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  1. Hi there, You will need to put in a support ticket. Under department select Ban Appeal Cheers,
  2. Hey There, You will need to submit a support ticket. There is an option under there to select BlueBirdRP Corrections/Police/DPS Recruitment Cheers,
  3. I would also suggest removing your SteamID and Discord Name from this post as it's available for anyone to see
  4. Hi There, Have you linked your Discord account with your forums account? Cheers,
  5. Hi There, Are you using any sort of visual mod packs? That could explain why what you are seeing is different to what others are seeing. Cheers,
  6. Hi, Any ban appeals need to be done through a support ticket (Please see link at the top of the page) Cheers,
  7. Hi, Put in a support ticket (link at the top of the page). Staff can then look into this for you. Cheers,
  8. All ban appeals need to be submitted through a ticket. At the top of the page there is link for "Applications/Reports/Support Tickets/Ban Appeals". You can submit a ban appeal through there and it will be looked into by staff. Keep in mind that bans that are less than 30 days can not be appealed.
  9. Officer Brian "BT" Taylor - The other night (Night of Mac Daddy and Natashas wedding I believe) I was doing CFA and had been called out to a couple of EMR and MVA events. 2 times in the same night involved Mr. Taylor his dunken ramblings were bloody funny and at times I was stugling to keep it together.
  10. Update on the "Grains" job. Works fine if you are doing the Cargo job type and own the tractor. if you do it as one of the Quick jobs, it gives you a random truck instead of the tractor. might need to be removed from the quick job selection or make it so it always gives you the tractor for this job Also is there a way we can see exact XYZ coordinates in game?
  11. I noticed a few jobs in the list today for "Grains (Requires Tractor)" will this be one of vehicles that's added? Also not so much of a bug but something that's more of a nice to have would be a general car garage near 19. There's been a couple of times I've done a few job and my car disappears leaving me stranded
  12. good work. one to add to the list would be : NPC - Local
  13. Hey, Just wanting to know if it's within city guideline for 1 character to be both CFA and VicPol? Cheers,
  14. I'm guessing this would be true for the Rockstar Launcher version too?
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