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  1. Small announcement to make for those newer players in the community who are finding it hard to join the city in peak times. We are introducing a new system where 10 random players who are not whitelisted/supporter and have actively participated in discord chats in the prior day will be given priority queue for 24hrs. We are constantly driving to keep the city as open as possible to new and existing players alike and want to give the chance for new players to showcase their Roleplay skills without the need to support the server straight away. The Daily Priority Queue Winner discord role
  2. Hi there @Mike_samuels, Can I please get you to raise a ban appeal with your ban ID and relevant details. Thank you
  3. Bluebird RP supports a wide range of Roleplay styles and a part of the diversity in roleplay we intend to create is our Organisations be it illegal or legal in nature. Organisations play a significant role in the day to actions of common citizens and criminals alike so whenever we review an Org application, we always look to see how best your organisation can serve the community and bring unique roleplay to our city. Criminal Organisations These are out most common received application and are extremely competitive at the application stage as we are very selective. The way a Criminal
  4. Here is a recording of our Townhall meeting from the 19/12/2020 https://youtu.be/rCu4PRlIS6E We have disabled comments so that all feedback can be presented back into the Town meeting discussions channel on the discord.
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