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  1. Below is the link to the recording of the latest Townhall. Comments have been disabled to allow you to ask questions on this thread. https://youtu.be/BQYlZ5eKr8I
  2. We have recently seen a dramatic uptick in the amount of calls for people who need the Intensive Care Unit. As a result we are introducing a Policy as well as re-affirming Ambulance Victoria's Role as paramedics. Our Job is first and foremost assisting and triaging patients in the field by responding to calls. A Paramedic of any degree is not a Doctor or Surgeon however from time to time we will assist in duties at the Hospital for instance Deceased Patients in which we treated at a scene. As Paramedics our Job ends at the desk of the Hospital. If a Paramedic checks you into Hospital they cannot do any more for you and they need to go assist other people in the city who need to helped. If you do need the ICU Local Doctors can direct you into the Hospital beds. MICA Paramedics will be trained and on a Case by Case basis will assess if they have the capacity to assist in the Hospital in checking you into ICU. Things to be assessed will be Volume of calls and severity of injuries. We hope this clears up what the role of the Paramedic is and helps clarify how we can best assist you on scene and at the Hospital. Thank you, Operations Team - Ambulance Victoria
  3. Here is the link to our latest townhall meeting - Thank you all for those that could be there
  4. Hi there the best way to get support for this issue is to raise a General Support ticket on the forums. Thank you
  5. Hi there, Please ensure you have your Discord Sync'd to the forums. In the BBRP Discord you should have the Supporter Roles Assigned If this does not resolve your issue please raise a Sales Suppport Ticket on the Applications/Reports/Support Tickets/Ban Appeals section Thank you
  6. Hi @SedgyFergio, The Crews discord will be announced through the week once our testing Crews settle in and identify any issues. Keep an eye on the announcements channel to be notified straight away. Thank you
  7. Hi @TeeroyDevil, No you just need to register through the discord once its made public. Crew Uniforms can be build out of current clothing items we don't have current plans to allow custom clothing for Crews. This is due to a few factors however we may review this further down the line once the Crews system matures. Thanks for your Question
  8. Hey @Ezryah So we currently don't mind how you role play your hierarchy in the city however for the purposes of Staff interaction we like to narrow down to one person who is responsible for communications and conduct of the Crew. So to answer your question yes as long as it remains in character and the Out of character leadership is done by one person. Thanks for your question
  9. Thanks to your feedback in the Q1 Survey for 2021 we have a new system to announce about how you can play with your friends and other community members on BBRP. Introducing.... BlueBirdRP's Crews Crews are a scaled back gang type Roleplay where players can form smaller more intimate groups in order to achieve a common goal. With a single designated leader you can conduct larger criminal and group roleplay when compared to gangs. What registering your crew gives you: - The ability to operate as a group with a leader - You can operate with up to 7 people as part of your crew ( there are no exceptions to this - Give your Crew a name and uniform Crew Rules - Crew Leaders are expected to take responsibility for how the Crew operates and you will be held accountable for the actions of yourself and your crew members when acting as a Crew. - Crew Leaders and Members who are found to be breaking rules can get your Crew terminated and prevent you from running further Crews or Organisations in the future - Crews who are found to not be providing good roleplay will be reviewed and terminated at the Staffs team discretion ( i.e if you become a large problem for Civs, Cops or other Crews) - Crews who are found to have great Roleplay will be invited to or given priority for our larger Orgs system. This is you chance to standout and show us how good your Roleplay is. - Crew members cannot be in another Crew, A Gang / Organisation or any other Whitelist Management Roles on the same character. - At Police Leadership Discretion your Crew may be outlawed and placed on suspension for a week and your Crews roleplay will be reviewed (Hint: If Police know your Crews name that's probably a bad thing and you should attempt to lay low) - Crews are still held to the Community Guidelines any Uniforms or names should comply with these Gang and Crew Interactions Naturally we expect your crew may come across our larger and more prominent Orgs in the city. In this case you should not attempt to make them your enemy they are infinitely more resourced than you and better equipped. Its advised you integrate the larger Gangs into your roleplay for example your Crew could specialise in the procurement of a Drug or Item that you can become a reliable seller to the gang. Unlike Orgs and Gangs you will not be able to declare war and initiate a war period (where we reduce the rules around RDM for the Gangs) this means any time