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  1. https://forum.cfx.re/t/tuner-chip-esx-compatible-javascript-resource/770263?__cf_chl_captcha_tk__=927a7939278594bd28ea2b909dfe980563e3919e-1583546104-0-AT0kr60fz-vwE_mf0PQOnN5YMhCfPsKdjcyr69XzF8VOWU6U2sQUorfc__gCa8g55R07B8kzbxQliHMJYHbaENEMOrGiKmLonhL6BlCL3IgEsx3hyGuWjfwa703iw2-KBZMlznuJr-Fn1Ja-S4pXiPN7Fp5w01VVG0v6fdD8m5WC4URf5Cifeh-x8qmSwlXuxAYEz-J8-sh880qWBq_FV01C2WeAVgz_t6KLeGhffDWkHKF8XSgG-tebKVqTNLPsuqBR5n5UgOk3kWHzFHzqAQQWW-wnLHJ96K8Xj6qkCokeULqu-LhIfi9H5fDtSSDRlvEjXzxwPGAD8VTgdWOlbsL25x4qJLySicRtYlmDth6jpTPOzdA-qXT_1h86xOHSoYqmhDSMr5qf5hNZ8tRe4x2bDvyJtK6ZRWh1cmNI4ksuErUx40TmhU1Jqjv0--5O
  2. Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/holden_hsv_gts_2014-1-0Name: 2014 Holden HSV GTSDescription: A HSV vehicle oppossed to standard Commodores in the city. Faster, beefier, more fierce engine. Would fit in really well with the city. RP Use: Daily driver. Cost about $100,000. Image:
  3. This already exists in the form of Honour Security or Blue Sector security.
  4. When there are at least 10 or more cops on, send half the units up to Blaine county so they can actively be on patrol in that zone, being mainly stationed at Sandy Police station. I know some cops do go up there occasionaly and sit around Sandy Shores, but just not often enough. This would allow for more cop interaction all over the map, instead of just being focused on the city. Would also make doing illegal activities in Blaine County more risky / more fun if pulled off.
  5. WELCOME TO... We’re a lovely community who enjoy roleplaying interesting and creative scenarios, so we’re absolutely stoked you’ve decided to join us! However, being a new citizen to this city, you probably have a few questions of how to start your experience, so I’m here to help you get into it all! 1. Getting into the right clothing To become a recognised citizen of Victoria, you’ll need to change your clothes from the ones given to you off the train into the city. The default ones have a certain… stigma. So, get into some clothes
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