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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. I love the addition of /skel, it reminds me to play with the injuries Ive got, but maybe a remnder over the in game GPS would be convenient for others to see without using /skel. This could allow for quicker play around what you are feeling. I.E. "You're head is in a lot of pain." Would be nice to see rather than "You are injured!"
  2. Just a possibility Getting the U Tool ~ 700M North of the Route 1 / Route 68 crossover skinned with a Bunnings Warehouse mesh, having a small white entry point where it takes you to a standard interior with shelves of boxes (representing equipment or don't even need the interior). Be able to buy hammers, flashlights, batteries, car batteries, ect there. Open up a bit more rp. Also, include a small gazebo that's skinned green that sells sausages, for the sake of Snags
  3. BlueBird Town Meeting 003 Date: 12/09/19 aest Time: 7:00pm aest Close: 7:50pm aest Attendance: 65 Next meeting: 26/09/19 HOUSEKEEPING: -Consider Emergency services online, Towie's etc before you plan RPs -Gang baiting- reminder to stay out of gang areas unless you have a role-play reason to be there. -Please keep town meeting surveys for role-play based questions, direct server questions to the suggestion channel -How are you liking our server events? TOPIC FOLLOW UP FROM LAST MEETING: -Purchas
  4. BlueBird Town Meeting 002 Date: 29/08/19 AEST Time: 7:00pm AEST Close: 8:15 AEST Attendance: 75 Housekeeping: -Please be respectful of each other when posting in channels, allow those to have an opinion and keep negatives out of it. -Please keep general chatter to the correct channels to avoid us losing important topics and information. -When making a support ticket please follow Ando’s pinned post to ensure you include as much information as you can. Topic follow up from last meeting: -Thank you for those that hav
  5. BlueBird Town Meeting 001 Date: 02/08/19 Time: 7:00pm AEST Close: 10:35 AEST Attendance: 72 Topics discussed- Disciplinary action - the process we use for verbals, yellow cards, kicks and bans See attached document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M8_KTPChJB4UEZqdYmcsp9S-hPJHkhfr6CCMhlr9Zf4/edit?usp=sharing Introducing the neighbourhood watch (with new guidelines, new name, new policy) putting together a committee to assist with running the meetings, helping with events , new members etc. ABSOLUTELY NO criminal activity! Introduc
  6. Support not report!! Let's talk about how to help our new members within your role play whilst on the server- somone is asking you "hey how do i speak to an admin in the discord?" how do you respond in character? A new player does not know the rules well and may need help to learn them to avoid being removed, you might say something like "hey if you have a look at your ipad SCREEN I can see its listed at the top left of your SCREEN" Feel free to share advice and ways you have supported other members whilst staying in character.
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