp (role play)?
      When people are starting out learning to Roleplay they don't necessarily understand the concept. People go from "Help me I cant do the oil refining job to Hi I'm new its my first day on the job, I'm a truck driver for an oil refiner, can you help me report for work?" It helps you by forcing you into interactions and building on them.
    4. Q: How I do the jobs?
      By getting a job in the job centre, most jobs will show blips on your map, you will usually have a location where you get your job vehicle and change clothes before proceeding to the work site. You should ask more questions in roleplay if you need to understand more about how your job works.
    5. Q: Why can I not see all the jobs?
      Some jobs are more complex than others and are only shown after a minimum time within BlueBird so you don't overwhelm yourself at once.
    6. Q: How do I become whitelisted?
      Whitelisting is a privilege and is reserved only for Role-players who we feel have earned the reward. You must be referred for whitelisting by another whitelisted member or BlueBird member of staff.
    7. Q: How do I setup my characters?
       BlueBird has 2 character systems, the one you use where you fly in is via the command /skin and the other is via the F1 menu.
    8. Q: Where are my characters stored?
      A: Where the character is created by /skin or when you fly into the city, we have that character on the server.
           Where its been done by F1 its located on your computer's file system here: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\CitizenFX
    9. Q: When does the server restart?
      A: The server restart twice a normally between 7:00am-7:30am UTC+10 and 4pm-4:30pm UTC+10
    10. Q: Where is the change log?
      A: Changes are usually only advised where its necessary, there is rarely a day that goes by in the city where something isnt changed, tweaked or added, not all of it is visible, alot of it can be back of house.


    1. Q: How can I skip the queue?
      A: You can queue skip by either supporting the server or becoming whitelisted.
          For whitelisting the quality expected is quite high.
    2. Q: Why hasn’t the queue moved?
      A: During peak times the queue can get quite large and BlueBird may reserve slots. Usually there is active management throughout the night so if there is a lull those reserve slots are returned for general use.
    3. Q: How does the queue work?
      A: Supporters and whitelisted players enter the queue and ranked by priority, by default that priority is the sum of their subscription tiers across the different levels, subscriptions at the same level (ie: two Gold) will have one treated as Bronze due to discord tag limitations.
    4. Q: I’m verified but I keep getting rejected by the server
      A: See here for some helpful troubleshooting instructions
    5. Q: I've linked everything and I'm not getting my supporter:

      A: There is an entire guide on ensuring your identity is linked thorugh the different services Forums -> Discord -> FiveM client as this daisy chain is how the server is able to see your discord id and validate your perks. 

      If you have linked everything and you have your discord tags/roles. Try leaving the queue for 3-5 minutes, this forces you to timeout of the queue and the queue stops remembering your place in it. After you timeout the next time you re-join it, it will do a full re-evaluation of your permissions/entitlements.
    6. Q: I'm not verified, but I am?
      A: Try closing discord and FiveM down and reopening it, ensure you have steam open and discord open as well. You need to have the desktop application for both these tools.  See here for some helpful troubleshooting instructions


    1. Q: How do I activate a donator subscription and how long does it take to activate?
      A: Supporter is activated immediately, you do need to link your discord to the forums, receive your discord roles, have your discord linked to FiveM, and the server validate your roles from those linkages to receive the benefit. You can find additional help here.
    2. Q: How can I upgrade a donator subscription?
      A: Depends how you paid, if you paid by PayPal, you'll need to go and cancel your PayPal billing agreement first here and then access the Managed Purchases page here, and then you should be able to modify your subscription tier or even cancel it by clicking on the orange Manage button. If you paid by credit card, you can skip to the Manage Purchases option.
    3. Q: How can I cancel a donator subscription or unsubscribe?
      A: You can do so from this link: https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/articles.html/tutorials/how-to-cancel-a-subscription-r12/
    4. Q: Where are the supporter stores?
      A: Some supporters have stores as a thank you for supporting them, these benefits are not officially provided by the donator subscription and are thus unlisted, no all supporter tiers have stores and usually you need at least any gold tier to access benefits.
    5. Q:  I purchased feathers and you bastards haven’t given it to me yet?
      A: You can find instructions on redeeming here.
    6. Q: What happens if I do a chargeback?
      A: You should contact BlueBird to discuss any issues you're having, any chargeback raised will result in being permanently excluded until the matter is resolved.
    7. Q: Can i change a characters Slot if I end my Subscription or lose my Whitelisting?
      A: No sorry, Currently we do not allow or have the capability to move characters between slots.

    8. Q: What do I get if I support BlueBird?
      A: The advertised benefits are available in our discord channel  #how-to-support-the-server There are other benefits for different ones that are not advertised as these are not guaranteed. 



