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  1. as title says im trying to change the appearance of my character when spawning to one of my saved peds. Is there a way to do so as for the life of me I can't figure it out.
  2. I keep getting this error when I try to connect. I have tried disabling firewall and trying a few hours later but it doesn't do anything. Any idea on why this is happening?
  3. People who own a business should be able to sell a stock of their business and as irl if a person has a set amount or more of a company they are allowed to have a say in the business development and get a cut of the profits. This will also add another pillar to stabilise the game economy as the value of things won’t be just of what is in demand but also regulated by stocks of a business.
  4. is there a way i can check this if i don't know their display/username
  5. Where can I do money laundering in the city and if so do I need to be in a gang or not.
  6. I think that to improve realism of car laws speeding in a stolen car shouldn’t result in a fine as in the real world the cars number plates couldn’t be traced to the person driving it as it is stolen. Also witnesses of crimes such as bank robberies should be able to take photos of car number plates and send them to the police so unless the car is stolen the police will be able to trace who committed the crime and where they live (or registered location) as this is what could happen in the real world and increase the realism of bluebird rp.
  7. What can I use gold for if I am not in a gang?
  8. What is the difference between diamonds and black diamonds also what are the uses for both?
  9. Are players allowed to enslave other players or is that against server rules
  10. If i buy a vehicle can I transfer ownership of it over to my friend and if it is possible then how do I do it? Any help appreciated
  11. Does anyone know what is the top speed and acceleration of a cop car?
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