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  1. Hey, Beanbag guns are the undisputed kings of weapons. They are 1 hit down. They have the functional range of as far as you can see. They can get silenced. They can down you from a foot shot or a head shot or a bodyshot and they can take multiple people at once. Likewise tazers are one hit downs regardless of circumstances. Both of these provide an immediate end to RP scenarios and also encourage a very hyper aggressive response. Proposal 1. If you have armor than you are not stunned. 2. Non-lethal shots remove armor and when it is gone than you get stunned by the next hit With just those two changes we will respect heavily armored officers or criminals and that a beanbag wouldn't immediately wind them if they're armored up or tazed while armored up. We enable people using non-lethals to burn through armor to get effective hits. We have also balanced that non-lethals are objectively better than the most expensive lethal weapons.
  2. If OPP has leadership the plans should begin there. Government has given us the tools, but it'd be nice if OPP leadership and VICPOL leadership could have a conversation about a way to work together to create RP content for each other before hoping an admin will mandate some system for us.
  3. I meant to respond to this sooner, but delays. I want to preface my response with an acknowledgement that OPP is underutilized in extending and improving roleplay as it comes to law enforcement. I also believe that it would be beneficial for longterm RP between VICPOL and CREW/ORGs if certain cases were given to OPP. The OPP than determined when / if / what charges to file. The defendant is informed to attend court (ideally they are involved in picking the time and given opportunity to obtain a lawyer) and if they fail to do so the police bring them in for court. The courts then apply the charges to the individual and potentially their accomplices in the CREW/ORGs. On to your direct points... 1. The RP justification for police charging criminals is the "alpha magistrate" just like when we delgun cars it is "alpha tow" or when we headpop and vanish it is "alpha flight". In this case Sgt+ are the responsible limiters of abuse. If OPP becomes one of those responsible limiters than what happens when reckless sentencing is found? VICPOL is responsible for this even if advised by OPP, but it is outright approved by OPP now you are responsible too. RPwise that wouldn't happen. 2. Police Officers have a very broad amount of decisionmaking freedom when handling a suspect. It is their option to involve OPP and I believe they need to do so more often but at the end of the day (like above) it is the officers liability to any alpha magistrate charges applied. It is also a part of police roleplay so being able to take suspects from them for processing is likely a non-starter. 3. This one is fine. I am unsure on the protocol but I believe serious misconduct found to be validated by evidence would probably be referred to OPP to charge the officer and thus justify dismissal. 4. There are ongoing discussions about how to best involve OPP and educate the rank and file on how to do so. I suggest speaking with Jayden Woods / Harry Foster / Steve Jefferies (Jonston?) about it or your OPP leadership to liason with VICPOL leadership. 5. We already have the F3 list and this just requires more education for officers to utilize. 6. I think 600 - 750 ticks would be appropriate given it is a roleplay centric job that provides a critical function to the city. I hope you get your pay raise. 7. Keys to the police station, I don't personally object too but this would probably be an issue because you guys can be robbed and thus the keys can be stolen. There is no reason for you to access the police station without police officers inside to speak with so I don't understand the need to have a key when you can simply communicate with officers. TLDR - OPP deserves to be more involved. Some of these suggestions make you a make-shift Sgt+ which gives you a lot of influence over VICPOL roleplay without being a member of VICPOL.
  4. With the return of the MCV court we will see less officers charging for crimes using "alpha magistrate" as it is called. The reason that it is always the arresting officer (if possible) is because charges have to be beyond a reasonable doubt to apply. Thus the officer who apprehended or was participating in the arrest of a suspect is the first choice. Sometimes you will see officers hand off a suspect to general-duties to process because they are needed elsewhere urgently. This is normally with a list of charges that need to be applied and ideally a brief explanation of what happened. You want arresting officers to be charging officers as a lawyer because only these officers can give you the facts of the case (to be paired with your clients) and only these officers know enough to allow a lawyer to argue for lesser charges with the officer when MCV is not available. Also as a matter of policy to protect VICPOL for appeals arresting officers need to be charging officers so that arrest reports can be written and the most knowledgeable person can be questioned as to why this or that charge was applied. If you feel officers are discouraging lawyer interactions with their clients or are ignoring beyond a reasonable doubt as a requirement you can always appeal to the court for malicious or reckless prosecution/sentencing or inform VICPOL Leadership of the officers unprofessionalism.
  5. ChopShop tags a vehicle within the script as STOLEN it makes it hard for police to have them removed if the chop is interrupted. Having the plate stagged STOLEN## <--- random 2 digit number appehended would make it possible.
  6. https://www.gencon.com/ Rosa Vidal (HeroicLeigh) and myself Jeshin Hardy will be at Gencon this year for the september convention. If anyone is attending and would like to meetup this is your chance.
  7. Recent sighting (I forget his name) of a redneck type in overalls with hands down the best excuse ever to be out in the wilderness in a suspicious vehicle with suspicious supplies. I have high hopes for this dubious character and his 'camping' expeditions. I hope he enjoys his time at the oil fields.
  8. Rim is basically better call saul only he never sets foot in a court room. Great laugh everytime.
  9. Officer Bjorn - Great professional police RP, good time management of when to move onto the next call, keeps his cool even when citizens all come to talk to him or make trouble right in front of him. Solid influence and enjoy arriving to calls when he's already on scene.
  10. Jesus - Normally shtick characters don't do well but whoever plays Jesus is very quick and consistent with his outbursts. He is unreliable and sketchy in the best kinds of way. Is he a mental patient, is he jesus? Who knows. Psychic Ann - I've bumped into her a few times, but the dedication to the tarot reading and being an old lady (and so tall) is really good. I've never had a bad scene with her even when I was peacefully protested into my car by the crazy people that follow her around.
  11. April O. - Great taxi service and show around the city for a 3 person fair. In character the whole time, a lot of information, and a tidy 90 min 'scene' Ricky - I don't think I've ever seen Ricky not be 'On' everything he does and says (great voice) just feels like something is happening. Vadim - He is crazy, but the unhinged friendly / violent transitions are good and make you really afraid that at any moment he might just decide to shove you out of the car for disrespecting the motherland. Nigel & Shane from Luxury Auto - I go in a lot and just like a real dealership they are always happy to see me (take my money), provide great customer service, and entertaining anecdotes. There is a strong feeling that besides buying a car I'm building a relationship everytime I visit. Sometimes I just swing by to see what might be up that day, it's a great way to breakup the grind sometimes.
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