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  1. What or how do i check what cars or guns you get once we become a gold supporter

    1. Izzy


      there are no different weapons available to any supporter, vehicles you can check out at the airport 🙂 new special cars are added monthly.

  2. i have been away but am back as of today so i will follow this up for you and contact you asap
  3. as long as your discord is linked to the forums and five M this will be an automatic link
  4. you can use this at any bank in the server to redeem your funds
  5. Hi Justin, we has had to limit gangs and orgs because they were beginning to take over very quickly and making our community more a cops and robbers server which was not what we wanted to have here. We will continue to have this limit in place and encourgage those wanting to be in a gang to join one of our already established, at this time we have 3 bike gangs, 3 orgs, and 2 families. these will have to be found out in game and wintin role play. that being said we do not turn away applications being sent to us and are more inclined to accept and application that is completely different fr
  6. You will need to find out with in your role play, sorry there are no cheat sheets
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