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  1. Just so people know there is a serious talk going on at the moment about increasing this so please do give us your opinions! All of them will be read at the moment and police leaders will review as well for their side of things. For those who do not know the current limitations I have also included some suggested levels of changes to each that we have had from various people (please note these may not be the actual amounts chosen so please comment on those too: Type: Current maximum - > Proposed maximum Regular Police Officer (below senior SGT): 12 Months -> 20 Months Police O
  2. This one should always work https://discord.com/invite/bluebird
  3. Business License winners: RACV's license has been purchased by Sarah Russel for $300 000 True Blue Towing's license has been purchased by Tucker Hughes for $700 000
  4. Business Licenses up for purchase Due to True Blue Towing being sent into administration and the owner fleeing the country True Blue Towing's license has been revoked and is now up for auction. More details below. RACV's current licence holder has elected to resign the license back to the government as he wishes to pursue a management role in Ambulance Victoria. The State Government wishes him the best and the licence will be placed up for auction. More details below. License Rules 1) You must be a whitelisted civilian, no exceptions granted. 2) Only one person can
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