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  1. I do believe they removed the drop future because someone was abusing it to do naughty things. I wonder if they will bring it back, would be quite cool if they implemented this if they do bring it back
  2. Would this feature still be intended to be used with /location still? The only thing I don't like is that the direction letters are quite small compared to what BBRP has atm. I do see a problem, say your driving on a bright day there is a chance you won't actually be able to see the text because it may blend in with the sky. This could even be worse if someone has a head injury. Other than that it is quite a good idea.
  3. Hey man, whitelisting is a privilege that some players have in the city. If your wanting to become whitelisted, show some excellent RP in the city and you may have a chance at getting it. Someone from the recruitment team will send you a email if you have been noticed in the city. You would then apply with a ticket in the support section with the code that you are given.
  4. Yeah i've found going off roading quite relaxing, also finding a new group of people who i can RP with is always a + for me. Hopefully we can meet in the city one day.
  5. Hey Everyone, It always interests me on what people do while in city. There's 350 of us at most times and i always wonder what is it that people most enjoy doing while they in city. Would be great to hear back as it may give me ideas of what i can do sometimes!
  6. Hey man, please put a ban appeal in through the ticket system. Thanks.
  7. Hey man, if you put a ticket in there might be a exception for certain cases. Best to try your luck !
  8. I believe the sprinter is already in as a police vehicle, i could be wrong though. Would love to see the Focus though that would be pretty cool.
  9. That is actually quite interesting, didn't know that is how it works.
  10. How does a crew work with 10 members? Wouldn't that be against govs rules? Bit confused on this one since you aren't an ORG
  11. Can't remember the sound off the top of my head, could the electric sound be a supercharger. Or is it electric like the tesla sound?
  12. This is a great idea Jayce, there's a few things i would like to see changed. The Phone system, trying to save contacts sometimes can be a nightmare and I get lost. I strongly agree with the minimap, after playing in a few other servers over time the circle minimap I much rather prefer. Hope this can be changed in the future when the servers resources increase.
  13. Completely different for me, i can't tell whos talking at all
  14. How does everyone feel about how the radio operates now? And also with the way voice works with distance and stuff like that. Personally I really don't like the new radio. It's very hard to hear who is speaking and what they are saying. If they have some sort of accent you can't understand them at all. The idea around changing the radio is good but i'm not sure if it should be something they keep permanent with the server. With the new talking and how it all works I really like. It feels more real with the way it works. For example i was standing in a door way with a few people undercover, and all our voices were echoing and it made the situation pretty cool. With the distance side of things it made it very realistic with being able to hear conversations very faintly in the background when standing a distance from them. What's everyone thoughts on these? Would love to hear
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