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  1. Someone should make the Carlton Mafia crew, if anyone is going to do it, please hit me up. (I'm keen)
  2. Make sure your texture setting is set to Normal. FiveM unfortunately will ruin your textures if it's above normal. Anything else however can be as high as you want. Hope this helped!
  3. Definitely worth getting looked into, great idea cream!
  4. Good idea, if you guys have any other suggestions for other areas such as Del Perro (St Kilda/ Brighton?) or of the areas I've said above, please feel free to comment your thoughts.
  5. Just thought I'd pop an idea in here that just came across my mind. In the server we portray LS as "Melbourne", however we still use in game area names such as Vinewood, Mirror Park etc... My suggestion was thinking about implementing some IRL Melbourne suburb names in game. Could do a survey for the areas and the community can determine what we call certain areas. For example: Davis- Dandenong Mirror Park- Ringwood Vinewood- Toorak/Hawthorn (Suits all the big mansions and wealthy area). Hope to hear your thoughts on this suggestion.
  6. How far is Newtown station from the CBD or Airport?
  7. Great idea but we do already have them at VICPOL. Would be cool to get them used more often though.
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