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Adam Lui - Appealing Charges - GMT+9:30

Adam Lui


Adam Lui

Case against:


Breif summary of situation:

My brother and myself were found on the side of the road by a police officer, I can't remember his name, we explained to the officer that we'd been involved in a robbing, and that some people had robbed us,  the officer once finished performing first aid conducted his tests that would come to show that I had gunpowder residue on me, I explained to the officer that we hadn't shot at the people who robbed us, and that the residue was most likely left over from when I had shown my brother the new gun I had bought, I do have a license for the gun but didn't have a concealed carry permit, to which I paid my charge for that, but the officer concluded that I must have used the firearm for 'self-defence' and insisted that its attempted murder, I was convicted on both charges and sent to prison for 70 weeks, at which point the officer hadn't even processed me correctly, I wasn't even in prison he had just left me there without conviction, I later talked to a CO inside the prison who asked me why I had no charges, we talked and realized the officer hadn't even charged me for the crimes apart from the fine in my invoices, I was honest about my situation to the CO and he was kind enough to only charge for the 40 weeks instead of 70.

During all the while this was happening, I had stayed completely clean from any police charges or fines for 3 months in an attempt to apply for Victoria Corrections, I was arrested 2 hours after I submitted my application for corrections, and as a result of such, my application alongside any chance of working there for the next 3 months has been eliminated, I feel this case was handled with complete disregard to my rights as a citizen, there was no proof of me shooting at anyone at all, only proof that I had shot my gun, and I paid and served my time for that charge, but I refuse to pay and serve time for 'Attempted Murder' when I didn't kill or try to kill anyone, as well as there being no arrest report to my case the officer handled this absolutely disgracefully and I would love to have the charge removed and my chance at Victoria Corrections available again.

Expected outcome from court: Charge to be dropped and removed from my record
Extra Information/Requests:

My contact details are here,
Phone - #465538
Email - Kahuuna#1371

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Hello Sir, 

My name is Louie Belle. I'm a Legal Rep for the Office of Legal Defense. I would like to take on your case. I will reach out to you via phone and email. 

Thank you, 

Louie Belle
Paralegal | Legal Rep 
Office of Legal Defense
896 597

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