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The Weekly Bash Trial Changes


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Good News Everyone,
While we are in the middle of the first season of the Mini League, we are planning to test some small but key changes to the Weekly Bash with the goal of making it fairer and more enjoyable for everyone. In preparation for the second season of the Mini League these changes will be implemented during weeks 4 and 5 of the Weekly Bash, and after deliberation may be permanent.

Any feedback regarding the changes is greatly appreciated and the BBR team is always here to help if any gamer is having difficulty understanding these changes.


Format Change Trials
For both Challengers and Amateur divisions, we will be replacing the single-elimination playoff bracket with a special double-elimination format in which the teams who placed second in their group will start in the lower bracket (for the Weekly Bash #4 only). 

Example Bracket


Important Note: All Lower bracket matches will be Bo3 up until the Lower Final, after which it will be a Bo5. Only the Upper Semi-Final will be a Bo3 (and prior rounds, if there are more than 4 groups)  in the Upper bracket, the Upper Final and Grand Final will be a Bo5, with the Grand Final having a NO GAME ADVANTAGE OR BRACKET RESET.

In the Weekly Bash #5, we are testing the format being a straight up double-elimination tournament, with no group stage.

Amateur Division Specific Changes
The top 20 teams in the Liquipedia OCE ratings will now be barred from entering the Amateur Division and any individual from the top 20 teams wanting to participate will need admin approval.

The rankings can be found here - https://liquipedia.net/rocketleague/Portal:Rating#The_Rating 

We are fully aware that this does not cover every team that exceeds the expected skill level for the Amateur Division, therefore we will still be including our rank recommendations as a general guideline and admins reserve the right to move teams up to the challengers division.

Additionally, any team who places highly in the Amateur Division, as long as they retain 2/3rds of their core roster, may be automatically promoted to the Challengers Division the next time they enter our Weekly Bash event. This auto-promotion will last for a minimum period of one event (depending on their performance in the Challengers Division, the admin team may choose to allow them to go back down to the Amateur Division in future events or keep them in the Challengers Division on a more permanent basis). 


Challengers Division Specific Changes
Seeding is an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of esports and we want to make sure that we are getting it as accurate and fair as possible. Moving forward, it is important to give the upper echelon of the oceanic based player base a more transparent seeding process. For existing rosters who meet the requirements, this will be done using the liquipedia rankings (found above). We are aware that there are pick-up teams that do participate in our events, therefore until we can come up with a fair and transparent process to rank the players against established rosters, we will still be using our own judgement to rank those teams.

Mini League Specific Changes
While we are in the middle of the first season of the Mini League, issues have appeared and thus improvements are being worked on to better improve the event. However, it is far too early to announce any changes to the future seasons of the Mini League and we will be announcing those changes closer to the second season.


Once again, we believe that these changes are an ample start towards making our tournaments fairer and more enjoyable for everyone. For those that want to provide feedback or need more clarity on these changes, please reach out to the BBR team.


  • In the Weekly Bash #4, the playoff format is now a double elimination, with lower seeded teams starting in the lower bracket. For the Weekly Bash #5, there will be no round-robin group stage and will only be a Double Elimination format.
  • The top 20 teams (and players of those teams) in the Liquipedia OCE ratings will now be barred from entering the Amateur Division.
  • Additionally, any team which places highly in the Amateur Division may be automatically promoted to the Challengers Division the next time they enter any of our events.
  • For the Challengers Division, established teams will now be seeded using the Liquipedia ratings.
  • These changes are not guaranteed and are a part of a trial that will run during the Weekly Bash 4 and 5.

- BBR Team

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