    1. Q: Why did I get a yellow card?
      A: In short it was because of your behaviour. BlueBirdRP has rules that help keep the community running most efficiently and happily. Not everyone will agree with those rules and that is fine, but not abiding by them will result in punitive action. A yellow card is a minor infraction, take the advice.
    2. Q: Why did I get a red card?
      A: In short it was because of your behaviour. BlueBirdRP has rules that help keep the community running most efficiently and happily. Not everyone will agree with those rules and that is fine, but not abiding by them will result in punitive action. In contrast a red card is a more serious infraction, the person issuing it sending you a message to stop the behaviour or you will be banned next time.
    3. Q: Why did I get quarantined or banned?
      A: You may be banned where it is felt that the behaviour was so poor or its impact was seen that it was necessary to exclude you from joining the BBRP server for a period of time. It may also have been a result of a vote kick where you were removed by your peers.

      For exclusions less than 30 days there is no appeal available.
    4. Q: How do I report another player in game?
      You can report another player using /report giving a detail description of the problem and the ids of the people involved. You can do /ids to temporarily see ids of people around you.
    5. Q: How do I report another player out of city (retrospectively)?
      You can submit an a General Support ticket with evidence of the claims. Please include 10 minutes of footage either side where possible or we may not be able to take action in fairness to everyone.


    1. Q: The world is disappearing help?
      You may need to adjust your graphics settings its not recommended to run your world on high textures unless you have a powerful graphics card with plenty of video memory and a powerful CPU. You can find some more guidance here.



    1. Q: It sounds like I can hear everyone in the world?
      A: Some headsets have multiple modes which influence the way mumble voip works (FiveM's voice chat), usually there will be modes like Voice Mode, Game Mode etc... You will need to ensure you have the software installed for your particular headset and ensure Game Mode is selected.
    2. Q: I can't hear anyone in game even though I'm all setup
      A: You can experience issues in a couple of places 1)Windows ensure you have setup surround sound correct and you can hear through all your speakers in the windows audio tests, if there are problems here, they will flow through into game. 2) Ensure you have the right inputs and outputs selected in game audio and in the voice chat settings, you may need to relog when you change them. Also ensure the volumes are turned up.


    1. Q: I purchased a car and its lost I cannot find it - help!
      While it occasionally happens it is very rare for a car to disappear. There are 5 garage zones where you can only see cars from within the zone you're in. The City, Blane County, Island, Grapseed Purple P, Arena. If a car comes out with a plate in the format of AAA 000 it is almost certain you will have your vehicle.

      If it comes out in a local format A8A1AB8Z you may not. If you raise a ticket you will be asked to pay a $100,000 fee if developers are able to find your car in a garage (this is an investigation fee).
    2. Q: Stuff is missing out of the back of my car why is it?
      Your things can be stolen from your boot when your car is unlocked, people abandon their cars when they break down and leave them in the world, go get their car from insurance and drive around, whenever your car is unlocked, any other vehicles that share the same plate will also be unlocked.
    3. Q: How can I do player to player car transfers?
      Currently that is not possible to do in BlueBird. You must make use of the second hand care dealerships.
    4. Q: When are the monthly cars released?
      A: Anywhere from 1st through 10th of the following month, cars are released, not all cars are equal there can be issues with them or other issues which divert the attention of the devs. If you complain about cars not being released in this time, you may find yourself muted in the discord.
    5. Q: I can’t get my car out of impound?
      You need the correct money on you, the impound date/time must be up. All times and dates are GMT + 10  Melbourne Australia.
    6. Q: My cars disappeared from in front of me?
      BlueBird runs a clean world script which will remove objects and vehicles where it hasn't been interacted with over a period of time. The time periods are reasonably large and BlueBird doesn't issue refunds for insurance costs or inventory costs for vehicles not interacted resulting in its wiping.



    1. Q: Cops suck, the role play is shit and I've just lost all my stuff.
      By doing the wrong thing you're actively making a choice to role play with Police. It would be failrp for them to not act as Police and attempt to enforce the law. When you do criminal roleplay or commit a crime in the city you've opened yourself up for Police to roleplay with you
    2. Q: How do I apply to join the Police?
      A: You can apply online, applications are only visible for the police when actively recruiting.
    3. Q: What if I combat log on a police?
      A: Combat logging on police almost always results in a ban, people do it because they want to keep their weapon or their car and avoid the consequences of roleplay, you just end up losing more.



    1. Q: How can I post photos to Instagram?
      A: You use your mobile phone in city and activate the camera option. You take a photo pressing the space bar and enter a caption when prompted.
    2. Q: How do I make it face me?
      A: Using your up arrow on your keyboard once you active the camera.

    Elusive Bugs

    1. Q: Phone is stuck on my screen in yellow pages help?
      A: /fixphone
    2. Q: Camera/Photo was trying to take a photo and it got stuck.
      A: There is no fix yet for this, you may need to relog, apologies
    3. Q: Camera/Image Attachment How do I use these?
      A: This only works using the mouse mode option and not the keyboard navigation option in your phone
    4. Q: Other things are stuck on my screen please help
      A: You can try using the following commands with escape on your keyboard they may or may not help

      From F8 type any of the following commands and press escape you may need to try them multiple times.
      dsciv   : if licence is stuck
      closeinventory   :   if inventory is stuck
      closephone   : if phone is stuck
      fixphone      : if phone is stuck
      oc        : if cad is stuck
      help     : general if stuck


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