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  1. Hi Connor, this is a limitation on new and standard accounts to stop people from convincing their friends to sign up and taking all their money (The server is free to play after all). If you wish to transfer larger amounts you can do this as a trusted member with Whitelist or Supporter packages. GP
  2. Cruise Control isnt great but speed limiter works well, what if speed limiter was set to 150km/h by default you would remove a lot of 'accidental' police chases and leave the high speed stuff to people who actually plan to go 200-400km/h and dont just do it by mistake
  3. Would also give a reason for player to play transactions, undercover busts, people with drugs on them that arent deal quantities for small police bookings. the game has a lot of resources for drugs from the biker dlc that could be used.
  4. Just a few ideas I've had on a notepad combined into one place I'm aware some to many are unrealistic but I would like to start a discussion. Delivery Driver: I don't know if this job even works in the city outside of people idling the $500 ticks but you should be having random warehouse pickups and delivering to player run businesses like Luxury, Slow Life, TBT. Car Wrecks/ Scraps - maybe you can find some similar stuff to chopping a car to go sell to stan. Parking Inspectors: Saves police resources, tickets bad parkers and can put
  5. Personally I would love to clock in for my job as a chef in a food truck, i wouldn't have to rely on other people to do my job other than customers. If you wanted to integrate other mods together you could tie it to the butcher business and either involve the live chicken to packaged chicken process or act as a dropoff point for people doing the chicken run themselves rather than the burger shot. You could setup in a carpark or someone close to the action but out of the way enough not to overload highpop areas, but still draw in customers (after all everyone needs to eat in this game) and
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