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  1. Thats good we don't want hold ups being continuous so it should be expensive. That is the goal with the currently balance of firearms and was the request of the community for several months. If you pull a gun it is potentially going to be very costly for you and it should be. So make the choice, is burning yourself to save someone else who is already burnt and just going to get a warrant for their arrest the moment you get them out really worth it? Plus all the aditional items you are going to potentially loose if you yourself get caught? You have misunderstood what I have said here, the comment from Flamba was that there we should add animations for handing items off so that police can prevent you from handing guns over to prevent you from getting an FPO. I was stating that we already have an animation that shows people handing things over. If this is not functioning please submit a bug report in a ticket. Again this is factually incorrect we have the raw numbers you can earn and the raw numbers of the system itself supports lower police numbers. Considerably lower then your average prime time police numbers. Due to a few orgs not being able to work out the new drug meta and ironically the crews who did figure it out earning significantly disproprotionate ammounts Raari arranged on monday to have a meeting with all the Org leaders tomorrow to explain exactly how the system works and we will be allowing the orgs to utilise that information in city. In short it promotes teamwork and specialisation over everyone being "special" but this will be explained to your org leader specifically and directly. Some crews earnt millions once they figured it out to the point we had to pivot and require police set up a special unit to start targeting these runs. There are several reasons your org in particular has been unable to make significant money which is why Raari will be taking the time to explain it to all the orgs to bring them onto an even playing field and likely from their it will sieve out into the general community. Still factually incorrect, chop shop had items added to it such as reliable steel and plastic to make it valuable for crews to sell to orgs unless an org itself wanted to do the farming. Armaguard did not exist and has had several changes since it was first dropped in. Bank heists had four improvements, Value increases, bank phones, hacking the vault and bank cards. Jewellery powergaming I beleive was mostly resolved thanks to the work of two particular moderators and I think a dev based solution has been deployed or is being deployed. Yes it can be a smash and grab or you can stay longer if you want the RP/Bigger reward your decision on the RP you want to have. As for oppertunities to make dirty money sure, You can rob, steal or sell drugs and realistically you can control the amount and kind of RP you want from each. Do you want a police pursuit? Do a smash and grab and wait until you can hear the cops. Do you want a hostage situation? Do a bank robbery. Do you want to do criminal activity deliberately to avoid the cops? Get your crew together and grow drugs for an org or for a few other crews. Do you want to engage in the underbelly of melbourne? Engage with the orgs and find tasks they can get you to do for them, Drugs could be a big one, selling steel or plastic. In the near future get your crew enough reputation and you get rewarded with the next cypher delivery. The exact words which we have taken issues with was the insinuation that "for once" criminals should get some dev time. Criminals have had a fairly strong market share of dev time for almost the last year. The idea that they havent is probably not the best thing to start saying especially infront of the Civs who have spent this time patiently waiting for their updates. We promised at the most recent townhall after a fairly significant amount of community feedback requested a shift away from criminal development that we would be focusing the following three months of a civ improvement schedule. That is what we have done, so criminals have spent 2 months not being the main dev focus and even then we have been making slight changes and updates for them as we go through the other side of things. Currently the Criminals almost have more scripting and resources dedicated to them then all three emergency services combined. I would invite some of our older community members who can remember even this time last year what the criminal scene looked like from then until now and to consider the sheer scope of changes not just from a scripting and dev point of view but a cultural point of view. I am not saying there will not be additional dev time spent for this as there most certainly will be and we are very open about that fact. But we have listened to the consistent complaints of the server in the last survey and as such we will be focusing dev time on the civs for a bit which fortunately does give you additional things to do if you are bored of the criminal life. You can focus on your legitimate cover for a bit. I would point out in my Reply to flamba a fair few things I pointed out are things we are already doing addressing his concerns or things we have announced. This was not a "we are not doing this" this was a "Hey here is the current situation, here is how some of your responses have already been or are already in the process of being addressed. Your comments that our devs do not do anything for the crims is false and not appreciated here is a list of changes and shows the overwhelming amount of support thrown the crims way compared to other services at this current point in time."
