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  1. Today, I went out and about, decided to rob a few stores, to compare if robbing stores is even worth the time in jail, fines, and VICPOL's time and resources. I robbed store safes and clerks consistently for an hour+, with Cop levels on medium. Some stores, police showed up, other stores they didn't. For the night I used the clerk behind the counter as my hostage. After getting into pursuits, getting away from the cops, I made a total of $20,000 dirty, from just stores. Stores need a higher payout, with the communities exchange rate, robbing a store for $1,000 - $3,000 is not enough. Not asking for a crazy amount. But a simple $7,000 to $15,000 would be alot better. Robbing a store, waiting for the timer, while multiple GD, HWP & CIRT units are on scene, ready to breach the building and get into the pursruit, just for $3000 dirty? And what if you get caught? You're looking at fines costing you between $5,000 - $15,000 in total, plus your minimum 40 weeks in MRC, then the possibility of your vehicle getting impounded, and the impound fee. I can go out, and sell drugs to locals, making $900, dirty per local / sale. Thats no hostages, no VICPOL negotiating, no VICPOL breaching an empty building. Of course VICPOL get a ping, but once they see a ping for a sale thats too far away, by the time they arrive on scene, the drug dealer is no where to be seen. I can literally go out, and sell drugs consistently for an hour+ and make over $100,000 dirty and get away with it all. To add on to that, I can go chop a car up at North chop shop and make a total of $1000, to $4000 dirty. Even just chopping a car at the parts chop shop, then selling the parts to Stanly, I make more from that than a store robbery. Lately I've been enjoying getting into pursuits, I like to make them fair for the officers on duty, and try my best to match what they can, and can't do. But getting away from a pursuit with just $3000 dirty, just doesn't seem rewarding at all.
  2. G'day! I'd love to see more car thief repossession Jobs introduced to the city. The one currently in city, just seems a bit underpaid and the locals guarding those vehicles are a bit over powered. There's also, a fair few of locations the vehicles can be found. There's the whole map of GTAV and only 3 locations a car can be found? Noticed the north chop shop (dirty money) is hidden on your map, until it is found. I'd love if this feature was implemented on the parts chop shop, even when it's rotating throughout the city. Would allow people to go out and look for it. Similar to the new impound system with RACV / TBT. Could it be possible to have local cars unable to be chopped found outside of chop shops? Say you get into a local car / hot wire it. You then get a notification saying, "This vehicle can be chopped for parts." Or "This vehicle CAN NOT be chopped for parts." All depending on your location. Let me know what you think,
  3. G'day! I'd like to suggest a welding mask to BBRP, a full face sheild to protect your eyes and skin from those nasty welding sparks. Can bring in alot of potential roleplay for both business, and criminal activity. I personally like the welding mask from the "NoPixel" server, but I'm unable to find that specific model. Although I have found an alternative just from a quick Google search. I personally would love to use this item frequently for my roleplays. https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-welding-mask-mp-m-freemode-01/3328123
  4. G'day! I'd just like to suggest a car add on. There's a few streamers I like to watch that play on "No Pixel" and I think they have a exclusive car for their server that I am unable to find on a mods website. Essentially it's a 2 door Hellion, 4wd. But the one I'm referring to is the "Bondi Boys" Hellion. It has no rear windows and is a 6 (or 8?) seater, with 2 doors. 2 people in the front, 2 people in the back (like Trevor's car in GTAV) and 2 people can hang off the sides of the vehicle. As said before, I'm unable to find this vehicle on any mods sites and I think it would be an awesome car to add into BBRP. The Bondi Boys livery isn't necessary but the car itself would be cool. Surely there is someone that is able to find this vehicle model. https://www.twitch.tv/bazzagazza/v/1183323261?sr=a&t=19583s 05:20:00 In the VOD if you'd like the see footage of the vehicle.
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