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  1. Ms. Troubles, I am aware of a case you currently have against VicPol and I believe it would be best we focus on that one. This one can be revisited in the future if need be, but the one you are working with Mr. Michelli on is the one that I believe has the most likelihood for success. Regards, Rosa Vidal Registered Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  2. Mr. Joseph, Please feel free to email me (HeroicLeigh#6745). I'd be happy to look into this for you and work on your case to see your FPO removed if it is feasible. Regards, Rosa Vidal Registered Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  3. Mr. Purge, Please feel free to contact me at my email (HeroicLeigh#6745) to further discuss your case. I'd be happy to take this on for you. Regards, Rosa Vidal Registered Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  4. Ms. Troubles, I have been made aware that you have someone working with you on this case. Unless you have any further questions here, I will be closing this thread in approximately 72 hours. Regards, Eibhlin O'Niall Registrar District Court of Victoria
  5. Ms Troubles, In the State of Victoria, self defense is not a lawful excuse. I understand how frustrating this can be, but officers are well within their right to still charge you. If you did not report that you fired your gun to 000, the charge of Public Discharge of a Firearm is a valid one. I always advise my clients that if they discharge their weapon (be it in self defense or accidental), to immediately call 000 and report it as well as remain on the scene to answer any questions. Regards, Rosa Vidal Registered Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  6. Mr. Jet, If you would be so kind as to contact me at my email address (HeroicLeigh#6745), I will be happy to discuss this further with you. I apologize for the delay in someone taking up your case: we were very busy toward the end of the year with wrapping up cases before the court closed for the holiday. However, we can still certainly look into this for you. Regards, Rosa Vidal Registered Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  7. Mr. Robinson, If you could provide more details you may be more likely to get a lawyer to take your case. What were the charges? What happened in this scenario? Without any information, it's difficult for any of us to decide whether or not we wish to take on your case. Regards, Rosa Vidal Registered Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  8. Hi Mr. Morrison, I see here in your application that you have been clean for a 'few weeks' after attempted murder on a police officer (and armed robbery). I can tell you right now the courts will absolutely not lift an FPO after just a few weeks. I recommend reapplying once you have three full months clean with proof of rehabilitation in your community. Regards, Rosa Vidal Registered Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  9. That is definitely a paypal error popping up. Make sure you have everything up to date and working properly in Paypal before trying again.
  10. To add to the above: some jobs require applications. You can find details on them here in the forums, or in the jobs channel in the Discord. EMS jobs (CFA, AV, and VicPol) open recruitment when they have classes available and those are usually posted as announcements in the Discord.
  11. As Scuba said, you need to put in a ticket to play as an animal. A few things to keep in mind: - The animal must take up its own character slot. You aren't your usual John Smith warping into animal form when you feel like it. That animal (be it a monkey, cat, etc) is the character. - You must play the animal wholly accurately. No using a phone, no driving a car, no talking, no sign language. Yes, this can limit interactions and involvement quite a bit. If you think you're up for it, sure, toss in a ticket outlining your plans and staff will get back to you (eventually; we have a lot of tickets).
  12. The primary reason I am opposed to this is that most people do go to Slow Life and GMG when they're open for mods. The reason people will continue to go to LSC is to do visual customizing. While I know GMG and Slow Life can do that (change colors, wheels, etc.), it takes time. I don't want to hold them up from other customers by sitting there for half an hour going no, no, no, wait go back, ok let's try it with this pearl, ok nah start over... And I am sure I'm not the only one. While a case might be made to disable the upgrades menu in LSC (at least during operational hours for Slow Life and GMG), it'd be more dev work than it's likely worth. Slow Life and GMG don't have a coded 'open' or 'close' function. The ads you see are posted by employees. So a whole on/off-duty function would have to be added in and a function to disable LSC. This goes for whether it's disabled overall or just partially.
  13. Being able to lock peoples' cars when their heads pop is something I appreciate being able to do. I like seeing it done within the communities around job sites (and everyone likes to be able to do it for their friends, of course). However, if it's being abused at the gold lot: that is an issue. And I would absolutely love if people who witness it would clip it, grab /ids, and send in tickets. I do think local cars need to be exempt from /lo & /lu. The amount of powergaming that is done with this is utterly ridiculous. The only time I see it being valid is when you've already broken the window (because then you can RP reaching in to lock/unlock the car, so long as you're right next to it), but most of the time it's done the person is at a distance from the car using some magical keyfob.
  14. Interesting. I feel like this should maybe be a bug report: I wasn't aware that spaces and _ could cause overlap like that (I didn't know _ was allowed in plates to begin with). @nullvariable can you weigh in on this?
  15. It is possible this was a mobile speed camera that was placed and the vehicular indicator was removed. If the mobile speed camera vehicle is blown up or removed, the speed camera remains due to how the code works. This can't be changed at this time. (So, pro tip: stop blowing up the mobile speed cameras.)
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