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  1. The first one sits at 260K Polys(IDK if that still counts, heard the cutoff is 250K. If the first on is fine, that's preferred, but I understand if not beggars can't be choosers), and this one is coming in at 116K Polys, I have a different Hudson Hornet model. Albeit a little less high quality. Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1952-hudson-hornet Name: 1952 Hudson Hornet Description: Model by Turn 10 (Forza 4), overworked by solo, converted and edited by Chezy Features: All basic GTA V features High detailed model (HQ interior, HQ engine) Custom color scheme Custom tuning kit for Los Santos Customs A great classic car for Los Santos & Blaine County! Known Bugs: Hands not on steering wheel No dials (forgive me, it's my first mod for GTA V. I'll do better on the next one!) RP Use: Same as above^^^
  2. Oof, it looks like this has 200K+ polys. I found another for less, and will re-suggest!
  3. +1 I might play a male character, but allowing other people to have more options is great!
  4. God, as much as I hate the idea of Golf, Edwin would probably love it...
  5. I don't see the edit button now... but I was going to change the problem it would solve portion to read more like the following: Often times, stocking Tequilala can be quite tedious, especially considering the amount of tabs we tend to draw. I would assume Galaxy has similar issues.
  6. The idea: Perhaps implementing either a job for people order based deliveries in the semi-truck+box trailer combo? The Purpose/Problem this could patch: Often times, stocking Tequilala can be quite tedious, especially considering the amount of tabs we tend to draw Suggestion: This way, say one of the social jobs OR supporter stores are low, someone can do a contract job through RP for extra cash? Unsure how to balance this really, but maybe they back the trailer up to a location, use a context sensitive button prompt, this will slowly fill the trailer with whatever the product is, and moves it to one of the social job's drop-off zones, loading the product into the storage. Perhaps even a way for the driver to provide their own semi-truck and trailer for the job, this being a contract job and all, it could be tied to the oil/fuel delivery job. This would flesh out the job more, and create more diverse traffic on the roads. An easy way to make sure that Semi-Truck drivers don't run out of work with their box trailers would be to allow the different convenience stores, Bahama mamas, and other, less player interactive locations to send out automated contracts for delivery Goals: This would create a form of supply chain in the city Delivery truck drivers would have more to do A reason to own a semi-truck other than for transporting cars How does this help RP? This would help add depth to characters. Allowing someone to take on a rather skill intensive job that requires additional licensing by the government. It's a skill to throw on any of the more social job's applications. It also makes the world more fleshed out and realistic. Preferably more social business based contracts would pay more for the truck driver: i.e. Tequilala is low on stock, this pays the driver 5K for the job, but a convenience store automated contract would pay 1K. Perhaps having a CB radio for drivers could allow them to communicate more Cons: What happens when there are no drivers on? Speed of delivery? How much stock is too much for a social business? How do you balance how much you drop off? Thanks! ~Edwin Carnagie
  7. I really like the idea of this, great for roleplay, could use a camping trip trailer. Perhaps it could be used to transport people without going over capacity of your vehicle, or even being used for extra storage.
  8. Perhaps a way to actually take notes in game? I love the QNOTES emote, but being able to actually roleplay notes and passing those notes can be really helpful and more immersive.
