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  1. We are Melbourne city yacht club. As a yacht club we are looking for a community of people interested in, well yachts. We strive to uphold the most prestigious boating experience. As of now our members are in the few, but we have a large amount of prospects looking to join. Our newest club house location is 338 palomino avenue . We are also working towards buying the large yacht just off the end of the pier. 388 will serve as the main club house, and the yacht will serve as an executive and premium member exclusive party and event location. Membership tiers (The Executive) The top tier yachtest, someone who has proven themselves to not only be experienced in the sport, but an activist in the community. (this is an earned roll, by nomination or superiority) (premium) a premium member is someone who is experienced in the yacht scene, and been semi active in the community (this is a semi earned roll) (Enthusiast) The enthusiast is someone who enjoys the art of boating but is not as well experienced.(this is a semi earned roll) (supporter) this is someone who enjoys the occasional outing but does not own a boat (this is a paid membership) All membership levels can be applied for or in some cases paid for. Like if you are an enthusiast and want access to the large yacht, there are options of paid positions. Job positions involved. Yacht security (this is an essential position) Boat cleaning and maintenance (cleans and maintains all boats during events) Boat concierge (parks boats, this is a trusted roll) Here is a sample of the boats we use and can provide for events and members. This yacht club adds a new sense of adventure to the city, with a large grouping of new RP’s. our yacht club opens new job positions as well as a new form of community gathering. We are also looking for business partners if anyone is interested.
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