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  1. Ive put multiple tweets and yellow pages out, asked in emails nothing
  2. Does anyone know who own the autos at 101?
  3. Please provide a screenshot of some sort.
  4. Had this issue earlier just reinstalled and seemed to fix (Keep in mind will have to re download all the server scripts)
  5. You would have to make a ticket at https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/
  6. Places its most likely to be: City Insurance Sandy Insurance Sandy Garage(s) Impound
  7. Is anyone aloud to disclose the ranks for the drugs system or is that meta?
  8. Yeah that makes sense I was just thinking of oil being the best way too meet new people if your new to the city and some easy money
  9. I think the pay should be upped too but you could just do oil its alot easier since you get paid for being afk pretty much
  10. When I go to the support bit and try put a ticket in nothing related to the FD shows up.
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