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Bluebird Newstart Guide


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We’re a lovely community who enjoy roleplaying interesting and creative scenarios, so we’re absolutely stoked you’ve decided to join us!

However, being a new citizen to this city, you probably have a few questions of how to start your experience, so I’m here to help you get into it all!



1.   Getting into the right clothing

To become a recognised citizen of Victoria, you’ll need to change your clothes from the ones given to you off the train into the city. The default ones have a certain… stigma. So, get into some clothes that give you a unique look! Just don’t make it some crazy sci-fi thing, keep it realistic of course. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

·        When in the city, head into either a clothes store (I believe you first spawn in the Sandy Shores clothes store) or run into an enclosed space, like an office somewhere and hit F1 on your keyboard.

·        Proceed into Player Related Options -> Player Appearance ->Ped Customization -> Proceed to choose the clothes you want.

·        Make sure your “Shirt / Accessory” option is one that doesn’t come through other clothing, like your pants or jacket. It should look smooth and flush. Also, if your arms are appearing through your jacket, change your “Hands / Upper Body” so you can no longer see your arms coming through your jacket.

·        Once you have finished customizing your Ped to your liking, press backspace to get into the previous menu and then press “Save Ped”. Give it a name such as John Smith, or maybe John Smith (Fancy) to designate it as the fancy clothes you would wear to a wedding or something. Whatever suits you best. Once saved, you can then head into “Saved Peds”, select the saved ped clothes you have just made, and press enter on “Spawn Saved Ped” whenever you hop into the city! You’ll be in your clothes! Hoorah!

·        If you do want to change your clothes when out and about, don’t do it in public eye. Do it in a room like I mentioned before. This isn’t too necessary when first changing into your ped, but just for your own sake.



2.   Setting up your MyGov account

To be recognised in Melbourne, Victoria, you will need to setup a MyGov account so that police can identify you, and you can identify yourself when selected your Ped. Follow these simple steps:

·        Press F5 on your keyboard

·        Select “Character Setup” and follow the prompts as it gives them to you. When selecting a name, make sure it is NOTHING inappropriate. Just an ordinary, or strange First and Last name will do. This will be your name the police identify you with, and what people around you will start calling you.

·        Once the prompts have finished, Congratulations, you are officially recognised as a citizen of Melbourne.



3.   General setting up to get you settled in

Once you’ve setup you Ped and created your MyGov account, you’re ready to start roleplaying! However, to ensure you have a smooth sail and no one blasting some waves down on you, a couple few things to help get you sorted.

·        Have you setup your discord correctly? Make sure that after you setup your MyGov and have given you Ped a name, go to Discord, right-click the BlueBirdRP server icon, and click Change Nickname. Please change your nickname to Character name [Steam name]. This will prevent people spamming you to do so later on, and helps people identify you in discord when they need to contact you, or just generally help you out.

·        Once you’ve started your adventures in the world of Melbourne, please don’t go about walking up to people and just killing them. This will prompt the admin team to either kick you or temp ban you. We don’t want this to happen. Instead, why not make sure your microphone and headset are setup correctly? That’s always fun. Head into GTA5 settings, Voice-chat, and make sure it is turned ON, and that the microphone and headset are set to the ones you are using. Unless you strictly do not have a mic or have other reasons for not being able to use a mic, we are a strictly No Mic, No Play server. If only you are unable to use a mic, you may talk another way, which I will discuss in my next dot point.

·        When trying to talk to people, you may need to use the in-game /me function. To do this, press T on your keyboard to bring up the chat, then type /me (and then type your message here, without the brackets of course). When you do this then press enter, your message will appear above your head in Green text. This should only be used when either a) trying to communicate with someone how your character feels, or an action your character is doing, such as /me hit head on wall, is knocked out, b) you are responding to say Ambulance people, they might put into their own /me What injuries do I see? To which you would respond /me cuts on leg and whatnot. If you are someone who does NOT have a mic, to communicate with people, you would need to do /me *sign language* (then type your message).

·        Have you read our rules? I highly suggest you read the rules and get familiar with them. They will help you understand how to roleplay effectively, whilst also keeping it within reason.



That’s most of the information you need to know when starting your life here with us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the discord general chat or approach someone in-game about how to do specific things. Just note, no one is supposed to tell you how to do certain things in the server when chatting on discord. If you have a question that involves RP, such as “Where to find x and y drugs” or “When robbing someone, what do I get from it?” you’ll need to find someone in game to find out, or search around the map and maybe find put how to get Tupperware.

Now I’d recommend heading to the Pink circle with the letter “I” in it to get yourself a job and start working! Start earning yourself some money and create the story you want your character to live! Whether it be a law-abiding citizen, or a barebones knuckle-crushing criminal, we all hope you enjoy your stay with us!


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