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  1. Welcome to the yearie annerversery! hope you feel welcomed! Dont worry about the yearie word just something that I just came up with!
  2. It will take some time to get used to, but I feel like its a great feature to add realism into the server.
  3. Hes got multiple characters to have those roles, or thats what im understanding it as.
  4. Organization Details Name: Cerberus HQ Location: 838 (If possible) Uniform/Colour: Maroon Number of members: 10 Main Leader: Boris Reznikov Mission statement Cerberus cleanses the city and protects its citizens. Our ways might seem drastic but complex problems require harsh solutions. Our mission is to give people safety and end the corruption in the city. We want people to live the lives that we were promised. Backstory Back when we’re growing up, people would say there’s nothing to worry about. That the city is safe and our future bright. There would supposedly always be a guardian angel of sorts to watch over us. Truth be told, no one has ever been watching our backs, and we spent our youth looking over our shoulders out of fear. The city is not safe. Extreme violence and tragedy are commonplace here. People tend to sit and watch how some rampart psychopaths burn the city to the ground. Some of us, though, just have got enough of this chaos. From the ashes of the city, like a phoenix, a new order shall arise. The idea of rebirth brought us together, a group of like-minded people willing to fight back for the city. At first, we were few and vulnerable. A small band of unusual friends soon gained traction and the news of our actions begun to spread. More and more people sympathetic to our cause started flocking to our doorstep. That is when the real Cerberus was born. It took us weeks over weeks to plan and organize. We didn’t want the citizens and authorities to perceive us as mere thugs or common criminals. We aimed higher. After countless and sleepless nights of arguments, we finally found our creed that would make every member proud. There’s no acceptance for pointless death and destruction, and never will be. We decided to stand and fight against it. We are Cerberus, we are the three-headed guardian watching over the people of the city, the land of the dead. If you come between the citizens and their well-being, you’ll find yourself face to face with our jaws. We’ll track every single last scum in this city and they will pay for their crimes against the people. The law doesn’t restrict us, and our hands aren't tied like the police. Cerberus is ever-watchful and ready to strike at injustice with an iron fist and razor-sharp teeth. The idea of the organization has always been deep within us. It’s been burning, waiting to be unleashed upon this hell of a city. We’re not afraid to act, and we’re ready to face the consequences of our actions because we know we’re working for the greater good. We get our hands dirty to keep the city alive. We cleanse fire with fire to free the city of unnecessary loss and pain. We do what we must, so others can do what they will. Structure We firmly believe that a proper hierarchy is fundamental in every efficient organization. Cerberus is no different. Its three heads at the top lead the organization and the city toward a brighter future. The hounds, our lieutenants, carry out their immediate orders and make sure everyone plays their role. The main body of Cerberus, the grunts, are all equals. We believe that no one in Cerberus is better or worse because we’re working together to achieve a common goal. Three Heads Cerberus is led by people who helped in its creation. I bet you’d love to meet the leaders. Tom S. carries hatred toward the authorities and their inaction that fuels us. Despite having a rich upbringing, he saw through the corruption spreading over the city and its higher-ups. Politicians and the police, they’re also a cause of the city’s ruination as much as common criminals. Tom is certain that Cerberus is the solution to rid the city of this scum. A young girl, Winter Fall, lost her parents in a traffic accident. The police said a drunk driver caused the crash, and for the girl, that man was a representation of the scum of the city. Maybe he had a bad day, maybe he was mafia, it doesn’t matter now. Winter is dead set on clearing the streets from people like him. Boris Reznikov comes from Russia and is no stranger to crime-ridden life and poverty. His parents were lucky to win a million dollars on the lottery and quickly moved to Australia. Boris spent his youth living in a pleasant neighborhood and attending a respected and safe school. Unfortunately, the past caught up with the Reznikovs in 2005 when Russian mobsters tracked and killed them. Boris managed to flee and became lonely and brooding. His friends in Cerberus are always there to support him. The Hounds We assign operations and tasks to the Hounds. They’re responsible for carrying out our orders and forming operative teams. The Hounds are our most trusted and dedicated lieutenants. Their actions are changing the city for the better. We’re lucky these amazing people work for Cerberus. Frank S., known better as the Petrolhead, is the best driver out there. I swear, even if you tried, you wouldn’t find a better getaway driver than him. Frank has a soft spot for all kinds of guns and arms. When a new toy appears in the city, he is sure to put his hands on it first. I think he suffers from a hero syndrome and the guns give him some semblance of power. Mordecai Lee was a banker, and no better than the next jerk in a suit at that. When misfortune struck them, they had a change of heart. Mordecai witnessed their whole family, wife and two kids, murdered in the streets with cold blood. Sometimes I feel like they are the only person who can create a better world for us all. Every organization needs a down-to-earth lawyer. Here comes Daemon M. I tell you, he wasn’t born yesterday and can handle all situations, no matter how dire. He is serious, well spoken and probably the most sensible person in Cerberus. Daemon assists the Three Heads with the management of Cerberus and deals with our PR. Carl S. may be a boy but, I’ll be damned, he’s a genius. I’ve got no idea how he does this at the age of seventeen years old. He’s the master of operations, our planner, and I don’t know if we could get this far without him. In such a short time he went from a slumdog to one of the most influential people in the city. Operations Many people still fear us and think of us as criminals. Technically, they’re right. Most of the things we do are illegal, but what does it mean in the city where the police are lawbreakers as well? The scum acts only to further its vile agendas while we act for the good of the city. Our hackers dig to find dirt on corrupted politicians and entrepreneurs. We blackmail them with any humiliating details of their lives, photos, and secrets. These criminals are ready to go far to keep their public faces clean. Sometimes they pay, sometimes we release our findings to the press, and sometimes more drastic methods are required. The daily robberies and muggings won’t stop without our interference. Cerberus goes out onto the streets to fight. For some, it may seem we’re a part of the gang wars, but in reality, we bleed to stop the scum and send them to their proper place—six feet under the ground. Our people hunt down dealers, and shady vigilantes who incite more hatred and do more harm than good. Unfortunately, goodwill and dedication aren’t enough to succeed. We need arms and tech to have the edge over the criminals. The authorities oversee all trade in the city, so it’s not an easy task to put our hands on high-grade tools. We salvage some weapons from our enemies but we’re also forced to cooperate with foreign arms dealers who contribute their share of misery in the world. However, we must protect the city and contraband the weapons. Maybe when the city is finally safe, Cerberus will turn its sight toward the bigger world. We listen to police radio frequencies, and we wiretap famous people around the city to always be on top of things. Cerberus reacts quickly, and those we deem guilty have targets on their backs. And we never miss. Conduct All members of Cerberus follow a few simple rules. Should you want to join our ranks and fail to do so, we’ll send you a quick goodbye. 1. I serve the city and its citizens. Their safety and well-being are my top priority. 2. I never harm the citizens. 3. I follow the Hounds and never question the Three Heads. 4. I sever my public and private ties to the authorities. 5. I reject the laws imposed by the authorities
  5. Where would I apply for Content Creator? any possible links?
  6. @Detto24 Yes this is normal. This is due to that there are people who pay for Plat Subs for $50 AUD a month to get a head of queue priority.
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