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  1. I believe its scripted this way on purpose, devs thought it would be funny lol.. which it kinda is ngl
  2. Hey bud,If the ban being longer that 30 days you are entitled to make an appeal for said ban, to make a ban appeal ticket go here:https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/ However, the ban reason is that you powergamed and exploited our of prison, I don't see how that's a related to the long story you've written about your time getting wasted? It's a simple question did you powergame and exploit our of prison or did you not? If not go appeal it, If yes, I'd recommend trying other servers
  3. So currently the sheriff's job is under vicpol and there's no way around switching between your vicpol job and your sheriffs job without having to delete my vicpol job and ask someone from dps management to give me the sheriffs role every time I wanna go on duty as sheriff. Could you please fix that and make the sheriffs job role a role on its own not under vicpol so that I can switch between both my vicpol job and my sheriffs job without having to ask for the role every time
  4. Did you by any chance have your character on a 2nd slot and then lost your supporter status?
  5. Bump! I think the idea is pretty cool, would love to see it implemented
  6. So I thought it'd be pretty cool if the OPP and OLD had a bit more present in city and I was hoping maybe we could get physical offices for the OPP and the OLD. Maybe a floor in the same building as honour security? It'd also be nice if it's possible to add the ability to store documents in a cabinet for example so that way legal professionals would actually have to drive to the legal office and update case files etc in city, thought it'd add a bit more RP for lawyers and prosecutors considering that most of the job is done through discord.
  7. Scuba Steve for Social Media Manager
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