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OPP - VicPol Merge

Moe Familia

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To whom it may concern,

I don't know if my opinion here is going to make a difference, but I have to get it off my chest.


As of recently, we were informed that as OPP lawyers, we're not allowed to give legal advice to detainees. Unfortunately, that leaves us, those who are passionate about the job and want to RP more as prosecutors, with very little RP. I feel like in return, we should be more involved with VicPol as prosecutors.

We get appeals once every while, put in hours outside the city writing a brief, reaching out to Sheriffs, reaching out to arresting officers, serving subpoenas to witnesses etc. just so that we can get 20-30 minutes of RP.

some of the suggestions I have in mind:

Powers to increase sentences in line with sergeants if satisfied burden of proof is sufficient

Rights to review serious cases and if deemed appropriate take over prosecution at magistrate (including alpha) level

Potentially the ability to hear serious police misconduct complaints (more contact with IBAC)

Inform police of role of OPP as most are unaware it even exists and don't know what prosecutors are. 

A call system like the Magistrates, that can be called by VicPol only requesting a prosecutor

Higher tick rate to justify level of work/knowledge required. With the current system, I only get paid when im doing court cases, which are not that common these days. Off duty officers make $700-900 per tick, I feel like prosecutors should have a higher tick rate to compensate for the work that gets put in outside the city, a similar pay to off duty officer would be fair. 

Give Crown Prosecutors keys to police stations and allow them to be present for prosecuting and advising police officers on charges, i.e whether they have enough evidence to charge the individual with said charge or maybe even advise them to upgrade the charges if we feel like the officer is being too lenient. 


I just feel like I've grinded really hard to become a registered lawyer, with the current state, im basically being forced to do something else when it shouldn't be the case, every profession deserves decent RP opportunities, specially professions that you have to grind for and prove yourself for, like OPP/OLD. The following picture describes the current state of OPP RP:




I hope that we can see some changes come our way soon, we deserve some love. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. 

Yours faithfully,

Moe Familia

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I meant to respond to this sooner, but delays.

I want to preface my response with an acknowledgement that OPP is underutilized in extending and improving roleplay as it comes to law enforcement. I also believe that it would be beneficial for longterm RP between VICPOL and CREW/ORGs if certain cases were given to OPP. The OPP than determined when / if / what charges to file. The defendant is informed to attend court (ideally they are involved in picking the time and given opportunity to obtain a lawyer) and if they fail to do so the police bring them in for court. The courts then apply the charges to the individual and potentially their accomplices in the CREW/ORGs.

On to your direct points...

1. The RP justification for police charging criminals is the "alpha magistrate" just like when we delgun cars it is "alpha tow" or when we headpop and vanish it is "alpha flight". In this case Sgt+ are the responsible limiters of abuse. If OPP becomes one of those responsible limiters than what happens when reckless sentencing is found? VICPOL is responsible for this even if advised by OPP, but it is outright approved by OPP now you are responsible too. RPwise that wouldn't happen.

2. Police Officers have a very broad amount of decisionmaking freedom when handling a suspect. It is their option to involve OPP and I believe they need to do so more often but at the end of the day (like above) it is the officers liability to any alpha magistrate charges applied. It is also a part of police roleplay so being able to take suspects from them for processing is likely a non-starter.

3. This one is fine. I am unsure on the protocol but I believe serious misconduct found to be validated by evidence would probably be referred to OPP to charge the officer and thus justify dismissal.

4. There are ongoing discussions about how to best involve OPP and educate the rank and file on how to do so. I suggest speaking with Jayden Woods / Harry Foster / Steve Jefferies (Jonston?) about it or your OPP leadership to liason with VICPOL leadership.

5. We already have the F3 list and this just requires more education for officers to utilize.

6. I think 600 - 750 ticks would be appropriate given it is a roleplay centric job that provides a critical function to the city. I hope you get your pay raise.

7. Keys to the police station, I don't personally object too but this would probably be an issue because you guys can be robbed and thus the keys can be stolen. There is no reason for you to access the police station without police officers inside to speak with so I don't understand the need to have a key when you can simply communicate with officers.

TLDR - OPP deserves to be more involved. Some of these suggestions make you a make-shift Sgt+ which gives you a lot of influence over VICPOL roleplay without being a member of VICPOL. 

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Hey Jeshin,


Yeah I understand where you're coming from you bring valid points, I was just trying to come up with ideas to get OPP more involved in city. 

The point is OPP is very underutilized like you mentioned and we barely have any RP to do considering all the work that we had to put in to get where we are now. I just hope that the government has some sort of plans for OPP to get us more involved with VicPol so that we have more to do in city rather than have a job in discord and nothing to do in city except for a 20-30 minute court RP every month or so.

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If OPP has leadership the plans should begin there. Government has given us the tools, but it'd be nice if OPP leadership and VICPOL leadership could have a conversation about a way to work together to create RP content for each other before hoping an admin will mandate some system for us.

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12 hours ago, NoteTheNoob said:

they should make it so attempted murder and higher has to go through courts that would be a easy fix if you guys want more rp.

I don't think this will happen. Some parties may not want to contest charges in court. If both parties are happy with charges that were given for the crime that was committed I don't see why it would need to go through a court. In my opinion it should always stay at request of the officer or person that has been arrested.

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