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Legal Aid

Post Here to get yourself a Lawyer:

Friendly reminder that this IS an in character area and IS public knowledge. Everything you say here can and will be used against you. 

If you are looking for a lawyer the best way to do that is to select Ask a Question on this page and follow the below format, posts that do not follow this format will be deleted. When a Lawyer has responded with an offer you accept please mark their question as the answer and they will be in contact to move your case forward. If you have not selected an answer after 14 days your request will be deleted. 

Only select the first and only the first reason for you case, if you are appealing charges and seeking damages just write appealing charges and when you hire your lawyer you can talk to them in more detail. The reasons are as follows:
Appealing Charges - Fighting charges the police gave you because you beleive you are innocent. 
Seeking Damages - Suing an individual, business or state entity for damages you have sustained. 
Appealing an FPO - Wanting to have your FPO revoked for any reaon other than if you were wrongfully charged (See appealing charges)
Other - None of the above, you want to hire a lawyer for a contract or have a question for a lawyer etc. 

Post Format

{Your name} - {Appealing charges/Seeking damages/Appealing an FPO/Other} - {Timezone}
Example Title: James Smith - Appealing Charges - AEST

Copy and paste the below into your post and fill it out fully.

Case against:
Breif summary of situation:
Expected outcome from court:
Extra Information/Requests:

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