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  1. Thanks man - I appreciate your time and effort
  2. Hey Boss, Thanks for that I still cant see it in there - I feel like I dont have a full list of the binds in there i.e. I cant see to change my mobile key from M or anything like that - see attached screenshots of what I have available in that list I must be missing something Cheers
  3. Hi Team, Is there a way to change my inventory keybind from k to TAB? I have had a look in the keybinds settings but cant see it in there. Is there a console command or something I need to change elsewhere? Thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Thank you very much for the quick response - I will give that a shot. Much appreciated A
  5. Hi Team, I wanted to save some PEDs as well as have some saved clothes in my wardrobe. The problem is when I create a new PED I lose all my tattoos. When I change over into a tattooless saved PED and go to the tattoo shop it loads in my character I had before I put the PED on (and my tattoos are there). Am I doing something silly? I have tried to ask around in character for an answer but didnt have any real luck. I have only come out to here as a last resort. Any help is much appreciated [Edit]: Its also worth mentioning - I have deleted all PEDs to try and start fresh (so I could create a clone of a working model). I can create a PED just fine with my tattoos - but when I spawn that PED I lose my tattoos.
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