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  1. I'm sorry but I'm not seeing a subsection to apply the for TBT Towing job could someone direct me to the right link please?
  2. So an informant job would be nice I was here looking for that job in here to see if it was suggested. Lots of random people going around selling drugs and weapons and asking randoms, getting information on heist and robberies the like. But there is a big problem with that, The illegal organizations will stop recruiting advertising and trusting people and there fore the sociology gets ruined. But Also the RF, Random Fraud goes down. I think civilians arrest or Civilians undercover would be good like finding people doing B and E's would help bring down the CAD system notifications for Police Run
  3. Yeah it becomes indefinite I can press it over and over again waiting, and see the messages pop up you put it away, you pulled it out, over and over, not even looking like I'm holding a gun when it says withdrew, only way to fix it I've seen is to relog
  4. Didnt see a bug report section, sorry. So I have me a pistol and I put it in my 1 muscle and I can pull it out after I fly in, but as time goes by and need it in certain situations where I'm being fired at all of a sudden It just says withdrew weapon and nothing shows up, I get put into melee mode, I have the right ammo, i tested the gun. tried moving it around to different slots and just nothing works but a relog. Are there any work arounds that you people may know of?
  5. I havent seen a Paramedic on in two days, how many members do you guys have? P.s I've been playing about 10 hours a day and started about two days ago
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