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Few Combined suggestions to 'fix' jobs and add RP


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Just a few ideas I've had on a notepad combined into one place

I'm aware some to many are unrealistic but I would like to start a discussion.

  •  Delivery Driver: I don't know if this job even works in the city outside of people idling the $500 ticks but you should be having random warehouse pickups and delivering to player run businesses like Luxury, Slow Life, TBT.
  •  Car Wrecks/ Scraps - maybe you can find some similar stuff to chopping a car to go sell to stan.
  •  Parking Inspectors: Saves police resources, tickets bad parkers and can put in jobs for TBT to come impound. More people roaming the street doing things. Maybe works under sheriffs or something?
  •  Player run Gym: working out animations exists, what if a player could visit a player run gym and work out for 10 minutes solo or with a trainer then get a 'buff' for an hour allowing them to run a bit faster or punch a bit harder, the owner of the gym could also control boxing and fighting in the city.
  •  Drugs having a reason to exist other than sales: Weed would ease any current pain effects/ limps you have for 15 minutes. Meth would make you run slightly faster at the cost of your leg health. Coke stops you from getting new limps for a while but have to visit hospital after because it hits you all at once when it wears off. Dull the visual effects given. Doctors could hand out weed prescriptions that last a week, they could have clinic hours. Cops will find more people with small amounts of drugs on them and not everyone would have dealer quantities. Player run businesses selling drugs to other players rather than to npcs. Undercover cops doing buys?
  •  Marijuana Growhouses rather than current single? location, target for robberies outside of banks but protected by a gang rather than police.
  •  Hacker store, listen in on other peoples phonecalls, get gps pings, find out what radio channel they are using.
  •  Can Collecting, people can go through bins and ask businesses for cans, they take them somewhere to recycle. Maybe the cans dont stack high and dont go in a car so they have to push them around in a trolley.
  • Fake IDs - people might be more willing to do traffic stops like IRL if they have a fake ID with a random name, sure we could build some RP off this and not just abuse it?
  • Jobs like Armaguard/Pool cleaner that only pay you at completion need to give tokens for each route finished that can be redeemed later or pay per stop.
  •  Nice Food from places like Frankys, McDonalds or the Casino could have small buffs that make seeking them out worth it. 
  •  Rework group default jobs - 4 people to a fishing boat, 3 people on a garbage truck, 2 people per Armaguard - this should be encouraged not just possible, pay better and let people form teams of workers that all have to put effort in.
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Cruise Control isnt great but speed limiter works well, what if speed limiter was set to 150km/h by default you would remove a lot of 'accidental' police chases and leave the high speed stuff to people who actually plan to go 200-400km/h and dont just do it by mistake

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2 hours ago, micjagger69 said:

How do you enable the speed limiter?

Ctrl + Enter muscle 

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