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Jimmy Cow - Appealing Charges




Jimmy Cow

Case against:


Brief summary of situation:

I was first confronted by Marko Gray and his partner (didn't catch a name) whilst I was fishing on Del Perro Pier around the time of 9pm AEST. I explained to the Officers that TWO locals were engaged in a fight due to myself bumping into one and making him angry whilst I was moving to my car to get more bait. I then ran around the building where the second local was aggravated and the two started fighting each other. Police turned up while I was standing back watching the incident. I explained that I was just here to fish, provided my ID as they asked and provided proof of a Fishing License. As they were leaving I continued on with my fishing. After a few tosses into the water, I approached a local to have a conversation about good fishing spots when the police then came running down the pier, which had spooked the local. Fearing the gentleman was going to attack me, I defended my self to then proceed to jump into my car and leave the scene as I was afraid of getting an assault charge for self-defense. 


Later on during the night, I was arrested for Evade & Pursuit as I had a feeling I had a warrant out for my arrest. Marko Gray stated in the warrant that I was seen "Drug Trafficking" multiple times and they have photo evidence to prove that, however I had only spoken to ONE local before they came running down the pier. I was never searched when the police first approached me and I was never seen going back to my vehicle so the police have no proof of "Drug Trafficking" apart from a single conversation.

Expected outcome from court: Charges to be dropped and removed from my record as there is no concrete evidence of drug possession.

Extra Information/Requests:



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