  2. Just to reiterate things that admins have made public already prior to this without going over specifics that are not yet public. 1) There is a planned method of RPed destruction of weapons which will result in the ability to intercept a weapon prior to its destruction. This will be done by a limited time event and is still in concepting stages and may not occur. This way police can continue to patrol without risk of being targeted on regular patrols and orgs have a chance to increase their stash. But the fear of taking out a big gun is something we want. It is a risk/reward situation, you save the big guns for the big and important jobs. 2) Allowing a break out from police vehicles is not viable unless we can guarentee that at all times police significantly outnumber criminals and installing number locks on things typically angers people more then just not having the feature. Once you are caught you are caught you should be attempting to avoid being caught in the first place. 3) We already have an animation for handing off items. 4) Vehicle animations have very limited options some of these requests are not possible with current resources. 5) As announced at the townhall and in various chats there is a 3rd eye overhaul of all jobs in progress by gatehead. 6) If a person is hiding in a safe zone or running to a safe zone to escape a hostile RP then they are comitting a powergaming violation and our community assistance team should be able to catch up to them or a moderator if not. 7) Drugs currently are the biggest earner in the city if they were done properly the overall numbers on them is significantly higher then it used to be as some people have found out and while the police are currently in the process of setting up their own unit to counter this the risk is almost non existent and certain members of the server have already earnt millions from this. (Keep in mind we are not planning to nerf the drugs simply to create the risk of having dedicated police for tracking it down). 8 ) The insinuation that "it would be greatly appreciated if criminals got a rework for once" (Emphasis added) is unfair to the work the devs and Raari have done. Currently with each update cycle something has been added for criminals or expands the criminal side of roleplay. As was expressed by the community and was acknowledged by the staff team at the last town hall. Currently it is "civilian roleplay" that has been missing out and has not received any significant updates either procedure based or Mechanics based in recent times. Example: Since the appointing of Raari as Org admin 10 months ago the following is some of what has been added this list is not exhaustive but for cops it should cover everything as I copied and pasted it from their server updates discord channel: Criminals: - General optimisations and bug fixing. - Wars and wargoals added - Org leaders given police leadership levels of responisbilities. - A org policy guide with rules and privledges written and added for orgs with consulation over serveral meetings with org leaders and staff. - Bank cards - The Org Blackmarket - Changes to the regular blackmarket - Weapon Crafting - Armour guard heists - High value vehicle heists - Jewelry store heists - A new prison with RP value - Two drug reworks. - Delivery events - Crews - /Steal in both of its implementation phases. - Car chopping overhaul. - 4 new orgs, following the requests of the community evenly split between Streetgangs and Mafia/Syndicate style orgs. - Revamped court system with new magistrates and magistrate system with extended powers. - Extended prison sentencing (90/150/450/900 weeks depending on who it is and if you have a prior FPO) - Fuel limits for police Airwing instead of having unlimited fuel. - Cuff nerfs so that police have to touching criminals and the criminal facing away from them or hands up for the cuff to work. - Removal of the ford ranger from 2 police divisions due to repeated abuse. - Bank phones so you can talk to the police with the new voice system easily and without risking yourself. - Removal of court safezone - Automated discord roster bot to make org organisation (I see what I did there) easier. - John Smith's Goods and Services shop for org "levelup" Criminals planned updates (No guarentees or time frames): - General optimisations and support. - Crew "reputation system" - Weapon destruction convoys and heist oppertunities. - Links to new job overhaul for crafting Police: - General optimisations and bug fixing. - Several new vehicles - A categorisation of charges into summary and indictable offences in their F6 menu. - The ability to pull people out of the water. - Fixing texture issues to allow police to resolve issues with the fivem updates that meant police were allowed 3 vehicles per division until resolved. - Police radio volume changes and effects. - Timer increases to the banks. - Policy changes allowing police to issue increased sentencing for repeat FPO violators. - Court changes allowing police to request FPO compliance orders. - Armoury logs for both police leadership and IBAC discords to track what officers remove from the armoury for both without needind admin intervention. - Migrated to new discord Police planned updates (No guarentees or time frames): - General optimisations and support. Civilians: - General optimisations and bug fixing. - TBT/RACV police tow jobs. - Non scripted food companies supported by Gatehead. - Appointment of Gatehead to take over the civilian and business side of the admin team to address the limited support they have received. - Rework to used car dealership. - New housing (to the limit our server can currently handle) Civilians planned updates (No guarentees or time frames): - Job overhaul - Business overhaul and expansion - Links for orgs to require business overhaul items for their crafting. - Interaction between jobs as multiple primary producers provide items to secondary producers for both legal and illegal items.
