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  1. If you have both jobs in your /myjobs you should be able to switch just fine.
  2. Hey, feel free to chuck up some bikes under vehicle suggestions.
  3. I believe it hasnt been fully implemented.
  4. When the server gets updated to the latest DLC. we should hopefully have some new clothes added in
  5. Yes and no, mostly yes. We first have to update the server to latest DLC and then we will be able to add these vehicles hopefully
  6. Head to your citizenFX folder in appdata and there should be a file called gta-config or something along those lines. Be careful what you are changing though it sometimes may not work as intended.
  7. F8 > unbind <mapper> <input> > enter Example: unbind keyboard F9
  8. There is a camera in that tunnel as well as a camera directly on top of it next pill box hospital.
  9. Kellan 100% has a good point here. I want to be able to take out a bigger gun and or something more rare without the fear and guilt of loosing it. Once its gone, its basically destroyed and is nearly impossible to get your hands on something of similar calibre due to the players hoarding these items as they are not publicly available anymore meaning the prices of these weapons sky rocket to unrealistic numbers. To counter this it would be beneficial to add more of a variety of weapons to be crafted while also balancing out the recoil on weapons and the amount of ingredients (Gun Powder) required to make them. In my opinion I don't mind not being able to rob police officers for their equipment especially with server >350 players you will have a lot of trolls with access to police stations and police radios. Although being able to take what the officer has confiscated eg, drugs, weapons, ammo etc would make for some interesting role-play as people will catch corrupt officers who possibly do not turn in things that they are confiscating and also giving criminals a chance at getting their items back. Police Inventory Size - nullvariable During police raids most if not all the time police are dragging thousands of bags of drugs or thousands of rounds of ammo into their pockets (can be any item) like its nothing. It would be awesome to see police roleplay as if they are storing items in a police van going back and forth from the house into the van. Its annoying when you spend hours moving things or hours working on stuff to just have an officer drag all of it into their inventory like they are not carrying anything on them. I can you assure police do not have endless pockets in real life, duh. Some suggestions to balance out police v criminals The option to resist arrest (Resist police cuffs) When police use their tackle function they also experience a rag doll effect When police fail a tackle they fall on their face and rag doll as they expected a tackle but they missed so they would obviously fall on the floor right? Being able to break out people from police cars while cuffed. Example - Animation for breaking windows and unlocking the door through the inside of the vehicle then getting the player out of the vehicle. Adding a similar tackle function for normal players Harsher and longer jail sentences Suggestions for overall roleplay quality improvement Adding an animation for people receiving an item from someone (To stop people running upto people taking their weapons and driving off to avoid getting in trouble for non compliance of FPO) Adding animation for people using their mobile phones in vehicles will give police the opportunity to fine people using their phones while driving. Adding animation for using radios on bikes and cars. At the moment its impossible to tell if someone is using a radio in a vehicle there for sometimes even raising metagaming concerns as people cant prove that they used a radio or a phone to communicate. Removing the job centre and all major collection jobs. Instead make specific items for jobs, eg buy a fishing rod from a store to do the fishing job, an axe and a tool box for lumberjack and maybe a machete or a knife for the butcher job etc etc while also utilising the third eye system for all of these. This will create a overall better roleplay adventure as people will have to actually find out in roleplay instead of looking at their map and seeing where does what. Revising crafting recipes and including realistic items needed eg a sawed off shotgun does not need acetone to be crafted instead you should have to use different types of metals maybe some rubber for the hand grip or even using glass for the scope attachments. It should be common sense to include these things in crafting. Remove safezones. Safezones are roleplay killers and a escape for people who want to avoid hostile interactions. At the most allow people to punch on in safezones instead of allowing guns and knives. Police being soaked up with banks and armour guard robbery calls I believe at the moment banks are on a couple hours cool down and amour guard is an hour cool down. to put it into perspective thats a total of 15 possible amour guards calls and 7 possible banks robbery's between 4pm restart and 7am restart If the smaller criminal activities were more rewarding than what they currently are police jobs will be spread out more and will not be as repetitive as they are at the moment. Things such as robbing houses is basically a waste of time, selling drugs is also not very rewarding into todays economy compared to what it was a year ago, doing the vehicle theft jobs literally take money from your pockets to give you the same amount back, the feature to go inside houses between set times and rob them was also taken away from criminals. In conclusion criminals do not have much to do at the moment resulting in them either shooting police, robbing banks every day and or sitting at sharehouse being a bum, it would be greatly appreciated if criminals got a rework for once as there is not a lot to do at the moment for that side of RP.
  10. Create a support ticket with the vehicle plates and what the model was. Its unlikely cars just go missing out of no where.
  11. off memory before our current route 68 vegetation addons we had different trees that would just make your game lag a lot. Assuming this will do the same due to the amount of things being streamed. Looks cool though.
  12. Achievement/Milestones When you reach a certain amount of forum posts 50, 100, 250, 500 etc.. you are awarded a cool looking badge. It could look something like this,
  13. You should have received a email with the code. If not create a sales support ticket. Include your purchase number etc.
  14. Submit a ticket with the vehicles license plate. What car it was. And when you purchased the car
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