  9. Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1941-cadillac-series-sixty-one-add-on-lods Name: 1941 Cadillac Series 61 [Add-On | LODs] 1.0 Description: Cadillac Series 61 '41 Original model: LA Noire Conversion to SA and improvements: Chezy Conversion to V and edits: GreenAid Features: - MQ model - correct working lights (refer to extra light settings provided) - LODs - realistic performance and physics - factory spawn colours, as close as I could get them requires Classic Car Colours [Add-On] by GreenAid Issues: - none known CHANGELOG: - 1.0: first release - Please if you like my work and want to support me, considering donating to help, thank you! - If you're interested, join our server GTA 5 Classics on Discord to follow our work more closely and get sneak peeks, link under my profile! Screenshots by Oh Deer, thanks a lot! Enjoy! RP Use: Great Mafia Car (at least aesthetically) to own, good for collections, fits a high end collectors niche. Right now the closest car to this is either the Stafford or the Roosevelt. More Sports Classics cars entering the mix of things creates more variety for all players to choose from. It's a 4 door unlike the Z-Type, which has similar curves. Image:
  10. Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/volkswagen-beetle-1974-template-add-on Name: 1974 Volkswagen Beetle [Add-On | LODs | Extras | Template] 1.5 Description: Volkswagen Beetle 1974 v1.5 (Add-On) AUTHORS: ------------------------------------------------------------------ -Main author Eden Games (Test Drive Unlimited 2) www.edengames.com -Converted by Mr.Poher to GTA IV -Converted by GreenAid to GTA V with edits -Engine Block added from GTA SA -Additional liveries by ReNNie ------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: -1.1: glass is breakable now -1.2: fixed door handles problem -1.3: fixed livery problem, sorry for that -1.4: little fixes, engine now shakes together with exhaust -1.5: working extralights now, removed rusty livery from .ytd, can be installed on will from archive; updated spawn colours, tuned handling with input from @Impactjunky Should be final version FEATURES: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Good quality model LODs (1, 2) all ingame functions working properly (glass, dials, etc) template many liveries to choose from, some original by Poher other thanks to @ReNNie more realistic handling (NOT 1:1 with real one or anything) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Installation instructions in readme.txt ------------------------------------------------------------------ Spawn via trainer by the name "beetle74". Most of the screens are from ReNNie, so thanks again Enjoy! RP Use: Just a casual collection car, it would appear to have multiple liveries for the vehicle to be dressed up in allowing for either silly cars to own, to inconspicuous vehicles for crimes. (also I have a huge soft spot for cars/aesthetic for pre-90's cars, and as Edwin, I kinda feel it fits with his character to have a tiny sedan or coupe or something like that, which does not have many interesting cars) Image:
  11. Link: https://de.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1952-hudson-hornet-add-on-extras-lods-template Name: 1952 Hudson Hornet [Add-On | Extras | LODs | Template] 1.1 Description: 1952 Hudson Hornet Hi! This is my 33rd mod. Model from: Forza Horizon 4 Extracted by: -Logic- Converted to V by: OhiOcinu Add-On, Handling, and Underbody fitting by: GreenAid Underbody and Extras by: solo Missing textures recreated by: hackula Screenshots by: inbetweendays Changelog: 1.0 -Initial Release 1.1 - Added door and dash badges by ReNNie Features: -LODs 1-4 included -Breakable Glass -Hands on steeringwheel -Animated exhaust -Burn Area -Realistic handling performance -Correct working lights -Complete dirtmap -3D engine -Livery template included -4 Extras included -Paint 1: Body -Paint 2: Roof Installation: For add-on: 1.- Go to "/update/x64/dlcpacks/", create a new folder called "hornet52" and put inside the "dlc.rpf" file. 2.- Export "dlclist.xml" from "/update/update.rpf/common/data/" path to your desktop with OpenIV. Open the file with a text editor and add the following line to the end: dlcpacks:\hornet52\ 3.- Import the file again to the path above with OpenIV. 4.- Done, use a Trainer to spawn the cars with "hornet52" name, and enjoy! Please DO NOT edit the car without my permission. Thank you! Please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD my mods on other sites. I have noticed some unnecessary credits on their post regarding my mods and I do not allow misinformation. If you're interested, join our server GTA 5 Classics on Discord to follow our work more closely and get sneak peeks, link under my profile! Also, to those who want to support my work, a donation would be highly appreciated. I also included a Patreon link for those who want to continuously support my work. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to pm me. Stay tuned for updates. That's all! Enjoy! RP Use: Mainly Car Collection, but old school throwback Stock Car races could be held with them. More Sports Classics to be in the city that is not the stereotypical 1940s car but also not the same designs as most the other classics. It also just gives you a more old-school Hermes, the base game car that most resembles the Hornet, but I can't stand the suspension stuff that comes stock. Image:
  12. I love the addition of /skel, it reminds me to play with the injuries Ive got, but maybe a remnder over the in game GPS would be convenient for others to see without using /skel. This could allow for quicker play around what you are feeling. I.E. "You're head is in a lot of pain." Would be nice to see rather than "You are injured!"
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