  3. This FPO legislation superceeds and overrides any other similar laws. A Firearm Prohibition Order can be issued for one of the four following reasons: 1) Attempted murder of emergency services. 2) Mass Murder 3) Repeated improper use of a firearm related offences 4) Attempting to supply weapons to someone with an FPO. If you are issued a firearm prohibition order the following restrictions apply to you: 1) You are unable to have on your persons a firearm. 2) You will be unable to purchase firearms and anyone selling to you is committing an offence worth a FPO. 3) There are rumours that criminals will be less likely to work with you and sell you firearms due to the heat you generate and risk to their enterprises. 4) Police may search you whenever they have an interaction with you. 5) If you hold an FPO and also commit one of the crimes that can issue you an FPO then police and magistrates have extra sentencing options. 6) If you repeatedly violate FPOs police can request compliance orders which further restrict your freedoms, allowing them to search properties, cars and known associates (like any organisation you might want to join) without having to apply for warrants . Repeat offences with an FPO: 1) If someone already has a FPO and then kills or attempts to kill causing serious injury a paramedic .Then a police officer with SGT approval or higher is permitted to sentence that person for up to 250 weeks. However the SGT should consider the situation as if they were a magistrate as punishments for false imprisonment will be high. If MCV is open then this case MUST be brought before the court and even more strict sentencing can be approved. Magistrates are permitted to sentence up to 900 weeks if found guilty and MUST sentence for a minimum of 450 weeks . 2) If someone already has a FPO and then attempts to kill causing serious injury or kills 2 or more police officers in a single day. Then a police officer with SGT approval or higher is permitted to sentence that person to 250 weeks. However the SGT should consider the situation as if they were a magistrate as punishments for false imprisonment will be high. If MCV is open then this case MUST be brought before the court and even more strict sentencing can be approved. Magistrates are permitted to sentence up to 900 weeks if found guilty and MUST sentence for a minimum of 450 weeks Note: The method utilised for the attempted killing or killing does not matter for the purposes of determining punishment To get your FPO revoked: Contact a lawyer either in city or via Legal Aid: Your lawyer will have to issue a court application for you and then have your case heard by a Magistrate or Judge. Please do not harass police they are not able to revoke your FPOs. A Magistrate is also not empowered to remove your FPO unless the case has been assigned to them by the District Court so please do not harrass them. Harrassing either party in these matters will likely result in any application you make to have the FPO revoked denied. If you have further questions please talk to one of our lawyers.
  4. All court applications come at a cost. Once your lawyer submits the case you will receive an invoice for some costs even if you withdraw your case. These are referred to as the application fee. Your case will not be added to the docket until your Application Fee is paid. Failure to pay this fee will result in the sheriffs collecting the debt from you and will bar you from the legal system until you pay it. The costs are different based on the type of case you are submitting. If you do not know what kind of case you are submitting ask your lawyer. Criminal cases: Application Fee: $20,000 Court Time Fee per 30 minutes: $15,000 Jury Fee per 30 minutes: $750 per Juror Civil cases: Application Fee: $40,000 Court Time Fee per 30 minutes: $25,000 Jury Fee per 30 minutes: $1000 per Juror FPO Hearings: Application Fee: $10,000 Court Time Fee per 30 minutes: $5,000
  5. The Courts: Our court system has three tiers with a fourth being a method of staff intervention. The tiers are as follows: High Court of Australia: Usually used to refer to an Admin intervention in the court system. Or to reference a real life case, has no presence in city beyond that. Supreme Court Victoria: A panel of staff members used to appeal cases from the District Court. Mostly defunct and rarely used. District Court Victoria: The main appeals court of our city and the place where all planned cases go. This is the only court that can hear FPO matters and has unlimited setencing potential. Appointment as a Judge to this court is exceedingly rare and predominately this court is used for adminstrative purposes of the lower court. Cases here are heard by a Judge. Magistrates Court Victoria: The entry court of our City and the place where all walk in cases go. This court can deal with any charge a police officer gives you but can only hear appeals when sent to it by the District Court and will never hear FPO cases. Cases here are heard by a Magistrate. The Court Officials: Running the legal system we have Acting Chief Justice: Adam Sinclair (@Lord Fury) who handles judicial appointments and overseas the courts. Assisting him in that role we have two Registrars: Liam Stewart (@smore72) responsible for keeping Police and Sheriffs up to date with Court Requests and assisting Police with any court adminstration questions. Eibhlin O'Niall (@HeroicLeigh) responsible for keeping lawyers up to date with Court Requests and ensuring cases meet dealines along with assiting lawyers with court administration questions. As well as running Victorian Law Society sessions for the purposes of sanctioning improper conduct by lawyers. If you are a member of the public you will likely not interact with these people all interaction with them will be done through your Lawyers. Please look at the topic on Lawyer Details to find a lawyer for you.
