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  1. Well fix in rp you say, but what is rp gonna do when there are no cops no admins and nobody there to witness it. Well even if they were to yoink it you still could not do anything becouse the time your gun is out there is nobody there. If you just ignore the problem just so the team can make more money from people getting tired of working and starting to buy money it's going to ruin the rp in my opinion, becouse people buy money get all they want It's just a game off who has the most money not the the one that worked the most for their money which is unrealistic.
  2. I just don't think being robbed out of hours of work is fun for anyone. Roleplaying should be fun and If both parties of the job don't think it's fun I don't think it's good roleplay. How is it fun to spend the whole day working then loosing it within seconds. I mean there is criminal roleplay where it is fun for everyone like robbing stores or other org activities. I also can't see the roleplay in this, you grind up for a gun go into a stage ask them to unlock there cars then that's it. Maybe turning it into a safe zone is no the ideal thing to do but it is a problem and the dev team got to d
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