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Courts, Court Officials and what they do

Lord Fury

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The Courts:

Our court system has three tiers with a fourth being a method of staff intervention. The tiers are as follows:

High Court of Australia: Usually used to refer to an Admin intervention in the court system. Or to reference a real life case, has no presence in city beyond that. 

Supreme Court Victoria: A panel of staff members used to appeal cases from the District Court. Mostly defunct and rarely used. 

District Court Victoria: The main appeals court of our city and the place where all planned cases go. This is the only court that can hear FPO matters and has unlimited setencing potential. Appointment as a Judge to this court is exceedingly rare and predominately this court is used for adminstrative purposes of the lower court. Cases here are heard by a Judge.

Magistrates Court Victoria: The entry court of our City and the place where all walk in cases go. This court can deal with any charge a police officer gives you but can only hear appeals when sent to it by the District Court and will never hear FPO cases. Cases here are heard by a Magistrate

The Court Officials:

Running the legal system we have Acting Chief Justice: Eibhlin O'Niall (@HeroicLeigh) who handles judicial appointments and overseas the courts. 

The current Magistrates:

  • Chief Magistrate Jeshin Vidal
  • Magistrate Akai Sora
  • Magistrate Bjorn Vanir
  • Magistrate Nicholas Spinx

Assisting the above we have two Registrars: 
Keith Roberts (@Tom_Husky45)

If you are a member of the public you will likely not interact with these people: all interaction with them will be done through your Lawyers. Please look at the topic on Lawyer Details to find a lawyer for you. 

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