  6. All lawyers will fall under one of two offices in the city. There are no private firms. This is to standardise the practice of law across all lawyers in the city. There are also three kinds of lawyers in the City. Lawyer Types: A Registered Lawyer who is permitted to represent at both MCV and DCV and must be permitted to visit their clients by police. A Trainee Lawyer (OLD/OPP) who is permitted to represent at MCV and must be permitted to visit their clients by police. To fall into this category you must of joined either the OLD or OPP and a registered lawyer will add you to their list. You are also permitted to represent at DCV at the leisure of the Judge if a Registered lawyer submits your paperwork for you and tutors you. A Trianee Lawyer this is the job you get from the job centre you are permitted to represent at MCV but, police are not required to allow you into their stations. They are required to allow your client to call you if they want to. The Court will grant you time in the Sheriff station to talk to your client before court if you have not been granted time before hand. Legal Branches: The Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) handles all matters on behalf of the state they will typically be the ones representing the Police, IBAC or any other government agency at the DCV or at MCV. The Office of Legal Defence (OLD) handles all matters on behalf of Citizens of the state and private businesses (This means you). If you are looking for a lawyer to contest your charges you want to contact an OLD lawyer. All lawyer's details can be found below: Office of Legal Defence: Name: Rosa VidalPhone number: 300280Qualification: Registered Lawyer, OLDStandard hours of business (AEST): 7am-3pm, Tues-SatCase types prefered: criminalPersonal Page: https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/topic/1789-vidal-legal-services/ - Name: Hans BauerPhone number: 65349Qualification: Trainee Lawyer, OLDStandard hours of business (AEST): 12pm-6pm, weekdays (Call on weekends)Case types prefered: Criminal or CivilPersonal Page: WINNING FPO removal record. If you really want me and we are in completely different timezones, shoot me an email @Kiranos#2028 - Name: JohnMoses BrowningPhone number: 310249Qualification: Trainee Lawyer, OLDStandard hours of business (AEST): 11am-7pmCase types prefered: AllEmail: the_wichser#8734 - Name: Shep MichelliPhone number: 701380Qualification: Trainee Lawyer, OLDStandard hours of business (AEST): Wed-Fri: 10am-4pm, Sat-Tues: 10am-12amCase types prefered: Criminal, FPO, CivilEmail: XavierDJ#7977 - Name: Austin CahillPhone number: 560598Qualification: Trainee Lawyer, OLDStandard hours of business (AEST): Monday to Sunday: 1700-2200Case types prefered: FPO, criminal and civilEmail: Austin H#2743 Office of Public Prosecutions: Name: Panayiotis Antonidis (QC)Phone number: 57974Qualification: Senior Crown Prosecutor, Office of Public Prosecutions - Queens Counsel (QC)Standard hours of business (AEST): 16:00-22:00Case types prefered: Criminal CasesPersonal Page: Currently employed with the OPP, have been managing it for as long as I can remember. Will be able to represent in criminal / civil matters, but I generally work with the state. Winning is my thing, if you have any queries, please email me at vote_no#1947 - Name: Daniel WilliamsonPhone number: 980694Qualification: Crown ProsecutorStandard hours of business (AEST): Weekdays 4:30-6, Sunday on-callCase types prefered: Criminal Personal Page: - Name: Moe FamiliaPhone number: 845282Qualification: Crown ProsecutorStandard hours of business (AEST): 7:30am-2:30pmCase types prefered: Criminal or CivilPersonal Page: - Name: Cameron Drax Phone number: 263572 Qualification: Crown Prosecutor, OPP Standard hours of business (AEST): Hours Vary Case types preferred: Criminal, Perjury, Searches & Investigations, Corruption & Misconduct Email: ApexEspresso#8986 - Name: Akai SoraPhone number: 381824Qualification: Trainee Lawyer, OPPStandard hours of business (AEST): 22:00 - 06:00Case types prefered: CivilPersonal Page: - Name: Lewis BubbaPhone number: 793528Qualification: Trainee Lawyer, OPPStandard hours of business (AEST): 22:00-10amCase types prefered: CriminalPersonal Page: - Name: Ivana SvetlanaPhone number: 348076Qualification: Trainee Lawyer, OPPStandard hours of business (AEST): 5pm-5amCase types prefered: Criminal, Civil, & VicPol AdviceEmail: ThunderWolfxs#4808 - Name: Atlas LeePhone number: 769086Qualification: Crown Prosecutor, OPPStandard hours of business (AEST): 12pm-12am (can vary with OOC commitments)Case types prefered: Criminal, Civil, & ContractEmail: OKHUN#2177 - Name: Richie KingstonPhone number: 430748Qualification: Trainee, OPPStandard hours of business (AEST): Monday - Thursday: 11:00 - 17:00, Friday - Saturday: 12:00 - 18:00, Sunday: CLOSEDCase types prefered: CriminalEmail: iAmChaldo#2450 - Name: Leonidas SteelePhone number: 520159Qualification: Trainee, OPPStandard hours of business (AEST): Monday to Friday: 18:00 - 21:00, Saturday: 17:00 - 22:00Case types prefered: Criminal, FPO, & VicPol adviceEmail: RockStar_GhoZt#1821
