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  1. Hi, I know months ago you could clean your car with the f2 options. but I’d like to bring back dirty and clean car option to the city. This could be at the car wash in Melbourne where all the current facilities are already there but it could be a player ran business. you could possibly run it like The towing business where if you have 2-3 employees in city then you have to wash your car at the car wash. If no one is on then you buy a cleaning kit at servos. this could be a cool add on to Rp with 4x4 being really dirty after a track run, a cool place for car enthusiasts to hang, drift cars to clean after a sesh. Gov cars can be cleaned for free but we all know they get dirty while working hard. car shops and towing companies can make deals with business owners. if you need a hand helping with the new business, I’d be happy to run it . thanks for reading justin timberFake chommpe
  2. I’ve tried everything on the web, I have a 2080super gfx card and an i9 processors. When I run fiveM gta all my graphics setting reset to extra high and the textures don’t load properly in the city. ives tried renaming folders, deleting settings files, changing on single player and saving, reinstalling gta and fiveM. Tried everything the internet has to offer but got no where! does anyone have a fix for this. If I download a mod and run it will it allow me to play on bluebird servers. There are a few texture fix mods I could try but unsure if server will allow it!
  3. Does anyone know where I can find these things besides robbing houses -screw drivers -rope -handcuffs -blowtorch -flare -water pistols -butter knife
  4. Would love to see once a month or something where you have purge night. Special I it’s like ambos/ cfa and police are untouchable and it’s only allowed in the city . But would love to see a purge night where no rules of violence apply, we can take out all our rage and angry out in one night. Murder, thief, kidnapping, robbing is completely allowed for a few hours one night
  5. Would love seeing more workers in trucks and utes. People are using their cars/bikes and filling up 500 “ drums “ of oil into the back of their motorbikes . would seem more real seeing oil trucks or RAMs as work cars. Even if you lowered the weight of RAM weight loads too 200 and just had trucks at 800 weight load
  6. I’m absolutely sick of getting knocked out in 2 punches but I can get hit by a car 4 times and still limp away. The fact that when I rob people and they turn around, punch me twice and I’m dead but I can shoot them 3 times with a pistol with no death is a joke. I understand if they do “fear” that I should report them but we should be able to at least have a chance to run away if they don’t RP properly. It’s actually so broken how much damage a punch can do. Would actually make fist fights more interesting due to people using the dodge feature more often.
  7. Would love to see a fix for all the jobs that require items for sale like rock/timber/oil etc where they cant put 500 drums in the back of a sports cars xD. Just for more Work utes/trucks to be used, getting robbed or brought from dealers. just for the feel of more realism. I see people putting 500 drums of oil at the drill site into a motorbike.
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