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  1. Hello Everyone, Last Friday was the conclusion of the first season of the Mini League, where we saw Max’s Rancid Rats take out the whole tournament undefeated. Hazard had put up a good fight against the rats, taking them to game five in the Grand Final. We would like to extend a personal thank you to everyone involved in the first season of Mini League. In this post, we will be providing details on the Mini League Season 2 and some of the more permanent changes that we are making to the Weekly Bash. Mini League Season 2 After seeing the potential that has come from the fir
  2. Good News Everyone, While we are in the middle of the first season of the Mini League, we are planning to test some small but key changes to the Weekly Bash with the goal of making it fairer and more enjoyable for everyone. In preparation for the second season of the Mini League these changes will be implemented during weeks 4 and 5 of the Weekly Bash, and after deliberation may be permanent. Any feedback regarding the changes is greatly appreciated and the BBR team is always here to help if any gamer is having difficulty understanding these changes. Format Change Trials F
  3. Introducing The Weekly Bash (featuring the Mini League) The Weekly Bash is BlueBird Rivals’ refreshed weekly tournament series, designed to provide a highly competitive experience for those wishing to push through the bubble scene and test their skills to their limits. A part of 'The Weekly Bash' is the 'Mini League', a structured, short league for the top 6 to fight for their share in the $250 AUD prize pool. Each season will operate in a 5 week cycle, to provide that consistent and refreshing experience. About the Weekly Bash (Weekly Events) Divisions Challengers Division (F
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