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  1. Title: Jimmy Eggington - Suing an officer - AEST Case Against: Senior Sergeant James Maddox Brief summary of the case: I was outside of chop shop on my bike doing absolutely nothing illegal when a cop jumped the fence and arrested someone, they saw I had an open carry holster on my person, they asked me to remove it and I did as they asked. Officer Maddox then pulled a taser on me with no warning or reason and tased me with it. He then removed my body cam off me and deleted the footage. He also lied on his report that I crashed my bike into a local car. I have a witness to the situation but do not have contact to that witness. Expected outcome from court: Compensation for the unlawful damages done to me. Extra Information/Requests: Almost every single interaction I have had with the police, I've been compliant and friendly with the officer. OOC: I do still have a clip of this but the officer did do /me erase body cam footage so we cannot use it in the lawsuit
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