things to get hostile between the Orgs you will need comply with the RDM rules and make sure that you have significant roleplay behind your violence. (Hint: Sniping them from a hill even with good reason could see you in-violation of the RDM rule if there has not been enough roleplay to elevate to killing) Crew Turf Crews do not get any Turf. However your own property can be used as a Crew hangout location or base of operations. Yes this means that Crews with non-whitelisted members will not have any place available to them however the Crews system is a great way to show off your Roleplay and get noticed for Whitelisting. General Notes Upon this announcement we are still testing and developing this system. Check back here for updates / edits to the Crews Policy. If you have any questions feel free to post them below and we will check back to get to as many as we can. We are already considering a number of changes to this system based on Community Response and how well Crews integrate into Roleplay Crews Announcement Slides Doc: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10dZuVptKTterwilg8AlP4u_y_frYfvmE_j7HYiPvKmA/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Small announcement to make for those newer players in the community who are finding it hard to join the city in peak times. We are introducing a new system where 10 random players who are not whitelisted/supporter and have actively participated in discord chats in the prior day will be given priority queue for 24hrs. We are constantly driving to keep the city as open as possible to new and existing players alike and want to give the chance for new players to showcase their Roleplay skills without the need to support the server straight away. The Daily Priority Queue Winner discord role will be added to those who are part of the random draw. For those who do manage to get this my advice is that you take the opportunity in peak times to showcase good Roleplay and you may be noticed by our Whitelist Recruitment Team. We will rollout this feature over the next day or so for proper testing and implementation. We appreciate your patience whilst we bring this online. As with every change we make on BBRP we will continue to listen to the feedback from the community and we are committed to finding a solution that works for everyone Feel free to leave your comments / Feedback below Thank you.
  11. Hi there @Mike_samuels, Can I please get you to raise a ban appeal with your ban ID and relevant details. Thank you
  12. Bluebird RP supports a wide range of Roleplay styles and a part of the diversity in roleplay we intend to create is our Organisations be it illegal or legal in nature. Organisations play a significant role in the day to actions of common citizens and criminals alike so whenever we review an Org application, we always look to see how best your organisation can serve the community and bring unique roleplay to our city. Criminal Organisations These are out most common received application and are extremely competitive at the application stage as we are very selective. The way a Criminal Organisation works on BBRP is we allow you to set your foundations and find a place in the criminal underworld from there you are given the opportunity to open doors to more and more of the criminal world. We have high expectations for our organisations, so we require on any Organisations Approval an establishment cost of $100,000 dirty money. This approves a leader, a second in command and 5 other Members / Patched Members in your org (no limit on prospects or hang-arounds etc). Keep in mind this only allows you to act as the organisation itself not everything else that comes with it. We have clear and established process when it comes to how you grow your org which you will be clued into when you are approved to operate in our city. Other Organisations We also have some organisations that are not typically a business but are not a gang either. They do not have to be strictly legal, but their roleplay should not be gang oriented. Examples such as Car clubs, Gambling clubs and other activities where individuals share a likened interest are welcome to apply. These Organisations often run successful events and are places where characters in the community can come together over something, they all enjoy. Tips on how to get a successful Org Application. 1. Be patient – once your application is in do not DM or reach out to staff these are checked regularly and its likely your application has been read. They do take some time as we need to fully evaluate each application. 2. Do not Jump the gun – We understand you might be excited to begin your Org roleplay however do not commence this Roleplay until approved – it is likely your application will be denied if we see you doing this. 3. Bring something new to the table – This does not mean you cannot be x type of Organisation because we have a similar one. It means that we want to see what makes your org stand out.
  13. Here is a recording of our Townhall meeting from the 19/12/2020 https://youtu.be/rCu4PRlIS6E We have disabled comments so that all feedback can be presented back into the Town meeting discussions channel on the discord.
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