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  1. Currently any right hand drive vehicles are not working. Devs are actively looking into it, I'm sure they release something when they are fixed.
  2. What you have done on that character is your own doing. The only way to have a character slot deleted is via a perma death application. You would have to have a valid RP reason for it, just wanting to have it reset because of crimes you have committed is not a valid RP reason. Alternately you can become a supporter of the server to get an extra character slot.
  3. Well that just may be your answer
  4. To be fair, i actually quite enjoy the first person shooting. makes it much harder and a bit more skill. really balances out the city, and I think keeping it in will be beneficial to the city.
  5. Second one is incorrect, I have been kicked multiple times in my house for being idle. First one is understandable but just do /here every once in awhile and you'll be fine.
  6. Hey Frank, Great to see you in BBRP and liking it. To become a content creator you would have to put a support ticket in under "Content Creator Application" and Whitelisting is something that comes over time, you can't just apply for it. A person from the WL Recruitment team would message you a referral code then you would apply with that. Have a good day.
  7. Hey man, If you have a read through the community guidelines it will tell you everything you need to know. Currently the server is 14+
  8. Hey Guys, I'm not sure if this post is regarding applying for whitelisting or not. To apply for whitelisting you need a referral code from the recruitment team, then you would apply through the support section > drop down box > White Listed Civilian Application. Good Luck.
  9. Hey Mate, You apply through the support section, then drop down box to Corrections Victoria then apply there.
  10. No need for this comment brother, this is a community forums website not a support page. They are more than likely to reply in a ticket than on a forums post.
  11. Wagwan g, how are you old friend? We used to run these streets my friend, back when i was the greatest roadman.
  12. You would need to apply via support section when applications are back open
  13. Hey mate, you would need to go to the support section > new request > drop down box > apply to volunteer at BlueBirdRP > Developer. Hope this helps.
  14. Hey mate, when Victoria Police are hiring it is posted in the BBRP discord. You would then apply through the support section. Both you and your wife would need different applications.
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