  7. Due to the fact DCV cases will always take place after you have served your time and there is no normal compensation process for this unless there is malicious intent behind the prosecution. We have decided to come up with a standard compensation for wrongful imprisonment and charges which you can find below. Keep in mind these are just the standard rates a Judge will award. Additional compensation can also be sought, discuss this with your lawyer. In any case considered to be reckless or malicious any reasonable legal expenses will also be charged to the state as compensation and your court fees are paid for by the state. Wrongful Charges: Incidental (MCV defaults here) - exact refund of the charge. Reckless - exact refund of the charge. Malicious - refund of the charge + 10% compensation. Automatic referal to police leadership. Wrongful Sentencing: Incidental (MCV defaults here) - $2500 per week. Reckless - $5000 per week, Referal to police leadership. Malicious - $7500 per week, Referal to IBAC/OPP for charges. Improper FPO issued: Incidental (MCV Default) - Return of licences, nothing further. Reckless - $100000, return of licence. Mandatory disciplinary action. Malicious - $250000, return of licence. Referal to IBAC/OPP for charges. Tainted Evidence: Incidental - No effects Reckless - Referred to police leadership. Refund for half the value of the tainted fines. Malicious - Reffered to IBAC/OPP for charges. Refund of 3/4 the value of the tainted fines. Improper use of Force: Incidental (MCV defaults here) - $5000 Reckless - $10000, Referred to police leadership.Malicious - $40000, Referal to IBAC/OPP for charges.
  8. You can find attached the most up to date version of the BBRP policies for streaming/bodycamera usage in RP. Please keep in mind regardless of the situation Staff have the final say on if the footage is usable in RP or not. BBRP Bodycamera_Recording Guidelinds.pdf
  9. Just so people know there is a serious talk going on at the moment about increasing this so please do give us your opinions! All of them will be read at the moment and police leaders will review as well for their side of things. For those who do not know the current limitations I have also included some suggested levels of changes to each that we have had from various people (please note these may not be the actual amounts chosen so please comment on those too: Type: Current maximum - > Proposed maximum Regular Police Officer (below senior SGT): 12 Months -> 20 Months Police Officer with Senior Sgt approval: 18 Months -> 30 Months Magistrate: 30 months -> 45 Months District Court: No maximum. Usually around the 1 hour mark as a maxmimum. For those not aware 1 Month = 1 Minute. There is also one exemption to the Magistrate sentencing limit you may not be aware of, they have unlimited maximum sentences when the list of charges included an assualt on a paramedic.
  10. This one should always work https://discord.com/invite/bluebird
  11. Business License winners: RACV's license has been purchased by Sarah Russel for $300 000 True Blue Towing's license has been purchased by Tucker Hughes for $700 000
  12. Business Licenses up for purchase Due to True Blue Towing being sent into administration and the owner fleeing the country True Blue Towing's license has been revoked and is now up for auction. More details below. RACV's current licence holder has elected to resign the license back to the government as he wishes to pursue a management role in Ambulance Victoria. The State Government wishes him the best and the licence will be placed up for auction. More details below. License Rules 1) You must be a whitelisted civilian, no exceptions granted. 2) Only one person can be the designated license holder and licenses are *non transferable except back to the government* you may however have multiple investors but you will be required to select a single license holder. 3) Auctions are a closed silent auction affair you will need to submit an application here to be added to the auction Please ensure you fully understand ALL of the business rules before applying The auction results will be announced this Sunday in discord and here.
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