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  1. Name:Catylin TroublesCase against:Victorian PoliceBreif summary of situation: On the 05/02/2021 i Catylin Troubles then known as Catylin Victoria was issued a FPO by my Favorite Policeofficer Alissa Smith and the reason it was given to me at the time was i shot at muiltple officers. I have changed my ways and i have gone to rehab for my troubled was and i have changed my life and my outcome of life. I know my im not the best type of person and i was wrong to do what i did but i have changed my life and believe it's time to remove my FPO. Expected outcome from court: Removel FPOExtra Information/Requests: Discord: Jacob_Scott#5569
  2. im guessing that they wont be saying "oh just finished moving to stage xyz i feel like it would be more "Got Sus people xyz" or something ?
  3. i agree with this and i will look into RPing a fix into this... but when i was a police officer in city i would make sure to hang out at Stage 3 and stage 4 i know alot of people liked it when i did this but now that i am no longer in police force i feel like i can't do much but i have plans..
  4. im actaully going and im tempted to wear a sticker that say's "Hello my name is... Catylin Victoria" :')
  5. i know its late... but... i know of this plugin its sadly. it needs scripthook and i dont think BBRP want to enable client side scripts..
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