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  • BlueBird Key Binds


    General Keys (Updated: 11/04/2021)

    Key Title Description

    Character Identity

    Setup your Identity and perform some identity actions
    F6 Job Menu When you have a job you may have additional abilities that will be exposed to you in this menu.
    , Voice Radius  Comma - Allows you to change how far you can hear and speak. [Can be modified in keybinds]
    G Context Action Menu

    Allows you to perform context actions on foot, in a car or for a job.

    N Voice Chat

    Allows you to communicate in game

    K Inventory Items and Objects you carry also allows you to consume and use items [Can be modified in keybinds]
    M Mobile Phone Call contacts, services (Police Fire or amublance), also communicate with businesses
    F7 Invoices/Payments When you are billed or you are fined by Police you will need details here for payment.
    X Hands Up Allows you to raise your hands in the air.
    T Text Chat Allows you to type in chat, by default this is in character and proximity based, only people near you will see this text. For Global chat see OOC below

    Limited Trainer Options

    Do some self handy work on your vehicle

    ALT + Z

    Player List

    Player List shows everyone on the server at the time, including a list of important job roles so you know who is on and what services are available.



    You can view a list of emotes that your player can act out, there is also /emotes for other emotes as well as using the F1 menu for animations.

    Accounts / Stop Animation

    Tilde Key (below escape) Dual capability button, allows you to see your cash and bank balance. It will also stop any animation you are in (including if you get stuck trying to get into a car).

    Accounts / Stop Animation

    Tilde Key (below escape) Dual capability button, allows you to see your cash and bank balance. It will also stop any animation you are in (including if you get stuck trying to get into a car).

    Not so General Keys

    Key Title Description

    Emergency Lights

    Toggles Lights on enabled vehicles
    G Siren Toggles Siren on enabled vehicles
    E Sell Drugs If you have drugs you can walk up to an NPC (Non Playable Character) and sell them drugs


    This allows you to start and stop selling drugs. It also allows you to choose which drugs you wish to sell.
    You must still have the drugs on you before you can sell drugs.

    Numpad +


    Radios use the the default key as Numpad + to push to talk but this changed be changed under the Keybinds -> FiveM section.

    Controller:  Use DPAD Down while on foot  and A while in vehicle.


    Radio Volume

    Toggle Radio volume by pressing this button: Very Quiet, Quiet, Normal, Loud, Very Loud


    Controller Radio off

    Turns off the keybinds on controller for those using radio (use in case of conflicts)


    Radio Volume

    Toggles the requirement for push to talk, the buttons changes from push and hold to talk  to: press and release to talk and press and release to stop talking (open comms will terminate after 15 seconds automatically if not closed)

    Other Chat Commands

    Key Title Description

    Visible Player IDs

    See player ids for approximately 20 seconds, use if needing to report a player. If you can include the players steam name that is helpful in case no admins are in game and its being followed up afterwards.
    /report <text> Make a report to admins

    This will make a report to any admins/mods online, because its freetext include as much information and any ids/names that you can. The quicker you can do a report the quicker an admin can spectate if they're online. This will also go to discord for BlueBird admins to see.

    /fixphone Used if your phone gets stuck

    This will close and reload your phone, its very useful if your phone gets stuck on your screen

    /tboot <regofrom>  <regoto> Transfer contents of a boot from one to another

    Lost access to your work vehicle, if you know the plate you can use this to transfer the contents of its boot to another car

    Spaces in number plates replace with the star:  eg: MGB 458   would be  MGB*458

    example:  /tboot  WORK8483 MGB*458

    Warning: The use of this command is logged, its visible in the logs when you're either contantly misuing or using it to powergame. 

    Vehicle Keys

    Key Title Description
    - Car Boot / Glove Box Minus Key (near backspace) allows you to open and put items in your boot. You must be standing at the rear or near the rear of your vehicle.
    A driver or front passenger in the car can also use this key to open the Glove box to store or retrieve items.
    Page Down Car Lock

    Page Down while facing your car will lock it.

    Page Down again will unlock your car

    Ctrl + W Cruise Control Allows you to enable and disable cruise control. You can press insert initially to also activate cruise control.
    Cruise control will deactivate by pressing this key combo again, braking or taking a sharp turn.
    Insert Cruise Speed Increase

    Increases your speed by 1km/h per press.

    Delete Cruise Speed Decrease Decreases your speed by 1km/h per press
    Page Up

    Display Plate

    Displays the number plate of the car in front of you.


    Toggle Seat-belt

    Puts on and takes off your seat-belt in the car.  Don't wear one at your own risk.

    Left Arrow

    Indicate Left

    Allows you to indicate your intention to turn

    Right Arrow

    Indicate Right

    Allows you to indicate your intention to turn

    Numpad Enter + Down Arrow

    Hazard Lights

    Turns on your hazard lights

    Chat Commands

    Command Title Description
    /help Welcome screen Visit the welcome screen, can also help you if you get stuck
    /emotes List Emotes

    Lists Emoticons that your player can act our (eg direct traffic)

    /e <action> Play Emote Allows you to play out different actions such as 'sitting', 'crossing arms', 'taking photos' see the /emotes for a list
    /huk Hands Up & Kneel

    Raise your hands and Kneel

    /hu Hands Up Raise your hands in the air
    /ooc <text> Text Chat Out of Character Text chat will display your steam game name and any text you say
    /twt <text> Tweet Sends out a tweet via twitter from your name
    /ad <text> Advertisement Sends out an advertisement regarding products, offers or an activity
    /fixmepls Fix me please This will teleport you to the clothes shop in Harmony. It will also unfreeze you, make you visible etc.. Its purpose is if you get stuck somewhere. Usage is logged and inappropriate usage will result in an exclusion.
    /me <text>

    Displays Action Text

    Displays action text above your head, great to indicating something you're doing or thinking. (Action is in character)

    Carries another Player

    Allows you to pickup and carry another player, if carried you can fight back with /carry to get off.

    Trolls who use /carry improperly usually leave BlueBird quickly 😞


    Clears are lock on a car you own

    This allows you to relock your car and claim ownership of the vehicle.

    Streamer Chat Commands

    Command Title Description
    /nochat Disable Chat

    You won't see chat pop up unless its an important message, you can press t at any time to see whats happening.

    /noooc No ooc Chat Deletes any ooc messages that are sent out to the server, your chatbox will still show everything else.
    /hud Hide Hud

    Hides the right side hud off the screen when enabled.


    Other Useful information

    • Block unwanted calls and messages by adding the number as a contact and putting the word block in the display name
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