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  1. I've recorded a short video to demonstrate what I'll be talking about: As you can see upon spawning in the MP Ped default character is automatically spawning/rendering but a second later the /skin overrides it. I don't personally know of anyone who actually uses /skin other than new players as it pops up when new players enter the city. If /skin is removed (If possible) the getting started room that new players fly into will have to be updated to direct them to use the F1 menu instead.
  2. Just give it time man, staff are very busy they will get to you eventually.
  3. Hey mate, you can actually pretty easily make an overlay that blocks out that portion of your screen. You can also put your recent subs/followers down there if you want. Personally I put my donation goal down there but you can get pretty creative with it.
  4. I had this issue yesterday, I found that cycling through output sources until I could just hear players around me fixed it.
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