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  1. I think a player owned Taxi business could be a great attention to the city, remove it from the player count 100% tho cos its useless imo
  2. Mad props have to go to Nar / Acting LSC Maisie Burton. The girl just puts an amazing amount of RP into every single situation she is in, she is an officer who shows how police should be (and aren't always). She knows who her character is and sticks to it at all times.
  3. We already have cans/bottles of coke as well as maccas coke which is paper cup coke. I know all food/drink approved businesses (official) ones will have there own signature drinks. I do like the idea of getting things like Soda Water, Portello etc so could be interesting.
  4. Agreed and I think (Scar can correct me) they're looking for a Social Media Manager? https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/
  5. Best place for this would probably be: https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/forum/67-vehicle-suggestions/
  6. Yeah as Flamba said, I believe the script is in but hasn't been fully put into the city so you can search letterboxes but currently nothing is coming from them. This will probably start working soon with gateheaD looking to put the skill bar on a lot more things.
  7. Option 3 would be by submitting a business application though wouldn't it? I do like the idea of a whitelisted dealership. Make some cars a bit rarer.
  8. Create a support ticket: https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/
  9. An org wouldn't be approved without 1. A whitelisted person 2. Not really being known in the city. You're best to start a crew in the crew discord and work from there like all the other orgs did and all other crews are doing..
  10. This looks good but we cant drop items anymore only throw them in the bin
  11. Pretty sure the house at postcode 692 is owned by someone
  12. Yakuza would bring a very interesting take to the current orgs we have.
  13. This is really well done! Should help so many people who are new to the city
  14. You realise you cant be police and be in an org right?
  15. Versace is an amazing organisation and I do think you guys would be an amazing addition to the orgs we currently have in the city.
  16. This does seem really well presented, I myself don't see a need for another MC in the city. But this is incredibly detailed.
  17. @Ash. @Scuba Steve I have all 3 day ticket, we will defs have to do something together. Ps Anyone going, we will have to get a photo together.
  18. I also think this would be a great idea, I was lucky to get one of my friends cars from the lot but I know some who havent been able to get the cars they wanted from the lot that people put in for them. Where as with Private sales you wouldnt need that
  19. I think its a good idea, it will stop a lot of people who serial vote kickers for stupid reasons
  20. Scuba Steveeeee!!!! Kamantha will be there
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